Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 12)


Of the Contextual Description of the Purification of the Earth (The Birth of Religion)


The celestial amazement of the starry heavens above, is the celestial wonder of the symbolism of the depiction of great sign of the celestial world, which is of the United States of America governmental department that resembles the depiction of that department perception of the being called a woman, as the Central Intelligence Agency is described as a woman in covert operations, and the Central Intelligence Agency's secret code perception of the identity of a woman, as well as embellishes the glory of Jesus and God in their moral codes and imperatives through the traditional governmental demeanor (Chapter 12 Verse 1). For is it not that the Central Intelligence Agency emblem posses the garland of stars (the twelve points of a single star in a three-dimensional figure) and the symbol of a Bald Eagle? For is it not that the Christian dream symbol of a sun and moon represents the glory of Jesus Christ (moon) and God (sun)? For is it not that the secret identities of the governmental department in question poses as a gender of a woman, and the other countries of the world identify the governmental department as “mother” in their past communications? Therefore and inherent contexts, the department of the Central Intelligence Agency has found the celestial individual who is to govern all nations with a rod of iron, and has given birth to the second coming of the celestial prophet (Chapter 12 Verse 5), as the discovery of the divine one will be through a process of investigation, or searching of this emergence of the celestial world into the Earth, of which the dim light of the celestial world has struggled with the congregation of the world, and the duration of the resurgence of the pure religion has resurfaced in the congregation of the international communities.


And, it is to say, that the malevolent fiends intentions was to destroy the celestial prophet upon the discovery of the location and particulars of the divine one, as the malevolent fiends planned to destroy the resurgence of the birth of the governing moral agent with the method of character assault, or ruining the life of the celestial prophet, but the plan of the malevolent destruction of the celestial prophet was deterred by the Central Intelligence Agency in order for the protection of the celestial prophet. But, yet evermore so, the attempt of the malevolent fiends and their master to enter the realm of heaven once again was once again fought with the angels of heaven without prevailing in the second attempt to overtake the celestial heaven (a supernatural event that cannot be witnessed by Earth), as the celestial child was taken up to the heaven with the Earth protecting and covering the governmental department that had given birth to the celestial prophet (Chapter 12 Verse 7-9). And, it is so, that the celestial announcement of the birth of religion and celestial prophet brought forth salvation and power to the celestial prophet future governing, as well as the defeat of the Dragon and his angels, and they were casted to the Earth once more as fear and anger was brought to the Dragon because the diabolical fiend has little time on the Earth before the time he will be sent to the pits of the Earth permanently. But, yet is to be aforementioned, that the Dragon will bring horrible disasters to the people of the Earth in the rage and fear of his inevitable demise to the pits of the bottomless pit, and the diabolical fiend will pillage the Earth in search of the covert underground of the Central Intelligence Agency in order to bring forth destruction to the governmental department that provided the world with the birth of religion and celestial prophet, and the Central Intelligence Agency was taken to the temporary place of protection of supernatural provision (desert) of where the governmental department is able to cloak in the Earth. And, so it maybe so, the celestial congregation is able to destroy the attempts by the Dragon and his diabolical angels rhetoric in the attempt of the Dragon to destroy the credibility and character of the celestial prophet so that the celestial world will defeat the diabolical fiends and regain the troubled Earth from the clutches of the malevolent fiends.


But, yet more verso, that the governmental department of the Central Intelligence Agency provided the world with more that the discovery of the celestial being that is to govern the world with a rod of iron as it has introduced the beginning of the new frontier and state of Humanity that is accordance with the New Earth and Heaven, as well as discovering the covenants of the human race, and the absolution of the former and current sins of the human race. It is to mention, that the facilitators and moral agents of the celestial world will be the source of the beginning of the human race nationally and internationally, whereas, the release of the dusk of the plague of the human race will transform into the advent of reason within the dawn of the human race. But, yet, the dawn of the new celestial world will come with the sacrifices of this governmental department character and integrity that will result in a character and credibility war inside the international arena as their discovery of the celestial prophet will be under intense scrutiny by the malevolent forces of diabolical fiends with the desire of undermining the religious choice of accepting and supporting the character of the chosen prophet. And, it is so, that the new advent of the human race will dawn into a new transformative light of the celestial world of the human governing of the renewed covenants of the human race provided the celestial creator, of which the anointing of the celestial congregation and moral agents of the divine world will have the permission, blessings, and power of God to impose the New World Order on the birth step of the New Covenant and Heaven. But, yet inasmuch, the celestial moral agents possess the natural right to instill the new dawn of the proper religious etiquette into the realm of Humanity, and claim the birth of religion in the discovery of the celestial prophet that was a mystery in the time prior to the reclaiming of the international congregation of the celestial natural right of the governing the human affairs of the human race.