Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 3


Chapter Three



Crash! Bang! Luke's friend now looks at the dropped plate by one of the locally-challenged residents. He looks back at the eyes which have riddled his intuition.


Where are those eyes?” He nervously looks around. “I lost them.”


The next color is green.” The church volunteer announces. “Please take a place in one of the lines. There is no need to worry or rush. We have plenty.”


Susan gets up from the table to get in line. But, she hurries to get a cup of coffee too. Yet, the dropping of the plate strikes her nervous twitch. She turns around at the slightest disturbance. She has good reason to be so worried though.


Susan is a 5 foot 4 inch tall Anglo-American woman who was a domestic housewife and a mother of three children. She left the children with her mother and father in order to provide a stable life for them while she deals with the past domestic violence by her husband. She has a natural beauty both inside and out, as well as being pretty intelligent. She doesn't use drugs or alcohol. But, she is prescribed a lot of prescription drugs to deal with the trauma.


All of a sudden, a volunteer comes out with another urn of coffee. It's Melinda and she is happy to oblige to all of the locally-challenged residents wishes without hesitation. She is always “on-the-go” with enough energy to fill a quarter of the city as her energy is unmatched.


Melinda is a 5 foot 4 inch tall Mexican-American who is a marketing executive at a major firm. She has an eye for knowing what others are thinking and feeling. She is a driven woman in her work and family life. Most are astonished to energy of juggling between work, service, and family. She is a special person for everyone that knows and deals with her.


Are you okay dear? Is something bothering you?” She calmly asks Susan. “Is there is something I can do for you?”


I'm just a little nervous at the moment. There is something in the air this morning.” Melinda softly replies with a slight crack in her voice. “It's nothing sweetie.”


Are you sure honey?” Melinda re-irritates. “You're safe with us.”


I know. I just think that I am going crazy sometimes.” Susan states with slight confusion. “Sometimes, I think my life is not going to happen.”


And, over the speakers there is an announcement by the announcer. He picks up the microphone to make others aware of the special treat of the day. Most welcome it.


Okay everyone. The barbers and stylists have arrived to give haircuts to who needs it. Please sign up and follow instructions.” The announcer happily surprises everyone. “Dress for success. The next color is Green.”


Most of those who have already eaten raise up from the table to sign up as others are not wishing to give up their place in line for the great, fine meal given that day. The full-course breakfast is too much “water-in-their-mouths” to pass up. Yet, the judgment of others are the question of their self-esteem to look their best in the city. But, to the very few, they will never be accepted in Austin. It's a sad waste of the prejudices of the few residents towards the locally-challenged human beings.


Green. Look my color has been called.” Jamie laughs out loud. “What about you?”


Nope. I still waiting.” His friend hopelessly responds. “Knowing me, the last color is mine.”


Well, beauty comes before brains.” Jaime jokily laughs.”I guess I will eat my breakfast and enjoy it.”


Well enjoy it.” A sad tone comes before his friend.


And, I will get a haircut after it.” Jaime nods.” Care to see beauty shine?”


But, you're bald!” His friend shakes his head. “Oh, brother!”


Then one locally-challenged resident sees the beauty standing at the coffee line. He is staring at the transformation of Susan from a distance. The thoughts of her dance in his head as seeing her help his self-esteem. He continues to gaze at her.”


Who is that?” He asks one resident standing at the breakfast line. “She's a beauty.”


Oh, that is Susan. She's a looker. But, one has to talk to Black before getting involved with her. He protects her from the past dealings of domestic violence.” The resident concerning look reaches his eardrums.”Her old man was a jerk. But, he protects her.”


I see.” The interested resident replies. “Maybe I will,”


The breakfast volunteers begin to pass out fliers for their times of service and worship with giddy faces on their faces. Most are happy to oblige to the interests of others. Few are afraid of the reaction of the locally-challenged human beings as their critical skepticism can unnerve some of the students who are volunteering at the breakfast.


Do you care to take a flier for our services?” Rebecca asks one resident. “There is relief for all our lives.”


Sure, I hope so.” One human being responds.


Do you care to take a flier for our services?” She asks another. “There is relief for all of our lives.”


I don't think so young lady. In all my years, religion has never saved me.” A human being in a sarcastic manner responds. “Perhaps, the creator can take time off his vacation to help us. I don't think so.”


I'm so sorry that you feel that way. I hope that we can all look at it in your eyes.” Rebecca firmly states. “I'm young and perhaps my naive thinking gets the best of me.”


Rebecca is a 5 foot 6 inch tall Anglo-American who is studying Biology to become scientist in her dreams. She is an honor student at the University of Texas. She is known for cracking jokes at the right time in any adversities of the church. She is well-liked by her counterparts and locally-challenged residents that can always depend on her “upbeat manner”.


She turns to her fellow counter part who is passing out flier too. She is known for her cooperation in her diplomatic dealings with the local human beings, as well as fellow worshipers and volunteers who engage in the saving grace of the church.


Hey, are you ready to get more fliers to pass out?” She asks one volunteer. “I'm running out.”


Sure, for some reason, I'm passing out a lot fliers. But, they are so accepting than usual. Perhaps, it's my knowledge?” The angelic volunteer states. “I will go get another round of them. But, how about that date?”


You're crazy. But, I like you.” She responds gently. “Go on and get the fliers please as I'm just about out.”


Bang! All of-a-sudden another plate is dropped and the whole cafeteria looks around for the commotion that is happening. Another locally-resident's nerves has the breakfast on edge as the pounding noise points out the dealings of the streets. They quickly determine that it's a false alarm.


But, Susan nervously looks around. Her nerves are “on-the-edge” at the moment.


And, the announcer comes over the loudspeakers to announce the color of the next round.


The next color is orange.” The announcer speaks into the microphone.


And, the next round of local residents stand up with the whispering of the fortunate call to life. It's “music to one's ears”. They speedily get into line thinking that they will somehow get the best of the food as usual. But, there is plenty to go around.


Do you think that we will run out of food Malcolm?” One volunteers asks him.


“No. not at all. We have plenty." Malcolm speaks with confidence and assurance.


Malcolm is a 5 foot 10 inch African-American who studied at the University of Texas as his constant research in the field of Education has contributed to his high school philosophies. Yet, the devotion to his job has manifested in his dealings with high school students. He loves his molding of the students minds keeps him hoping for a better day in the field of Education.


But, the devotion to his Alumni of the University of Texas is outmatched by nearly everyone. He treats the education of the church as his outlet for comprehension of the mysteries of his unique purpose in life.


I'm bring it all together everyone. There is something in the air this morning. I can feel it.” He mentions to the volunteers. “I think that we should be prepared for the works of the Lord.”


Hey, you cut in front of me!” One local human being bursts out loud. “Better step off!”


I was here first man! Get a grip!” The line cutter responds. “There's plenty anyways. Here's a bottle!”


The commotion takes notice to everyone including Officer Ashley Darling who is now observing it from a distance. She is zeroed on the commotion. But, her tolerance is admirable.


I'm sorry man, I was wrong.” The line-cutter states to the resident. “Here you can have your place.”


Thanks. It's just I'm hungry. I've been waiting all night outside.” A relieved resident calmly responds. “I'm so sorry too.”


She smiles. And the observation of the cafeteria begins again.


But, those eyes.


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