Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 4


Chapter Four



I just saw them. Where did they go?” Luke's friend whispers.


But, in the breakfast cafeteria, the normal workings of the serving of the weekly reverence continue to engulf itself in minor altercations. Yet, all of the human residents cooperate with all of them being reminded that this morning can all be taken away at a moment's notice.


Is everything happening that we need to worry about?” John Paul asks Spencer. “Are there any incidents?


There is just a few this morning. But, they're cooperating.” Spencer confidently responds. “It will be morning that will test all of us I think.”


Spencer is a 6 foot 2 inch tall Anglo-American who is a CEO of a striving Internet business like many in the town of Austin. He has a firm belief in “no-nonsense” as he ready to deal with any altercation throughout the morning. He is a stern and fair person where the best interests of people are always in his mind. But, his pure temperament is something that is admired by most of the church volunteers. He acts with compassion and understanding in altercations, as well as stern and reason in them.


Sir, I understand that you're hungry, but there is plenty to go around. Please, understand that you won't be unfortunate by cutting in line.” He mentions to another victim of the constant behavior of the human residents. “There is plenty to go around.”


I guess you're right. I'm just hungry.” The human being responds. “Is there enough for seconds?”


Ha ha. We don't give second servings here until all of the colors and non-colors have been called.” Spencer reaffirms. “There might be some leftovers. Good luck.”


All of the people in the cafeteria by now are sitting and enjoying their meals at the moments as excitement and gratitude has turned into rejoicing and happiness as the conversations on the tables shows their satisfaction of the weekly meal. Their confidence in themselves becomes apparent for a brief time until the day starts. Hope has found it's way to theei souls.


Conversations have taken an interesting start from the initial apathetic tone in the beginning as most locally-challanged residents desired not to show their true feelings until now. It's a sign of weakness to discuss most true feelings on the streets as it can be weakness instead of a strength. Yet, this breakfast brings out the best of people who are coming to hope for a better day.


I don't feel like drinking today.” One resident blurts out. “I think that I should stay away from it.”


I think it's wise. I know the death of your wife can take a lot out of anyone.” His friend affectionately affirms. “I think that people can understand it.”


I sure hope so. Most of them believe it's easy just to get over grief in a few weeks. But, I learned for me its beginning to take years. She left suddenly and it was too short.” The unfortunate resident responds. “I realize she's in a better palace now. But, I miss her.”


She is now my brother. Honor her memory.” His friend responds. “I'm sure she would like that.”


I'll try. I know it starts with a beginning.” The unfortunate human being responds. “It helps so thank you my friend for listening.”


Anything for you.” The caring human being speaks. “It's my pleasure.”


But, the breakfast tables are filled with conversations of hope, faith, and love. It's early in the morning as most of them wish not to jinx the day, although, they will experience the possible rejection of society. It's a constant reminder of their struggles with freedom, charity, the savior, and God. And, the hope is priceless at the time of the daily struggle to act with courage in the saving of their own souls. But, the soul of this great country can be contagious for anyone who believes. It's non-discriminating to it's citizens.




And, Susan looks around for any sign of trouble. Her nerves are acting up again. But, her mind is constant struggle of the past and current reality. Yet, the tough and firm attitude of the local shelters is apparent in the first few days of residing in it. She has learned it.


Are you alright dear?” Hazel asks Susan politely. “Is something bothering you?”


Oh, it's nothing. I guess I'm getting spooked easily after coming from a past of domestic violence.” She softly responds. “I will be alright. I've gone through worst.”


Well, we are here to help.” Hazel mentions. “They are giving free haircuts. Maybe it might help today?”


I think that is good idea.” Susan assures. “I'm just about to get my breakfast. And, then maybe I will.”


Good. Have a good day. If there is something I can do then don't be afraid to ask.” Hazel affirms.


Hazel is an African-American mother of two children and is estranged from them as her family didn't believe that she was making the right choices in life. And, they gained custody of her children. She feels deep remorse and shame for engaging in risky behavior which the children were involved in. Yet, she is devoted to memory of them, as well as a warm-hearted and loving friend to most of her locally-challanged residents. She compensates the love of her children with loving of all her human being friends. They all love her.


Hey, Black. Do you want any biscuits? I'm not a fan of them?” Hazel affectionately asks him. “They are just going to go to waste.”


I'm good. Give them to someone else. I've had enough.“ Black gently responds. “I'm sure they won't go waste with all these fools around.”


She laughs at the innocent talk.


I'm sure they won't.” Hazel reacts. “But, I'm here if you need me.”


Meanwhile, at the breakfast kitchen, things are running smoothly as the volunteers are just about half-way done with the meal. But, their giddy and upbeat as usual. It's a well-oiled machine as it's a beauty to witness the workings of the love of the charity of the supernatural world.


How are we on food?” John Paul asks the head kitchen supervisor. “Do we need to begin to start cooking some more?”


No. We are just fine at the moment.” The head supervisor responds in a confident tone. “We will have enough for seconds too.”


Good.” John Paul now turns to the announcer. “Call the next color please.”


The microphone is turned as the announcer begins to speak.


The next color is red.” He speaks loudly into the microphone.


Hey, do you think that I can be let go early? I have to go to work early if possible.” The very angelic volunteer ask the kitchen supervisor.


Sure, we can handle it. Go on.” The supervisor replies with a giddy tone.


Thanks.” The angelic volunteer responds. “God bless you.”


He takes off his apron and heads out the kitchen door grabbing his son on the way out.


Let's go son.” He turns to his son who was passing out fliers. “It's time to go.”


Okay daddy.” The boy happily responds. “I've done all I could.”


They begin to walk out the cafeteria doors and wave to everyone as they go by while smiling all the way passing Officer Ashley Darling.


Have a good day Officer Darling.” The father responds. “God Bless you.”


She smiles as they pass her to the stairs going downward out of the church. They walk out the door towards the pairs Mercedes. They walk slowly towards it and talk to the locally-residents standing outside the door after most have eaten. They are so bright and cheerful as it is apparent to all of the others in the church.


They reach the luxury car where no one is able to listen to their conversation anymore. Then, the “guard is let down” after reaching safety. They begin to speak freely.


I hate all of these people. Pure scum of the Earth. Who would have created such a pig in the universe?” The father boldly responds with disgust. “It's now the time to start our own ministry son.”


I'm ready to show this world my complete knowledge of the Bible as their so-called savior was the dumbest and misinformed preacher of the universe. You're the greatest creator of the heavens father. They should bow down and worship you. I'll see to that.” The angry son replies. “I'm ready to show my talented reasoning and understanding that no one on Earth can compete with.”


Ahh, my son, I believe your right. I'm tired of doing good will to men and women that I'm not appreciated with respect and honor. You're in charge of my new church.” He states.” Nothing can stop us.”


They begin to open the car door when a firm voice comes approaches them. And, asks.


Care to help an unfortunate soul?” The confident locally-challenged resident responds. “It's a blessing to do good.”


They stop in their place.


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