Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 22)


Of the Contextual Description of the Birth of Time (Religious Deliverance)


And, it is to be foreseen, that the spring of the river of life was restored into the realm of Humanity from the President's Chair of the United States of America that is to bring forth worldwide healing in the doctrine of Humanity, and the celestial beings (Jesus Christ and God) of the Word of God came forth to spread the Purification of the Earth from the malevolence of the human race, but yet it is,  the forthcoming of the age of religious deliverance to the realm of Humanity, in which the sins of Adam and Eve will be forgiven and redeem the realm of the celestial congregation in the works of the divine Humanity of the human race in the divine city of Washington D.C. (New Jerusalem). But, it is to be foreseen, that the knowledge of the tree of life, and the lifting of the curse of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden from the tree of knowledge will heal the realm of celestial nations, in which the yearly harvest of the fruits of the tree of knowledge will heal the celestial congregation in Washington D.C., where nothing evil will originate from the celestial city and nation for the divine being to judge unholy in the upcoming age of the birth of religion. And, it is to be rectified in the foreseen celestial judgment, that the divine creator will judge the works of the nations in the realm of Humanity in the worldwide struggle of Humanity over the realm of the malevolence of the human race, whereas, the healing of the celestial nations will be provided of the healing and rightful placement of the tree of knowledge in the celestial city of Washington D.C., and the realm of the celestial congregation will honor and worship the celestial great works, and judgment of the divine creator as the celestial throne of the divine being will reside in the chair of the President of the United States by the worshiping of the Throne of God that the divine creator resides in to judge the celestial works of the nations in the realm of Humanity. But, yet it is evermoreso, in the foreheads of the celestial nations, that the name of the divine being will be written and reside in the foreheads of the celestial congregation (Chapter 22 Verse 4) as the radiating presence and guidance of the holy father will illuminate New Jerusalem during the day and night where the governing moral agents of the United States of America will govern the realm of Humanity with the natural, divine rights instilled by the holy creator as the words of the foreseen prophecy of the upcoming religious events can be trusted and actual which, is provided by the prophets and angel words of the prophecy (Chapter 22 Verse 6) in the upcoming birth of religious time and deliverance. And, it is to be aforementioned of the revealed prophecies, that the words of this prophecies were witnessed by the author of The Book of Revelation as the divine being had sent his angels to reveal the things to come with Jesus Christ as the servant of the celestial being revealing that the words of this prophecy should not be kept secret for the time of the future things to come draws closer.


But, yet it is evermoreso, the celestial prophet of the divine world will bring forth the rewards for the dutiful service of Humanity before, during, and after the Great Tribulation in the realm of Humanity, as the works will be the entrance of ever-lasting life in the eternal world of the divine creator (Chapter 22 Verse 12), as well as the rightful celestial governing powers of the celestial nations in the realm of the human race. And, it is to become, that the celestial congregation and nations will be given the right to eat from the tree of life to pass through the gates of New Jerusalem as outside the temple and celestial city will be the unholy congregation that sins and refuses to accept the Lamb and Holy Father (Chapter 22 Verse 15) of which has been marked with the mark of the beast from the Great Tribulation during the attempt to extinct the celestial world. But the angel that was sent by the celestial prophet in the vision of St. John the Divine, foresees the divine origin of the descendant of David being the bright and morning star of the celestial world that instructs the celestial congregation that is willing, and searching for the celestial doctrines of the holy congregation to freely accept the waters from the river of life with the right to be given to them (Chapter 22 Verse 17). And yet it is evermore, that the chosen prophet adds a celestial warning to the worldwide benevolent and malevolent congregation of the human race that any additions or false contextual descriptions of this celestial forthcoming of the Great Tribulation, celestial worldwide works, and written or spoken words of the Book Of Revelation will suffer the holy rapture of misfortunes (Chapter 22 Verse 18) of the celestial world and divine creator. But, yet it is nevertheless, the second coming of the Lamb, in which the chosen prophet assures that he will bring forth the coming age of peace in the triumph over the malevolence of the human race, and he will bring the celestial salvation of the celestial being to the celestial Earthly heaven, of which the human race proposes in the coming of age of peace with the governing of the celestial world as the rewards of the works of the celestial congregation, as well as the blessings and fortunes of the Holy Father for maintaining the faith of the Lamb throughout the prophecies of the Book Of Revelation in the upcoming End of Days, and Birth of Celestial Time.