List of Religious Judgments


This section pertains to the many religious judgments that religious philosophies and doctrines use in the theoretical canons of instructions, as well as the judgments used and formed by the teachings of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. But, these religious judgments are used in any religion or religious philosophy by the other religious orders. This list is the main judgments used by religious followers when understanding the religious doctrines and should be helpful in theoretical advancements of the teachings of any religion.


This list includes examples from the bible and practical language to gain insightful meanings to the world of religion.


1.) Allegorical - "That religious leader is the wisest of all of them."


2.) Correlative - "The greastest commandment should be with the Ten Commanments."


3.) Corporeal - "This is my body that shall be given up for you."


4.) Didactical - "Jesus was the teacher of the Word of God."


5.) Differential - "Jesus was not sent for the righteous,but for sinners to repent."


6.) Diffusive - "The disciples went in different directions to spread the Good News."


7.) Dogmatical - "That religious leader had not said enough evidence to convince me."


8.) Elemental - "Love is the only way."


9.) Elucidative - "Jesus always used parables in his teachings."


10.) Empirical - "Jesus had long hair."


11.) Evidental - "Moses split the sea to free Isreal."


12.) Factual - "God gave us the Ten Commanments."


13.) Formative -"The Gospels of the New Testament show a loving God."


14.) Hypothetical - "God is the maker of Heaven and Earth."


15.) Illict - "According to the Ten Commandments; Thou shall not kill."


16.) Illustrative - "There were two men; a Pharisee and Tax Collector."


17.) Imaginative -"Jesus will come from out of the clouds."


18.) Institutional - "The Jewish people would come to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover."


19.) Instinctive - "For it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle."


20.) Jovial - "God is great and powerful.'


21.) Juridical - "Give Ceaser what he deserves while give God what he deserves."


22.) Minimal - "Faith only needs the size of a Mustard Seed."


23.) Moral - "Thou shall not bear false witness."


24.) Natural - "The fig tree shall bear fine fruits."


25.) Original - "In the beginning God created the Heaven and Earth."


26.) Perspective - "When Moses came down he saw the children of Isreal celebrating idols."


27.) Rational - "God can only be the creator of Earth."


28.) Righteous - "Jesus was angry about the trading at the temple so he flipped over tables."


29.) Sensible - "God is the only one who could of created all of this."


30.) Speculative - "Jesus was the Son of God."


31.) Superlative - "God is the one true God."