Critique of Religious Judgment - Division III - Practical Religious Judgments

In this section of the Third Divison of the Crtique of Religious Judgment, we will explore the many judgments that are used in the arena of practical religion. In the following lists of the numerous religious judgments, categories and precepts of judgments in which practical religion constructs theoretical and factual knowledge of subjects and/or objects regarding to the referenced information of a doctrine or canon of non-religious or religious theories and knowledge of religion, we hope that the student(s) and congregation(s) of religious thoughts and doctrines has been enlightened with the practical evidence of religious judgments.


In the conclusive Canon of Religious Judgments, the essay will complete the practical evidence of the arrival of a complete pure and practical doctrine of religion by finalizing the collection of the Critiques that were introduced previously in our novels and websites. The exploration of the completion of the pure and practical logical systems and theories will conceptualize the introduction of the Synthetical A Priori that has been introduced in the Critique of Practical Religion. We hope that this canon of Religious Judgments settles and fulfills the curious and thoughtful student(s) and congregation(s) of religion.



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