Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - Chapter 2


Chapter Two



The clock strikes 6 am in the sacred breakfast hall, and the anticipation has become a reality. And, right then in front of the breakfast near the front of the serving lines, stands John Paul who is pastor of First United Methodist Church. He has his bible and notes in hand of the morning prayer he would like to recite that morning.


Let us all pray.” He opens the bible up. “Let us recite the passage from Scripture. Heavenly Father let us turn to John 3: 14-16 for those who believe in your words. It is okay for others to choose another path.”


Most of the conversation around the tables quiets down with hats and ball caps being taken off to show respect for the sacred morning prayer. The only mumbling at the breakfast is the stomach's rumbling from the locally-challenged residents.


Jon Paul reads the heavenly Scripture with a soft, but booming angelic voice throughout the breakfast. He stands there painted with the blessing of a disciple of the Lords. His affectionate tones are echoing throughout the church cafeteria. It is sight to see and hear. Most are quiet with hopeful glances aiming to the front of the cafeteria.


Let us all bless those who have come out to serving of the Lord's works this morning, and that we all will saved today not only in spirit, but in transformation of our souls into the deeds of the Lord's flocks.” He stands there with a hopeful gaze. “Let us begin the healing of our souls. Bless all who have come to our house and may they be blessed with your love oh Lord.”


It is quite the sight from a the vantage point of being a locally-challenged resident as the beautiful sight most of the human beings revere the prayer. It is welcomed in most of their eyes.


Amen.” John Paul beautifully responds. “Now let us enjoy the morning breakfast.”


Pastor John Paul is a 5 foot 6 inch tall Anglo-American who studied religion at the University of Texas. He is a small-framed man by all statures. But, his presence stands very tall. He has a quiet and calm demeanor about him. However, his presence commands attention with the booming voice when extroverted, and gentle as most pastors of the cloth should be. He loves with all of his heart and soul.


And, the very moment after the morning reading a breakfast volunteer picks up the microphone. It has finally come to the moment where the color of the ticket is read. Nearly all are excited with this announcement as the anticipation of their lucky number reflects the blessings of the God because most are looking for “a little blessing” from the Almighty that day.


Could this be the day when their fortunes change for the better? Are they really blessed by God? Is this day when faith will unveil itself?


But, much is revered to the naked eyes as this human judgment is quite hidden in their thought patterns. Most of the human beings desired not to reveal there true thoughts as they wish not to unveil this hopes and disappointments in life. The belief and faith in other human beings dwindle constantly by the behaviors and judgments of other who appear to have “a good life”. The judgments of society tends to react in a manner where most locally-challenged human beings are doubting their abilities constantly because most of society places the blame on the locally-challenged human beings.


But, the only love and hope come from the charities of organizations around town - such as; Angel House, Mobile Leaves and Fishes, Caritas, ARCH, etc, - just to name a few. This show of charitable human being shouldn't be just in the human organizations that are designed to deal with the human issues of homeless people. I


It should be in everyone regardless it they're an organization or not as this thought of idealistic axioms fill the logical and sound judgment of human behavior of the locally-challenged human beings. It's a “fine line” between who is wrong and right.


The first color of the day is Yellow.” The announcer mentions.


Everyone who posses that color mumbles a slight whisper at the moment as the instant satisfaction is revealed in the frenzy walking to the get at the first of the line hoping they will may be blessed with even more riches that day. Yet, there is plenty of food to be served.


But, their hope for a better day has engulfed their hopeless beliefs daily. It is truly a special place to witness the strength in adversity that the locally-challenged human beings go through.


Man, I can't enough of this feeling today. Maybe my luck is changing?” Luke utters. “I need it considering my past.”


It could be so. We all could use it.” A locally-challenged resident replies. “I think that the blessings come with the four seasons of time.”


All I know it that I'm hungry.” Luke laughs out loud. “Maybe your could use it too knowing you have a disability?”


I sure hope so.” He replies. “But, I'm used to the cold.”


Luke is a former gang member who is struggling with drug addiction at the moment. He struggles with the memories of a gang war where he was forced to fight other gangs for survival. He looks around constantly for enemies, and his mistrust of others show. He is not usually so cheerful, but his luck with women is unstoppable. He has the sweetest words for picking up women.


They reach the serving line of the cafeteria and gaze upon the morning menu hoping for chance of a breakfast of restoring their dignity. And, the have come to right place for it.


Would you like two sausages or bacon?” One volunteer politely asks the two with a very gentle demeanor. It is angelic in nature. “How can I help both of you further?”


I will have bacon today.” Luke responds in a giddy nature. “My belly needs it.”


Sure, anything for you.” The gentle and angelic volunteer responds.


Would you like two sausages or bacon?” The angelic volunteer asks his friend. “How can I help you further?”


I'll have the sausage this morning.” His friends politely responds. “I love both and it's hard to choose.”


Sausage it is!” The angelic volunteer laughs. “It's hard when there are choices.”


Luke and his friend move onto the next volunteer who is serving. The next choice is hash browns or cubed potatoes. And, both are fixated on it. Yet, they have enough self-control to not be too giddy.


Hash browns or cubed potatoes?” Another angelic volunteer asks with a firm tone in her voice. “Is there anything else I can get any of you?”


I'll take the hash browns today.” A confused look comes upon Luke. “They look delicious.”


God Bless both of you.” The firm angel responds. “Don't forget the cake.”


Luke and his friend come out of the line with two eggs, two bacon or sausage, two hash browns, and two biscuits. It is a very good meal that could serve royalty as it meant to replace dignity and self-respect from self-doubt and self-hatred.


But, their giddy eyes will open wide when coming upon table with condiments that aide the great meal. There is picante, butter, jelly, honey, mustard-and-ketchup, and salt-and-pepper. It is a welcome sight not to be limited in this stage of the revered meal. Also, there are cups of milk, juice and water along with the unlimited amount of smooth and richly-blended coffee.


Yet, their eyes open up enough to fit an 18-wheeler in them when coming upon the next tables of the meal's choice. On the tables, there is a variety of cakes, doughnuts, candy, sweet rolls, bagels, and muffins. It just like riding a roller coaster of excitement and pleasure through the three stages of the meal.


It brings so much joy to a locally-challenged human being. They wish that every meal could be so fortunate as this soul-saving meal. And, it's so early in the morning. The life-changing meal is so desired by all.


And, the locally-challenged human beings are still coming through the doors of the cafeteria as the “word of mouth” has spread throughout the locally-challenged residents in the past years. All walks of life come through the door.


And, even human beings wearing wigs, glasses, and low-maintenance clothes come to this sacred life-altering breakfast. It does not discriminate to anyone.


One wearing a wig and glasses comes through the door at the moment. It's never ending. All are welcomed.


But, church volunteers stand at all three stages of the breakfast eager and ready to help their time in anyway they can. It is breakfast filled with angelic and divine volunteers who lend their time to helping the less fortunate. And, soul-saving love is needed by the local residents. Many have questionable behavior that society has deemed worthless. Yet, this breakfast and shelter of God provides charity and hope regardless of their reputations and behaviors.


And, at that moment, Luke's friend see a candle blow out in the distance and a cold feeling comes upon him. It's an unusual feeling that only he can feel. He looks up into the crowd and throughout the cafeteria gazing at all of the local human beings hoping to pinpoint the reason.


He processes it standing there with his breakfast in hand. Judgment roams throughout his initial thoughts. The intuition of the cold feeling gnaws at his soul that it can't be escaped.


But, he stands there knowing that the initial perception had not taken form just yet. And, he then walks to the row of chairs of the cafeteria. He sits down. Yet, the gut-sucking feeling is still with him.


He looks once more. Those eyes.



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