Critique of Religious Judgment - Division III - Intellectual Religious Judgments


Intellectual Religious Judgments


I.) Cognitive ( Of the Separation of the Formulation )


I.A.) Descriptive --- Undescriptive


I.B.) Intellective --- Intuitive


I.C.) Formulative --- Separative


I.D.) Comprehension --- Inconceivable


II.) Mental Faculties ( Of the Acquisition of Knowledge )


II.A.) Comprehensive --- Incomprehensive


II.B.) Conceptual --- Realistic


II.C.) Ostensive --- Implausible


II.D.) Denotative --- Undenotative


III.) Constructive Understanding (Of the Synthesis of the Manifold)


III.A.) Abstractive --- Neglective


III.B.) Reflective --- Unthoughtful


III.C.) Imaginative --- Unimaginative


III.D.) Relative --- Irrespective



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