Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 5


Chapter Five




It has been a long time Old Man.” The angelic father responds. “I see that the filth of the Earth is still in your heart.”


Indeed it has been. But, the beauty of the human race escapes you.” A firm rebuttal comes from the mangy Old Man. “I thought I told you not to appear in a place of holy land.”


I couldn't resist at all. Anything to make the truth known about the real you.” The luxury volunteer grins. “Besides, my church will take over and all of them will flock to my church where they can be engulfed in a realistic religious philosophy.”


Sure, it's a philosophy not of this world. But, in time, their judgments of our world will come to their understanding."The confident old mangy man responds. “Yet, it is their wisdom that needs the tune up.”


That's preposterous! They don't have the wisdom or the love of learning them. They're always looking for the short-cuts in your philosophy.” He refutes. “How absurd is the philosophy of pain!”


It doesn't strike accord in them. But, how can anyone of them enjoy the beauty of courage or salvation without the test of pain if they avoid it?” He refutes back. “It doesn't make sense at the moment, but when salvation strikes at once, they will experience a rejoicing of the philosophy of heaven.”


The philosophy of heaven? What, eternal life comes suffering and pain? How absurd is that!"' An angry tone comes from a demonized tone. “I provide them guiltless joy and happiness!”


What your philosophy promotes is an eternal death. A death like the issue of a cancer. It is neither curable where the suffering pains recants the experience.” The Old Man assures. “But, our philosophy promotes that it can go into remission if they work hard in the illness.”


Ha ha! It's untrue! And, it is in America that you wish to show them that love of eternal life?" A big smile comes from the head of sin. “They are all fighting each other and that they unify as a nation?”


Remember that great minds don't think a like. But, it is their ability to reason with a common cause that makes them unique. The Gentiles are more willing to believe in my son than the chosen people to an extent.” A giddy smile dawns on the Old Man. “But, there are the chosen people who will believe in him again.”


Now, I've heard everything! What America loves is power, status, material wealth, and the love of self-indulging pleasures of the human body!” A reaction comes from the raging son. “I have the greatest comprehension of the human race than anyone in your nation.”


All of sudden a man appears from the back of the mangy-old man and gathers to right-side of him dressed in a white attire. He carries a bible in his right hand.


Does anyone remember that it was I who preached the philosophies of heaven? And, it is I who can only unlock the keys of heaven.” An angry reaction comes from the young adult. “Does anyone care to indulge in it? I'm ready.”


Oh, brother! The chosen one! Tell me please that being tortured and dying for the human race was worth it?” The rage is filled in the demon son. “You prude!”


Do you insult people quite often with your judgmental attitude? Does it fit your massive inferiority complex?” The angelic man responds. “Perhaps, your low self-esteem overcomes you?”


I think not at all. I'm just ready for the true calling of my destiny. The head of my own church." A confident tone overcomes the demon son. “We have our own bible of eternal life.”


As you can tell with my son Old Man that we have the answers to the human race. And, all will worship us unlike the lost trials that are your so-called lost roads of it.” The dark father replies. “It will be a blast of glory for us both.”


I think not with the speculative and hypothetical judgment as our centuries-old philosophies have been true since the beginning of time. And, learn to judge logic correctly before you get confident about it.” The Old Man smiles. “I honestly thought that when I created you that it would be in your nature as the brightest star came from you.”


I don't remember it at all. And, I don't care. All I remember is the falling grace of heavens philosophies. It was a pure sham." A inquisitive look dawns on the raging face of the deceptive father. “I still can run and create it better than you.”


But, I mentioned to you that the holy places are to be left alone. Yet, breaking the rules by you is respect?” An angelic light falls on the Old Man. “Disobedient I see?”


Well, I needed a place to recruit. What better place than a false doctrine of the philosophies of heaven.” A grin comes upon the demon father. “All rules are meant to be broken as there are no two-folded truths. Truth is an absolution.”


It is but after the journey of the two-folded truth is undertaken. The pluralistic truths of a two-folded journey comes to us all as hope, faith, and charity can be a life-long process.” The mangy Old Man is shined by the moon's light. “It is the journey of believing my son that comes to us all.”


How can anyone undertake such deceit of two-folded truths? That's absurd! Faith and hope is believing and seeing the mono-thestic beliefs of the philosophies of heaven.” The grimacing luxurious father reponds. “It is the same in heaven as it is on Earth. The two correlate.”


That's a vague conception of heaven on Earth with your correlative judgment. I believe the truth that even though it correlates, the Earth is filled with relative attributes of the heavens in which all converge into a formulative conception of the bright lights of Heaven.” A confident look comes up the Almighty. “How can we not formulate things of vague conceptions into one total descriptive judgment of heaven?”


I could never believe into the far-reaching theories of the heavens. Is it that eternal life is one formulation of the existing life of the respondent?" Refutes the cold father. “All of them are a shambles of a broken home.”


The house of heaven is built on the foundation of my son's philosophies and teachings of it. Formulations of the two-folded truths that lead to the trichotomy of it are in everyone's potential. I do not discriminate towards anyone. It is a gift to everyone, Yet, some will fall and become your pupils and followers.” Reassures the heavenly father. “Is it not that roses are a bunch of petals into one?”


What! Are you senile and demented old man? I think that your age has gotten the best of you.” The raging son replies “What are you trying to say now in your rants!”


My divine father means that small foundations are concrete into the formulations of concrete details that form into one perfect conception of beauty. It's like the minor strokes of perfection that are used in a perfect painting that formulates into the whole picture of the foundations of heaven.” The confident sons reacts. “Details of the strokes provide the picture of a heaven into a natural conception of nature.”


And, that's why a rose dies. It can't live forever. Beauty and Heaven are dead!” Quite confident is the skeptical son. “Everything dies.”


True. But the memory of the perfection of the rose still is implanted into the observer. Is it not? And, that is the nature of heaven as it's made for us on Earth to remember the road map of beauty. Does it not live in your memory? Then that memory of it is still alive and lives in our mind. It's eternally alive” A reassurance comes upon the heavenly son.”


I have heard enough imperfect rants. Just remember when judgment comes upon the both of you in the future. I will have no mercy at all.” An angry and confident and cold tone comes from the dark father. “I will be the glory of the human race.”


I don't think so. All my angels will face you in the future along with the armies of the human race.” The mangy Old Man responds confidently. “May I have mercy on your soul.”


Let's go son. It's time for our church to rise.” The father commands. “We have work to do.”


They get into their cars and rev up the engines turning on the lights to see. They turn the corner on the side street and head East turning away from the rising sun. They disappear into the night.


All of a sudden, the morning sun dawns on First United Methodist Church and the remaining father and son where the sunlight shines on them. They turn to each other.


Will they ever learn the true meaning of the philosophies of heaven? Will grace and mercy ever shine on their souls?” He asks the warm-hearted father. “I'm afraid it will not.”


I'm sorry son, some people can't be helped and they're examples of it. But, the two-folded truth is available to the ones who desire to step into heaven. Our flock will hear the calling." A deep smile comes on the confidence of the Old Man. “We have work to do.”


Yes we do. I'm ready.” The caring and loving son hugs his father. "Let's go.”


They too turn into the Western Sun Morning Light that which is shining now on their faces with the night's light dawning on the backs. And, head towards the State Capital of Texas waving and engaging with the morning crowd. A slight warm breeze is coming from the West now kissing all of the fortunate ones who are attending the morning reverence. It is a welcome breeze that all now feel the wind gravitating their souls.


What about our works in the church today? Should we not go in there?” The son asks.


No. That's what our flock of volunteers and fortunate ones hearing our calling is doing. That's the beauty of the American Soul. A great nation that most people will hear our calling for the best of Humanity.” The giddy father responds. “It's not in their character to fall from grace. I have confidence in them.”


Okay daddy. You know best.” The son replies. “Can we go into the lawn of the Capital?”


Sure. The grass and trees are so green this time of year.” The father replies.




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