Critique of Religious Judgment - Introduction



The Critique of Religious Judgment is a collection of several essays and short-story which illuminates the thoughts of people and congregations of all beliefs and faiths of their own perceptions, theories and judgments of our own religious understanding. The adventure of all three divisions of the Critique of Religious Judgment completes the collection of the Critiques that describes and formulates a pure and practical religion in the human understanding. The Critique of Religious Judgment is the final novel and website which the essays will present new theoretical evidence and construction for a pure and practical judgments of a non-relativity or relativity to religion.


In the short-story, we will discover the unification of the American Soul at a real and factual church breakfast as the story, as well as all who are involved will introduce deep-ended and practical judgments that are used by atheists, agnostic, New Age or faith-based members and congregations and the illustrations of the short story  can be used by any non-religious or religious follwer to enhance their personal understanding and faith of their own beliefs and doctrines. This adventure of the practical understanding of the congregation and locally-challenged residents is the unification of not only the gathering of a breakfast, but the discovery of their own mistakes in the practical judgments of the human understanding of everyday life situations and personal intimacies.


In the collective essays, we will find the discovery of how religious systems of conceputal judgements are used in everyday life of practical applications of any non-religion and/or religion. These collective essays and tables of the concepts of religious judgments, are the processes of religious experiences within and throughout everday life, and the utilizations of them by the practical applications of non-religious or religious students, scholars, congregations and institutions can provide the necessary attainment towards a pure and practical religion.



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