Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 20)


Of the Contextual Description of the Celestial Thousand Year Reign (Great White Judgment)


But, it is the foreseen destruction of the malevolent forces of evil  that will incur the celestial judgment of the divine creator, which, will send a great angel to bound the Dragon to the pits of Hell as it is the celestial sentencing of the divine judgment of God to the Dragon who will never deceive the world until the thousand years have ended (one day), but the Angel of Death that comes to the aide of Humanity in chaining the Dragon, of which will be the bondage of the origin of sin in Satan's worldwide defeat in the deception of the human race to worship his image. And, it is so, that the permanent banishing of the Dragon is the end of the dark con of man for the upcoming age of peace in Humanity as the wicked will be finally judged by the celestial congregation for the evil works in the attempt of the extinction of the celestial being, but yet it is nevertheless, that after the one day of the bondage of the dark force of the human race, the Dragon must be released from the dark pit of the bottomless world in order to fulfill the scriptures and prophecy of the celestial world. And, it is to be foreseen, that the celestial governmental seats of the United States of America and the Allies of the celestial world were given the power to judge the human race and Humanity according to the works of the celestial world of the sacrifices of the faithful congregation that possessed the testimony of Jesus Christ as their sacrificial souls did not worship the idol of the dark world of the human race by not receiving the mark of the beast in the minds (forehead),or right hand (electronic approval). But yet, the first resurrection of the faithful souls of the sacrificed pure humans that refused to worship the dark world will come to life again to reign with the celestial congregation and countries throughout the realm of Humanity in the final conflict of the transparent and black congregation that will govern Humanity for a period of one day before the unleashing of the return of Satan to deceive the world for the final conflict. And it is, the rising of the first resurrection that is more than a symbolic revelation of the benevolent world in Humanity  as it is the calling of the priesthood of the chosen and faithful congregation to govern the world to deter the attempt of the extinction of the celestial world and being with the governing of the righteous order of the creator to be forwarded to the United Nations and Allies.


But, yet it is nevertheless, after the day of the celestial governing of Humanity and the unleashing of the Dark One, the deception of the world will come to pass as the Dragon will go forth into the world of Gag and Magog to deceive the international realm in the Eastern areas of Asia into the final battle of the realm of Earth before his own extinction from the Earth, and it is this deception of the Earth that will cause the celestial judgment of the Great White Throne to be executed into the realm of Humanity to prevent the extinction of the celestial world and being. And, yet it is the vast armies of the Dark One (Chapter 20 Verse 9), that the malevolent soldiers, governmental leaders, and congregation marched across the territories of Asia and Europe towards the United States of America to conquer the remaining armies left after battle of Armageddon to extinct the celestial world of the divine creator as they will surround Washington D.C., in the last stand of the celestial world. But, it is to be foreseen, that although, the camp of the saints (Washington D.C.) will be surrounded by the malevolent military forces, the benevolent forces of the celestial congregation will engulf their advance on the city by the bombardment of an air campaign to destroy the advancing army that will land on the shores of the United States of America, and the fateful end of the malevolent forces advancement on the camp of the saints will spell the extinction of Satan on the Earth. And, it is so, that Satan will be captured after the engulfing of the aerial bombardment of the malevolent forces of evil, and thrown into the second lake of fire, so the eternal punishment and banishment of his reign on Earth will come to pass in the visions of St. John the Divine spelling out the banishment of malevolence on the Earth, but yet the malevolent survivors of the worldwide war will live in eternal shame on the Earth for a thousand years in the upcoming day of the Great White Judgment.


And, yet it is to be, that in the divine ceremony of the Great White Judgment, the celestial gathering of the benevolent congregation and nations that have succeeded in the banishment of the malevolence of the human race in the worldwide conflict will impose the Great Celestial Judgment of the works of the human race, of which the vast human race of all ethnic, economical, and social cultures will be judged according to the works in the worldwide preservation of the human race during the human crisis of the past worldwide conflict. But, yet it is nevertheless, to become the imposing benevolent judgment of the Book of Life that will provide the righteous with the divine acceptance of entering the gates of heaven, as well as the celestial governing of the human race throughout the celestial congregation in the coming age of worldwide peace that halted the malevolent attempt of the extinction of the celestial world and being. And, it is to be fore-drawn, that the many celestial congregational members who sacrificed their lives for the preservation of the celestial world, and being will be highly regarded in the Book of Life as their memories of their deeds will have a profound significance in the upcoming age of peace with the sacrificial dispositions preserved the human race and celestial world from the attempted extinction of the celestial world and being. But, yet it is evermoreso, that the Underworld of the celestial bounded gave up the souls of the sacrificial celestial lambs of the worldwide conflicts to the starry heavens above to return them to the rightful resting place of the second celestial resurrection so it maybe the final resting place of the sacrificial testimony of the celestial congregation may have a resting place in heaven for the vast amount of human sacrifices that have and will be foreseen in the preservation of the celestial congregation, world and being from the attempted extinction from the former world of the malevolent forces of evil. And, it is as foretold, that the second resurrection of the sacrificial lambs of the benevolent will justify and validate the vast human deaths in the worldwide conflict that preserved the celestial world from extinction, as well as foretelling the second casting of the malevolence of the human race into the Lake of Fire in the second destruction of death and malevolence with the names of the people foregone into the realm of living in eternal shame and torture of their souls in the land of Death and Hades.