Chronological Order of the Book of Revelation


The following is a proposed chronological order for the Book of Revelation (in any theory or bible) as it is a common misunderstanding that dreams are in chronological order when the dreamer experiences it. A dream usually happens in episodes throughout the dreamer's sleep. There are three types of instances when a dreamer experiences a dream. First, there is a dream where the dreamer undergoes a dream of current life experiences that calls for changes or experiences that are happening within the dreamer's life. Next, there are visions in the dream world where they call for past, present, and future instances of the contents of the dream happening. Finally, there are premonitions where it is a warning to the dreamer for the current and future instances where life will come true in the dreamer's life.


All these types of dream experiences have characteristics and qualities that are different from each other, and separating them is a skill learned throughout time. But, during the dream world, the types of dreams usually happen in episodes and are not in chronological order. We exclaim that the dream skill of separating the types of dreams is a critical component which can be taught through instruction of it.


1.) Chapter 1 (Vision)

2.) Chapter 2 (Premonition)

3.) Chapter 3 (Premonition)

4.) Chapter 12 (Vision)

5.) Chapter 13 (Vision)

6.) Chapter 21 (Vision)

7.) Chapter 4 (Vision)

8.) Chapter 5 (Vision)

9.) Chapter 6 (Vision, Premonition)

10.) Chapter 7 (Vision)

11.) Chapter 8 (Vision)

12.) Chapter 9 (Vision, Premonition)

13.) Chapter 10 (Vision)

14.) Chapter 11 (Vision, Premonition)

15.) Chapter 15 (Vision)

16.) Chapter 16 (Vision, Premonition)

17.) Chapter 17 (Vision)

18.) Chapter 18 (Vision, Premonition)

19.) Chapter 14 (Vision)

20.) Chapter 19 (Vision, Premonition)

21.) Chapter 20 (Vision, Premonition)

22.) Chapter 22 (Vision)