Critique of Religious Judgment - Division II - The American Judgment Introduction

In the Second Division of the Crtique of Religious Judgment, the introduction of the short-story of a factual breakfast takes place where some real characters are introduced into a venture of the discovery of a practical judgment and understanding. The short-story takes place in Austin, Texas with many instances of past conversations and events have unfolded in the description of the arrival of a discovery of what a non-religious or faith-based member and/or congregation must utilize in overcoming superficial and practical everyday judgments of society and religion.


In the Second Division of the Critique of Religious Judgment, the shory-story includes; - the conversations of everyday locally-challenged residents of Austin which uses humor, understanding, and genuine compassion of and towards each other, the human interactions between the locally-challenged residents and congregational members, individual everyday struggles of homelessness, a conversation between the congregational members about the defintion of a practical and religious judgment of society and citizens, a romance story, and a conversation between God and the Devil - that will hopefullly enhance the practical understanding of religious judgments that are used in the doctrines and canons of our own faiths.


And, by the discovery of this short-story of the American Judgments that are used in the doctrines and canons of non-religious or faith-based religions in the United States of America, we hope to find the religious understanding of everyday instances and situations of everyday life. The practical and deep-seated religious understanding of the practical and religious judgments that are used in a non-religious or faith-based religion will hopefully teach and enhance a national or international citizen and/or congregation to great heights of the practical understanding of religious thoughts and concepts



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