Possible Name of the Future Anti-Christ


This section regards the possible name of the future Anti-Christ as it is impossible in religious theory to forecall the name of the future Man of Sin. But, theories are powerful things in the world of rational and sensible arguments, and this theory of the name of the future Anti-Christ is to be taken as theoretically sound in practical reasoning and insightful processing of religious evidence. Please note that the final instructions at the end of the theory should be taken very seriously as we wish not to persecute innocent people in the world based on a possible theory.


But, in order to arrive at the possible first name of the future Anti-Christ we must ask this fundamental question.


First, what does Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Napoleon all have in common as being the example of an Anti-Christ?


It seems that all of them had a mental illness of some sort as the usual diagnosis is Schizophrenia or Schizo-Effective Illness, and with these illnesses come certain delusions, as with these illnesses they tend to see their names as some sort of major significance in the area of providence. But, usually mentally ill people gravitate towards a religious name in an extreme way as they would understand the significance of a special relationship with God as their birth name would be an indicator of special purpose(s) and they would begin to dictate their lives around the biblical name since the distorted reality of their biblical name would fuse into their beliefs. And, the fantasies of these delusions of a significant name would inevitably take over their life to where they would manifest their beliefs into reality, and "play or act it out" into the world according to the storyline(s) of the passages in the bible that contain their biblical name.


Next, can a mentally ill person believe in only one testament of the Holy Bible?


In this question, a schizophrenic is prone to apathetic tendencies as the declined cognitive skills of sorting and distinguishing what is real or fantasy in their delusions is difficult to the patient. It is not all the time that they can decipher the delusions, but most of the time they cannot. And, they will tend to believe in the testament only that has their biblical name. If their name is in the Old Testament, then usually they will practice that storyline of that testament without completing or following the New Testament, but if their biblical name is in the New Testament they will tend to be more open to the beliefs of the New Testament. In other words, a mentally ill person tends to gravitate towards the chapter in the Old and/or New Testament which contains their name. And, yes they can believe in only one testament, but the future Anti-Christ will gravitate towards the Old Testament since he is incapable of feeling or giving love.


The final question is, what name in the bible is closest the future name of the Anti-Christ and what is the reason?


There are vast biblical names that are signficant in the future name of the person in question, but nearly all of them do not fit the profile of this theory. But, yet there are major prophets that directed the kingdom of God as it is highly favorable the biblical name will reflect a major prophet that fits this profile of the Anti-Christ (as he will see himself as one) since we have to ask a few questions. Who in the bible had a disciple that understood and was directed by a major prophet as the Anti-Christ will have a false prophet as his "sidekick" in the prophecies of the Book of Revelation? Which prophet in the bible was instructed not to marry (the reason the Anti-Christ is celibate or a homosexual)? Who in the bible was instructed by the direct orders from God?


There is only one name in the bible that can fit this profile and it would be the major prophet "Jeremiah" as he was under direct orders from God to bring destruction, as well as having a disciple that conveyed his teachings of his ministry (as the future Anti-Christ will have his own ministry). This will be the first name of the future Anti-Christ from the sound theoretical evidence of this profile and it seems to be the only theory that can provide the highest probability of the Man of Sin.


However, there is one catch that we need to be made aware of as in the predictions of Nostradamus he has predicted the name of the last Anti-Christ so we must borrow the prediction to accurately seek out into the world for the identity of the future Anti-Christ. We believe that "Jeremiah" is the first name of the his real name, but the Man of Sin changed his name to another name since he wanted to cover up his past sins and life. The name that Nostradamus provided is "Mabus" and this would be the new name of the future beast. It seems that nearly all of us in the world have sinned in some sort of way, but most of us repent and regret that we have made a mistake. But, yet the Anti-Christ is a Man of Sin and incredibly intelligent to know that he must be viewed as "sinless" towards others to promote his teachings and ministry. Therefore, he changed his name in order for a "cover up" as he probably threaten all those he needed too in order not to speak of his sins and life.


We need to be looking for two names now, which are "Jeremiah"(Real Name) and "Mabus"(New Name) as there is someone, or there are some people, in the world that have information or knows him, but is to afraid to speak about it. But, we should keep an open mind and act with caution as we do not wish to form a "baseless and unsound persecution" towards anyone in the world without proper and sound evidence. This section is only a possibility of the name of the future Anti-Christ and should not be the considered as concrete evidence.