Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 6

Chapter Six



But, back at the weekly breakfast, the scores of locally-challenged human beings are beginning to warm up to each other as the restoration of their dignity is now opening their sense of appreciation. And, the church cafeteria is now echoing with laughter and bellowing of the piano. It is a calm house at the moment. Everyone feels welcomed and loved.


Hey, do you want my biscuits? I'm not going to eat them.” One human being asks another. “I'm full already.”


Heck yeah! I'll take them.” The human being replies. “Thanks!”


The room continues to grow as the late-comers are finally making it to the revered meal. They are the usual bunch of human beings that come from across town and the campsites. And, they know the significance of the grand meal. They will not miss it.


It looks like that it's going to be a busy morning? I still see some coming in.” Jaime's friend asks. “I hope they have enough.”


I hope so too. I'm full, but this belly can still hold a punch.” Jaime giddily responds. “Unlike your skinny butt, I can be healthier that you.”


Aww, Fluffy! Can you “pack-a-punch?” A burst of laughter comes over his friend. “Man, I think that your beauty gets the best of you sometimes.”


Dude, it always does. But, what do you know about it! Your too busy being quiet.” A concerned Jaime replies. “Maybe if you open up, friends will come to you.”


I don't think it is that. I'm just listening to everyone unlike Mr. Smart(points at Jaime).” The quiet rebuttal come upon the conversation. “I try to pick up what everyone is saying.”


Well, Mister. Conversation is the greatest pleasure in life. A famous person said that. Learn to adapt.” A warm smile dawns on Jaime. “You can't hang with Fluffy. My beauty overtakes you. Doesn't it?”


You got me on that! I can't hang! “His friend replies while rolling his eyes. “No one can hang with you.”


Yes sir Mister. Accept it or be left behind.” He laughs. “I'm too beautiful for you.”


Pastor John Paul looks at the line building up with the late-comers. And, turns to his volunteers for more instructions as a concerned look dawns on his face. He doesn't want to see anyone miss out on a great meal, as well as not restoring the love they have inside for each other and the community. He wants the hope inside them to kindle.


Please put on another batch of food. I think that we need it to fill the faith in these good people that people care about them." A firm but loving tone comes over John Paul. “Do what you have to too.”


Yes. Sir. We'll get right on it.” One volunteer softly turns to the head cook.


Sure, but I'm going to need some help. About four angels please.” John replies.


Okay. I'll get them.” She mentions.


She comes from the back and asks Pastor John Paul the instructions that were given. He turns to Malcolm, Rebecca, Spencer, and Gina to provide them with instructions to help the head cook. He gently slides across the room asking each one.


Can you help John make another batch of food? The human beings need it.” John Paul instructs.”


One-by-one all reply.


Yes. I will get right on it.” All reply.


They make their way towards the back to be given instructions by John. They huddle in a group waiting for John.


John Paul turn to the announcer to instruct him to call another color. His vision of the long line concerns him.


The next color is blue.” The announcer says in a loving tone. “Please line up in a single-file line. There's plenty to go around.”


The line continues to grow by the calling of the next color, as well as the coffee line. But, some are still hoping for seconds to fill up their bellies. Some, human beings eat seconds and store food in their back packs for the rest of the day. It's a practice of storing food of rationing that keeps them well-fed throughout the day. However, the coffee cups are recycled and cannot be taken out of the cafeteria as the First United Methodist Church is very environmentally sound about littering around the public grounds.


How would you like your makeover dear?” A stylist asks Susan. “Do you want to enhance your foundation?”


Yes, please do. Just treat it if you could.” A nervous Susan responds. “Is this place safe?”


Of course, it is. We have an officer on duty. Are you okay?” A soft, bur reaffirming tone comes on the volunteer. “There's nothing to worry about.”


I guess your right. I get scared easily. I always thing my ex-husband is around.” Susan responds. “I feel that I have no one.”


Well, dear. We are all here for you.” She reassures. “Sometimes, I think no one wants to get involved. But, it is further from the truth.”


And, as the room fills with laughter and good times, the conversations reflect an array of numerous social issues here in America. But, it is common misconception in society that locally-challenged human beings are not concerned with the issues of daily life that society deals with. It is further from the truth.


What do you think Black? We have an African-American President. Do you think that America can accept the black man as an equal?” His friends strongly introspects. “Or will it be the same?”


Look man. Change has come. Or he would of not been elected twice.” Black responds. “It difficult to say. Human beings are wired to question moral grounds, as well as possessing natural temperaments of love and acceptance. It's up the people to change for the better. They need to do it as a whole.”


I hope so fool. The black man is always under fire. I feel hopeless sometimes.” A look of concern comes on the face of his friend. “Change has come, but feels like it's remain the same.”


Man, dog. You're tripping. Get it straight.” He firmly refutes. “Change is here. It not the fault of American politics and ideals, or the American Government. It's the fault of not believing in the American Ideals and Philosophy by the people.”


I guess I could change too. It's in my power to do so. It's hard though.” His friend humbly responds. “How do you do it Black?


I do it by remaining a child of believing of all the founding fathers principals and of the souls of the American People. I believe that a soul of the American race continues to burn in each one of us. Call it naïve which it is. But, it restores the faith and hope in me of human beings.” Black reassures his friend. “It's much like being a child in the belief in God. A child doesn't question the father. He just listens and trusts the guidance of his son's words and ideals of the Kingdom of God.”


But, the United States doesn't mix religion and state? Is that right?” His friend asks? “How do you separate the two?”


It's difficult I agree. But, try to keep each subject separately. It's hard. But, remain a child in each subject and don't mix the two together. Or the admixture will become impure.”


I'll take a look at it that way.” He friend responds with an open-mind. “Thanks man.”


And, John relays the instructions to each one of the volunteers that are together in a huddle. They are ready to eagerly await the instructions to fill their souls with life-saving grace of their souls. It fills anyone up by helping others.


Okay. I need two on the grill. One preparing food. And, one getting the food from the cooler and floating around both stations.” John instructs. “It just takes a few minutes to make another batch of food.”


Yes, sir.” All of them respond.


I'll get the food from the cooler.” Rebecca responds.


I'll prep the food” Gina responds.


Then we are on the grill.” Spencer reassures.


Spencer and Malcolm put on their aprons and gather the utensils together as Rebecca comes with the food from the cooler to prep on the table right next to the grill. Gina is eagerly awaiting the food to cut into portions for the grill. All have some downtime and engage into conversation.


Hey, Malcolm. Is it hard refraining from teaching the soul in the high schools?” A curious Spencer asks.


Yes it is. It's often difficult.” Malcolm responds.”I keep my personal beliefs to myself most of the time.”


What is the soul anyways? Can it live here inside America?” Gina politely asks. “I'm just learning it.”


Good question Gina. I'm free to believe in my personal beliefs here at church as religion promotes freedom too. Let us talk about the soul if we may?” Malcolm giddily responds. “More importantly, let us talk about the American Soul.”



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