Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 21)
Of the Testimony of the Introduction of New Jerusalem (The Heavenly Nation)
The introduction of such a celestial city gravitates the human imagination and will to include in the treasure-seeking and announcement of a religious alter that nearly all nations accommodates their natural virtues and dispositions to conform into a picture-perfect idealization of such a nation, but although, all nations are of religious faults in natural dispositions there is the celestial nation that will portray the heavenly moral conduct of the celestial being that strives to reach religious perfection. And in the latter tenses, it is of a mirroring nation of the human savior and being, while the former is the essence of human morality and humility. But, in the religious camp of the saints in the Book of Revelation, it is more of the prominence of the city of the celestial being that is contained in the holiest and religious meaning through the works and worshiping of the creator, and the chosen nation will be the altar of moral conscious and natural dispositions, and freedom-seeking endeavors for the best interests of Humanity, as well as the sole divine representation of heaven on Earth to serve the interests of Humanity, the church, and the creator in a divine will that can only be of the dwelling and blessing of God. And, it is so, that the whole realm of religion will be centered on New Jerusalem as it will be the odyssey of cosmological, and ontological array of wonder and amazement, of which will be the focal point of new change in the global aspect of morality and ethics, but it is to be aforementioned of the religious tabernacle that is to be the fore-leader in the world of religion, as well as the homeland of the Son of Man and the creator of future forthcoming until the duration of time. It seems to be that in the accordance to the natural, religious phenomena of the religious order of such a divine city will be of the purest will of pure reason and religion because such a dwelling or homeland must be of a pure will of the residents that is in the assignment of the heavenly doctrines and canons as the existential and natural maxim reflects such a purity of the willful soul.
But yet, it is evermoreso, that whole aspect of religion within New Jerusalem must be free of contextual discrepancies within the descriptions, or the religious teachings and ontological syllogisms, but it is asserted that in this religious inquiry it will seek the pure reasoning to find the truth of the descriptions of the essential birthmark of New Jerusalem so that the celestial city will be identified for the sake of religion and Humanity. And, the prominence of the celestial holy tabernacle’s purpose is to be the hope and will of the natural citizens of the holy land that serves the religious order of the prophet and creator as to ensure the freedom of religious choice, but to as well to serve the greater good of the international uncharted waters assuring the national government of democracy serves the will of domestic and international citizens to protect the liberties and right of the holy land(s), whether of not, it practices the Christian eschatology. For is it not that the creator would be the rightful ruler that would protect the innocent and meekest of nations? For is it not the creator would assign the celestial city to oblige in the wishes of righteousness towards another international nation? Thereby, in contextual turn, Zion will be the righteous modality that endeavors to complete the wishes and will of the creator, and exalt the creator’s prominence among the numerous deities and entities that fill the national and international nations in order to Sheppard his people to the promise land as in the times of Moses and Jesus Christ.
But, it is to fore-mention that the struggle of convictions of Humanity in declaring the exact Earthly location will come with all the atrocities against the creator as the doubtful assertions will be forthcoming as it the purpose of the religious inquiry to expel those geographical locations that do not conform to teachings, purposes, and prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation, and to ascertain the exact location of a mysterious divine dwelling that has been misunderstood and misinterpreted throughout the centuries of possible identifying of the celestial city. And, the misunderstanding that New Jerusalem can be a false pretense of the creator is absurd as the exact location has been covered up by the bias atrocities of previous discrimination's, and yet the prominence of the city will reach the promised uncovering of the pure reasonable mind through the syllogisms of pure religious assertion that has uncovered the declarations of New Jerusalem. And, in this moral and religious inquiry, it is to assert that Washington D.C., is the chosen tabernacle that can only be the product of religious freedom that protects the interests of the international will and citizens, as well as fights the atrocities against Humanity, and this will signifies the differences of other nations that cannot be of divine accord of the creator as other dwellings ignore the callings of human tragedy. But yet, evermoreso, that one dwelling comes to the aide of human tragedy more so than any other nation is the single most imperative that qualifies this dwelling, rather than, through the moral and allegorical imperatives, geographical markers, empirical and rational observations, and figurative deciphering of this chapter in the Book of Revelation. The calling of such a divine wonder is a role that calls for the purest representation of the teachings and morals of the Holy Bible with the Holy Trinity possessing the soul of the will, as well as the souls that represent the beliefs and canons of the perfect soul, but in turn, the soul of the Holy Trinity must be in accordance of religious perfection that will not disregard the introduction of another possible location other than the holy city in this religious inquiry. And, the significance of the assignment of such a dwelling is an array of amazement that can only come from the belief and convictions of the soul of heaven as the belief will come from the transcendence of divine conviction of the self-evident soul,but it is so, that the argumental evidence from the natural order of Humanity will occur to national and international scope of those wishing to dispel and identify the calling of such a tabernacle that has been mysterious throughout the millenniums.
 Of the Contextual Description of New Jerusalem (Washington D.C.)
There is no doubt that the specific location of New Jerusalem in Christian eschatology is Washington D.C., in the United States of America that is the chosen home of the predominated Christian community of Jesus Christ which lies in the freedom of the choice of religion of God that provides the highest virtue of unconstrained free-will, and this valued choice is the foundation of sparkling diamonds of a country that provides a freedom of that God desires upon everyone of his children. For is it not that the United States of America embellishes itself in the teachings of the bible on a personal indulgence in any citizen that wishes to choose the path of religious choice? For is it not that this beloved great city is favored by God for all of it’s great transcendence of his word of promoting Christian beliefs and doctrines? For is it so that this essential and crucial city is the focal point of the entire Christian world? Henceforth, and in consequently, Washington D.C., with all highly-critical ascertains that it is not the focal point of the Christian world because it doesn’t provide a temple in the camp to worship God and Jesus Christ is absurd as it asserts the description of the saintly camp within the Book of Revelation.
But, it is so, that the place of sacrament is also the temple of the divine power of God, and this holy city is surrounded by the essential prophecies of which is described in the revealing of John of Patmos, and can be instilled into the foresight of revelation into the human heart and soul. And, in inherent prophecy, the solid, blackened streets created in the finest Earthly materials of this American capital is paved with golden self-evident stamps of unconstrained freedom for all mankind (the essential dichotomy of God desire for his people) that is a concrete foundation that metaphorically correlates to the transparent depiction of Revelation (Chapter 21 Verse 21), as well as the near-shaped silhouette of the self-reliant capital city grounds(Chapter 21 Verse 16) is one of diplomatic and civil service to all of The United States Of America and the chosen Earth acting as a sensible moral agent for all of mankind. For is it not that it is a city within a multitude and the governing body of a blessed country by God? For how is it so that the camp of the saints not be considered for the holy city by all of the measurements and surrounding rivers given? For is it not so that the international community considers this city to be a religious phenomena and brings forth all of its wonder and amazement, as well as gifts and visitation (Chapter 21 Verse 24) to mark its christening of freedom and partnership? And in the self-evident empirical and rational observations, the holy city is not only of metaphorical and literal religious meanings, but yet it is, moreover so, an envisioned figurative sense that the international community must admit to the accurate depiction given, or any inaccuracy given of any other Earthly city of this announcement would or will be absurd.

However, it is so, the natural right of freedom of any international country to question or speculate the context, senses, and descriptions of the Book of Revelation to disprove the significance, as well as the natural right of freedom of the residents of the holy city to prove its own intrinsic and existential axiom and maxim to those who disbelief the authenticity of the assertions. And, therefore, in the daily functions of this chosen city, it is one of routine operational functions that preserve the quality of life domestically and internationally, of which, the American capital is always active daily (Chapter 21 Verse 25) in making decisive imperatives for all Humanity, as well as the American Government opening their ever-lasting doors to any human subject routinely throughout each day to aide in the axioms of Humanity. And the traditional Jerusalem shall be replaced with this divine chosen city for all of God's commands as the holy capital of Israel ceases to be according to scripture and Washington D.C. is the capital city of saints across the ocean (Chapter 21 Verse 1) that adheres to the principles of Revelation. But yet, it is evermore so, in consequently, undeniable that this certain city is built on human and religious foundations that resemble the highest quality of gems and jewels as this metaphorically and figurative sense of description is a catalyst for the moral integrity that the new chosen city should contain, as it is a traditional sense that jewels correlate with virtues and moral compasses of past kingdoms (Chapter 21 Verse 19).

For should no one deny the past reputations stated in this religious inquiry is accurate and truthful to the rational and sensible mind? For is it not that the descriptive correlations of Revelations are fundamentally true and accurate to the correspondence of New Jerusalem, and the nation in question precisely fits all depiction? For, on the certain contrary in one hand, all previous descriptions of the return of the Son Of Man is prophetic in the interpretation from the Book of Daniel and cannot be the rebuilding of the Third Temple, and the city that contains it, while on the other respective hand, it is to mention that the new holy city of Jerusalem will be the certain foretelling of a dwelling without a temple, of which, only the United States of America possess a camp that is in accordance to the Book of St. John. And, it seems to be that with all the accordance of syllogisms, the celestial city should fit the parameters of the camp that is prophetical of the revealing, but one cannot deduce the clear, sound parameters of Washington D.C. not to exclude it's own significance and existential value. The detailing of the prophetical canon signifies that the tabernacle of God is to either be of a physical reconstruction, spiritual restoration, or divine recreation of the former Jerusalem, while the former premise is to be a possible trichotomy, and the latter premise is of a symbolic tense of his divine tabernacle. But yet, nevertheless, if the symbolism of restored holy city is to be a divine recreation of the former Jerusalem, then it follows, that the recreation is not of preceding moral compasses of behaviors or whole-heartless doubted beliefs nor of false moral imperatives, therefore, the renewed city will be a resurgence of appropriate moral imperatives that reflect the former teachings and morals of the Son Of Man and of the beginning of time.

And, it is so, that the measurements of New Jerusalem are of celestial origin as the existential value is of human measurement as the angel was using this method, but the mere literal measurement contained in the Book of Revelation is the circumference of the holy city that stretches not only in the width and length of the celestial capital and nation (as the nation is also the extension of the capital of New Jerusalem), but yet, evermoreso, the heavenly height of the chosen Holy Tabernacle reaches into the confines of the heavens (satellites, former NASA missions and space station in the exosphere) that is also the boundaries of a heavenly city and nation. And the celestial city of Washington D.C,. adheres to the literal and figurative measurements of the angels measuring rod because of the boundaries of the nation that stretch to the heavens of the atmosphere, the state of California (Masonic and Statue of Liberty measurements), and the annexation of Puerto Rico (Chapter 21 Verse 16), but, nevertheless, the measurements of the angel are of literal measurements that would a be guide to the approximate boundaries measurements of the celestial nation, of which, the United States of America is a superlative suited for all the measurements, more than the qualification of any other nation both regionally and internationally provided the measurements of the celestial moral agent of God. And, if the measurements of New Jerusalem and the holy celestial nation is the by-products of descriptive dissertations of the identifying land markers of the rod of assignment, then it follows that Washington D.C,. is the sole qualifying holy city in the world that possess the historic land markers of the Book Of Revelation as the other nations internationally does not posses the qualifying land markers of the measurements of the angels rod, henceforth in consequently, Washington D.C,. by all accounts of the religious premises of heaven qualifies the United States of America as the fore-leader in the world of the chosen nation of the celestial being. But, yet the measurements of the religious altar are not only of mere literal contextual and figurative descriptions, and of the symbolism of heaven as the ' measuring rod of gold  is an extension of the testimony of heaven and the celestial being and the governing of Humanity of New Jerusalem shall be an instrument of the will of God as the gold is the product of heavenly order and governing as democratic and diplomatic moral agents of the celestial kingdom will assert the human governing of Humanity with the righteousness of celestial order and governing. And, if the Untied States of America governs domestically and internationally with the righteousness of heaven (as the governing does not make false fabrications and assertion without evidence) without malice towards an unrighteous human affairs, then it follows, that Washington D.C,. is the righteous example of proper governing throughout the domestic and international waters as it represents celestial moral imperatives as moral agents of the celestial beings, therefore, and in inherent introspective symbolic tenses, Washington D.C,. not only qualifies in a literal and metaphorical sense of the Book of Revelation, but of the symbolic contextual sense of the religious scepter of celestial laws as the fore-leading Heavenly Jerusalem of Washington D.C., that protects the innocent and meekest of nations, provides medical help and nutrition towards meek nations in natural disasters, and protects the meekest of nations in tyranny and oppression, of which  qualifies Washington D.C,. as the symbolic Holy Tabernacle of the celestial being.

And, it is so, that the spiritual dwelling of the omnipresence of the benevolent creator will be a vast and benevolent land, whereas, it must be a sacramental place and whole nation of humanitarian endeavors that freely promotes, fearlessly protects, and whole-heatedly creates a land of freedom for all mankind throughout international and celestial waters, in which, the freedom of the choice in religion will always be foremost in the sacraments and doctrines of Humanity, as well as promoting the doctrines of Christianity within the scope of human affairs without discrimination against any other religion. It is here that God will dwell amongst his chosen people and nation so that he may bless the nation that is instructed and obey the canons of religion in the whole extension of international Humanity (Chapter 21 Verse 2- 8). First and foremost, it is here that the chosen nation will be an instrument of benevolence and omnipotence, so his ever-lasting presence might be felt through the deeds of the chosen citizens of Humanity, while on the second turn, the chosen citizens will empower the world to self-seek God in their own faiths, beliefs, and canons of moral and ethical behavior(s) that is in accordance of the moral teachings of the Holy Bible. For is it not that through the sensible and rational mind that these qualities and behaviors are the products of pure human and American etiquette? For how should it not be that the chosen people will seek the interests of religion and God throughout the international community? For is it not that the United States of America reflects through clear assertions, the behaviors and practices of the description of a heavenly kingdom of God? Hence and an introspective lenses, Washington D.C. is the foremost leader of all the depictions of the Book of Revelation and does practice the general welfare of Humanity through the avenues of religious choices for all of mankind, regardless, of a citizen’s natural race, cultural ethnicity, and natural-born culture.

But, in the announcement of this religious inquiry there are the undeniable factual judgments of a broad-minded demonstration that cannot be discarded for the cosmological proof is the surreal and sacramental amazement of the religious orders of past, present, and future tenses that will echo in the surrounding altars. It seems that the mounting facts of the Holy Tabernacle of the United States of America will seek to promote the accordance of the vast perfection of religious land markers to accommodate the declaration of the altar of freedom as it is natural for this nation to announce it's significance within the scope of Humanity with all the facts blaring – such as; the land markers of historical and location announcements, the figurative senses of the jewels and gem symbolism of moral and natural dispositions of past kingdoms, the past and present deeds against the tyranny of the atrocities against Humanity, the description of the holy city passing into a new land from the previous Jerusalem that crosses an ocean, the camp (Oval Office) of a blessed country that has no temple – into the realm of pure reason that is to prove its historical significance in the sacramental courtroom of Humanity. And, these factual markers are the crucial parameters that qualify the dwelling of a religious altar which perpetuates freedom within the confines of international communities without discord towards any other religion, whether, or not if it is, of fundamental or liberal Christianity or the traditional Islamic and Judaic faiths, nor the mass properation against deities or entities in the courtroom of the United Nations. These qualifying certainties are the mass sacraments of an augmentative congregation that interprets the pure results of either of an empirical and/or rational pure mind. And in the final turn, to deny or dispute these factual adhesives of America is the choice of all citizens of Humanity must admit that to discard these facts of theoretical evidence is to favor an informal fallacy that is closed-minded to the truth of the city in question, Humanity and the creator.

Of the Conclusive Testimony of New Jerusalem

And, it is to say that with all the descriptions of New Jerusalem that Washington D.C. is the only favorable city in the nomination of a divine city given through the interpretation of all the former reservations and assertions, and the by-products of all the figurative sense is accurate as the natural and historical significance of the former city in comparison to the renewed city according to the Book of Revelation. The depiction of such a holy tabernacle, whether it is, metaphorical of literal adage (as few verses are literal) is a fundamental truth of prophecy that can account to the witness of pure religion of a religious citizen, but it is to say that a non-religious citizen is also protected by the will of a pure supreme being that is of concern towards all of Humanity, regardless, if the human citizen is believer of the celestial wonders of God. But, yet nevertheless, a chosen people of God is the complexity of pure faith in human religion that should never be misunderstood for self-absorbing advantages towards another religion, although, a pure religious Christian is the moral compass of the all-knowing supreme being, and is a divine city of all-loving affections toward the will of the international community. For is it not that a supreme being desires that the nation that is blessed, be a role model for all other nations? For is it not that Washington D.C., does not make false fabrications based on unrighteous beliefs and assertions and provides protection from the malice and tyranny of despotism? For is it not that the United States of America is the newest of all nations and superpowers throughout the world and creates a tabernacle in the will of the people of the teachings and morals of Jesus Christ and God? Therefore, it is the will of divine beings to promote their beliefs and faith in the proper nation according to the following of their faith-based actions that spring forth from pure reason and religious beliefs to accommodate the will of the international will, and Washington D.C. is the absolute religious manifold that encourages, promotes, and adheres to the existential teachings and prophecies of the Book Of Revelation as according to the Christian beliefs of the Old and New Testament (of the acknowledging of Jesus Christ as the Messiah) that is the fundamental dissertation that all other religious doctrines deserts the acknowledgment of the Messiah.


And, if so the Book Of Revelation accords that the chosen nation is of a solely-based freedom of the existential intrinsic value of salvation that a human chooses to embrace, and the nation of the per-dominately Christian home of the United States of America is the leading candidate for such a dwelling of the prediction of the second coming, but it is to fore mention that any nation can embrace the belief and salvation of the New Testament to become the fore-leader in the world of the chosen nation. And it is to follow that, although, they may have the empowerment to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the human salvation, they decide within their free-will to disregard the skeptical doubts of such a life-giving canon, but the nation of this religious inquiry leads the international community is the chosen will to believe in such a prestigious canon of whole-heated belief, henceforth, the international dwelling of the creator must dwell in such a nation that embellishes the religious canon through the natural disposition of conviction that is the life-essence of such a nation to be concrete in belief and moral behavior and the sole occupancy of such a celestial city of New Jerusalem is Washington D.C.. The acknowledgment of a such a city is undeniable as the reputation of Washington D.C., and the United States of America that has entertained the international community for centuries of protecting liberties of all mankind and Humanity through the preservation of the altar of the freedom of humankind. The allegorical coincidences of righteousness combined with the empirical and rational observations of historical and religious land markers,as well as the figurative natural,moral dispositions and attributes of gem symbolism of past kingdoms is of celestial origins, and the overwhelming augmentative evidence is a rational self-evident evidence that all require to signify the calling of Washington D.C., as the Holy Tabernacle of God,of which, excludes and disqualifies any other nation from the classifying of religious phenomena to embrace the mystery of the Book of Revelation, but yet, nevermore so, is the overwhelming and mounted evidence in the favor of one nation, which the United States of America self-propels and gravitates itself towards religious phenomena to serve through a moral agent status for the greater good of Humanity.

But, the coincidences of all this self-evident chapter of historical significance is too overwhelming to dismiss the conclusive testimony that the city in question is not of primarily an Earthly reputation, but of a celestial origin not to be dispelled solely on a biased informal fallacy, and the mere coincidences are transforming factor that effects the outcome of Humanity in the coming of the great revival of the church and the second coming of the Son Of Man is a transient of skepticism and pure reason as the reasonable mind would agree that the evidence is more than a series of coincidences. And, the mere gauge of the celestial measurement of the Holy Tabernacle is the transforming of reasonable evidence that cannot cloud the self-evident mind to the inspiring religious citizen, but provide clarity in the deciphering of the augmentative land markers that has provided all with the altar of clues, of which, has been a mysterious vortex of international confusion, frustration, and uncertainty for all. The altar of cosmological evidence has mounted over the centuries until this religious inquiry has put forth all the land markers of pure reason, and one can conclude through proper deduction that it is of a celestial morality and religious land markers, which cosmologically arrives at the conclusive assertion that Washington D.C., is the tabernacle of tabernacles within the whole realm of Humanity. But, to the unreasonable mind in one hand, the conception is short-lived to the disarray provided by the unfaithful (Malevolent souls), while on the other hand, the faithful witness (Benevolent souls) will hear the transcendence of a faithful canon. And, the proclaiming of this assertion of the location of the Holy Tabernacle is to be not dismissed or ignored by any of the angels and/or saints that are loyal to the creator or the tyranny of the malevolent will succeed in the international skepticism of Washington D.C., as the celestial city.