Dream Analysis and Comprehension


In understanding the visions of the Book of Revelation, we must first understand the importance of dream analysis in the normal realm of dreams and the wakiing life. These out-of-body experiences which we term as "dreams" is much more than just the understanding of our emotions and thoughts subconsciously through the conscious attentiveness of it, but understanding the principals of what dreams are to determine our lives in character, integrity, and moral fiber. But yet, our dreams are much more than the guidence of the quality of a person, but it also the history and testament of our lives as dreams can forsee the past, present, and future for a religious believer. And, the witnessing of a dreamer of the unforseen forces contained in the dreams of which we seek can evolve a person's life as the direction of a dreams can shape the future of one's life.


But, yet the unforseen forces working while we sleep can be a product of benevolence and/or malvolence depending on the content of the dreamers character and life. For example, if a person is undertaking or experimenting with a divination in their lives, then they are highly susceptible to the malevolence of other's magical practices where the malvolent dreams will dictate their lives. However, although, it is not necessarily true as malevolence in our dreams can affect any religious follower if they practice a divination or not as the supernatural forces is non-discriminating to anyone in the metaphysical world, whether one has a religion,  or is agnositic, and/ or atheist.  But, yet these metaphysical undertakings of dreams, premonitions, and visions is a skill that has to developed and envolved throughout the course of one's life, as well as educating oneself through the religious subjects contained in their own religion, regardless, if the dreamer is a religious follower or not.


In the folllowing sections, we will describe the three types of dreams for a better analysis and understanding of what we dream and how to use the understanding to create a better understanding of our lives, as well as understanding the Book Of Revelation.


The Religious Analysis of a Dream (First Type of a Dream)


But, in order to understand the Book of Revelation further, we must first learn the differences of between the three types of dreams we experience. First in a dream, we have a clear "dream stage" where the episodes of the dream is clear and with normal dimensional form as they are usually are constructed with details that are meant to "peer out" to the ever-seeing mind.  And, also the details of a dream are vivid in nature, and the emotional respsonse of the dreamer during it will be at a normal sensitivity, as well as the normal conversation of the dream characters. The motions of the dream are at normal speed in the episodes of it, and the details of the dream are a mixture of details that can be remembered in the dreamers life when they wake up. They are usually about current life experiences in the dreamer's life and are meant to teach the dreamer about changes that need to be undertaken in their life.


For the analysis of a dream, the emotional response when waking up is always the critcal information to the dreamer, but the details of a dream are meant to understand the current life experiences of our lives. For example, if a dreamer has dream where they see "a school of fish", then under the dream interpretation of the website provided we understand that the "dreamer maybe favored by the rich and powerful" depending what the dreamer is undertaking in their lives. But, the emotional response is key and if the dreamer has a "confident emotional response", then it means that the dreamer will be successful in their endeavors, and the general acceptance of the targeted audience will be satisfactory. However, if the dreamer has an "insecure emotional response", then it means that the dreamer's endeavors have to be adjusted, although, they are still "favored by the rich and powerful", but the success of the endeavor will come at a price in order to reach the desired outcome. And, through this interpretation, it is understood that the current life experiences are to be "shaped according to the dreamer's emotions" in order to reach the desired effects of their undertaking.


The Religious Analysis of a Premonition (Second Type of a Dream)


Secondly, in a premonition, the dream is usually in a three-dimensional "dream stage" with the background of the stage in a dark stage of lighting. It is here where the dreamer will be hyper-sensitive and the dream's acoustics will be highten so the dreamer can listen to the sounds of the episodes of the premontions.  The modes of the dream will be at faster pace usually, and the dreamer must pay attention to the details with a little more scurtiny as the future events will take place. It is usually a warning for a future and/or present situation that will arise. But, these permontions are not all a tragedy of some sort as they are a balance of tragedy and happiness. They are meant for the dreamer to possibly make a choice in the current and future life. And, the warning of this type of dream comes with a choice of free-will for the future, as well as potential consquences if the dreamer fails to act on the content of the premonition.


In life, choices are made to shape our lives according to the moral choice and fiber of which we live, but with choices in our lives there comes consquences with every cause. But yet, there is a difference in the next two types of dreams, other than, the just the changing of current life experiences as the with these dreams they predict the future, and does not amplify the current life of the dreamer. The choice of free will will rest on the dreamer in the future of their lives to alter it according to choice of the recipent. But, yet not all the consquences of these types are ill-fated as the choice to accept or reject the life of the future could warn the dreamer of future failings or successes.


The Analysis of a Vision (Third Type of a Dream)


Finally, in a future vision, the episodes are in a four-dimensional structure with the backgound of all the scenery in a dark shade as it will "blacken out the background" which the background is distorted and is unable to see the background completely. The vision usually lasts for five seconds whereas it is literally vision of reality with all the distortions surrounding it. It's like being encased in the "dream stage and background".  The mode of the seeing the contents of the vision is extrememly fast so the dreamer must be attentive to the contents in order to remember the outcome of the vision. These types of dreams are not a dream of current life experiences and/or premontions as they are the future of things to come.


But, what is important in determining all of the three types of dreams is the intial emotional response when a dreamer wakes up from rest as it can clarify the nature of the dream. For example, if one has a dream of seeing fish in a river which means "they are favored by the rich and powerful" and the initial response when waking up is "fear" then it means the dreamer is insecure about their financial matters and/or endeavors. But, if the initial response is "confidence" then, it means that their financial matters and/or endeavors are soild and concrete which means success is around the corner. The dreamer must determine the initial emotional response which is difficult to process at first because our mental faculities when waking up are usually not at funcitional level. Thereby, one must train themselves over time to be attentive to their emotional state after a dream when waking up.