Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 7


Chapter Seven



The American Soul? I thought that a soul is an individual entity?” Gina confusingly asks. “What is the soul anyways?


The soul is a composite of the trichotomy of a spirit of the body, heart and mind as the three parts of an individual experiences the trials of life.” Malcolm explains.”It is eternal in nature. And, stays with us even after death.”


Now, are you suggesting that the soul of a person is with us throughout the course of our mortality? Is with us throughout the course of our lives?” Spencer responds. “And, can a soul change?”


Yes. It stays with us throughout lives as it is a binding characteristic given by the creator. He determines our fate and soul even before we come into our life. However, if a person is destined to not believe in religion, their souls can change within the course of life by the positive and negative experiences of their lives.” Malcolm reassures with a soft tone. “It is permanent in religion, and a flux of change with non-religion.”


Then is it to say that there are two belief systems in the world? What about the many religions and non-religions in the world?” Rebecca curiously asks. “I don't understand what you're trying to convey. Can you elaborate?”


I'm confused too myself. Please do.” Gina reassures Malcolm.


Okay, let's take a topic of society and morality for an example to get a better understanding of how the American Soul formulates, understands, and calculates judgments of the topics and issues of society.” Malcolm confidently speaks to the group as he is patiently waiting for Spencer to engage in the conversation. “Let's take the issue of Domestic Violence and the concepts and behaviors of the victims and perpetrators.”


Oh, I have a special opinion of the perpetrators who commit these acts against defenseless women. It boils my blood in all honesty.” Spencer candid admits with an angry look dawning on his face. “All of them are psychotic and evil by picking and bullying on helpless women.”


Yes, I agree too. I don't know how to respond to the disgust in my heart for them.” Rebecca calmly relays to the group. “I have no pity for them, but being a member of a faith it is a difficult to bear the weight of forgiveness.”


And, the victims of Domestic Violence are the special citizens that deserve our sympathy, help and healing of this horrible moral issue of society. How can we help them when the onslaught low-esteem and fear is implanted in their minds and hearts?” Gina in disgust also states in an angry tone. “Can't we all just will it away? I wish we could.”


Well, that brings up some interesting judgments about the issues of this horrible and concerning topic. I think that there are some collective judgments that are being formulated by the issue of both the victim and perpetrator.” Malcolm quietly and gently states the inquisitive questions to all. “We are using hypothetical, speculative, factual, and moral judgments that we as society are unaware of the collecting of the judgments of the issue that formulates our opinions of Domestic Violence. We should think deeper.”


Is there more that we are missing about the issue of Domestic Violence that would aide us in understanding the issue? I'm speechless at the moment.” Gina responds. “I would like to know what the meaning behind your theories and speculation.”


Yeah, man. There's not much you can add to the topic that is being discussed here.” Spencer with a sense of confidence speaks. “Say all you want but I am comfortable with my opinions and judgments of the perpetrator. I don't think we can go deeper on the subject.”


Let me go deeper on it as I can elaborate on the issue by using a case the helped me in the past formulate a better understanding by knowing the victims and perpetrator.” Malcolm reassures the group hurdled up. “It will amaze us in the collective judgments that we as human beings need to expand moral issues not only here in America, but around the world.”


I'm curious. I would like to hear your example..” Rebecca states as she is puzzled at the moment. “I'm pretty open-minded to the topics of morality. It might me help to develop my own dissertations at U.T.”


Would we all like to hear the example and story?” Malcolm asks.


Yes. We would.” All of them anxiously awaits the example from Malcolm.


Okay, in our case study of one perpetrator, his background information and childhood upbringing was riddled with Domestic Violence as we must use an empirical judgment to begin the case study.” Malcolm states with a gentle and firm tone. “Yet, not only he had been in presence of Domestic Violence at home, but he also stayed for a brief time at the Domestic Violence shelter.”


I don't see how this relative to any formulating moral judgments of his crimes of Domestic Violence against a woman.” Spencer with a hard tone reiterates “So, he grew up in a violent home that most violent people reflect and manifest their environment to the world. They still share the blame and shame of their crimes.”


I think so too. I can agree with Spencer.” Gina responds. “They are still obligated to take responsibility for their actions.”


Yes, I agree. But, we must now involve another judgment to help us understand better this case study. We can use the introspective, perceptive, and intuitive judgments to name a few.” Malcolm speaks with a shift in his cadence. “Now, this man not only came from a background of Domestic Violence where he was terrified to take shelter in the closet to not be a part of his father's psychosis, but he often wet his bed as the nightmares and memories of it engulfed his mental state daily.”


Interesting. Are you saying that manifestations of Domestic Violence should be forgiven for merely dealing with the productions of emotional distress in the perpetrator?” Rebecca being perplexed asks Malcolm. “It's hard to formulate and issue of understanding and forgiveness of the issue, but I'm still curious.”


What wasn't know about the perpetrator is that he also had a mental illness, as well as being bullied that aided to his domestic violence towards his wife. These are perceptive judgments of his background that helps us to formulate a collective and final judgment of the actions manifested by him.” A sense of gentle and caring confidence comes to the tone of Malcolm. “But what happen next is amazing how this complex issue of Domestic Violence reacts and acts not only in the perpetrator, yet the victim as well because when the consciousness and subconscious connects.”


What are you trying to exclaim Malcolm?” An irritated and annoyed Spencer asks. “I still don't see how we can forgive the convicted criminal.”


Well, let me explain more. In this case study of both the victim and perpetrator, while he was in the middle of outburst came in contact with the morality of the past and present as he blurted out loud “What am I doing?”. It is here where he never touched his wife again nor any other woman in over 25 years. But, in his shame and guilt of his immorality, he took on the burden of renting out motel rooms every weekend so his wife could get back in touch with new friends and possible romantic interests.” Malcolm now speaks on a positive tone. “It is safe to say that both the victim and perpetrator took on new ground and roles as each tried to regain their confidence and life back.


Are you saying that both of them had fulfilled their purpose and created new lives for the happiness of their own sakes and that of the children?” Gina responds. “I've never heard of a married man would let her regain new friends and romantic interests while they were married. It's pretty rare I would think.”


Yes, Gina. The complexity of case study goes deeper than anyone could of imagined. Their lives went in separate directions with each giving themselves to others to help fight this terrible moral issue of Domestic Violence. He joined and volunteered for local Domestic Violence support agency while she helped her new friends deal and cope with it too.” Malcolm happily states the new information. “Each had a purpose to fulfill in their lives even though their marriage was over by the actions of his violence, but yet each of them found themselves in the process.”


That is complex. It helps me to understand the issue a little more and not using informal judgments until all of them are collected to make a more informative opinion.” Rebecca with a rejuvenated spirit mentions. “But, how is the American Soul involved in all of this? I don't get where you're headed.”


Okay, let us use the example to further our quest for understanding. It will take some more questions to heighten the issue.” Malcolm reassures the group.” But, in the end, we will have a beginning to the journey of a life-long ending quest to find our own answers to life.”


The food is almost ready.” Spencer mentions.


Good. I think everyone would be happy.” Malcolm giddily states to the group.


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