Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 13)


Of the Contextual Description of the Birth of Malevolence (The Anti-Christ)


There is no doubt that the upcoming of age of the end of days will bring forth an adversary, of which will bring terrible suffering to the human race from this diabolical agent of evil, and the deifying lawlessness of this self-projected worldly man of high stature will be the burden of death in the human affairs and race as the depiction of hidden sadism will cause the genocidal reign of Humanity in this it's darkest hour known yet to the human race. For is it not that the Anti-Christ the model of the darkness of the world and will force the human race to worship the malevolence of the supernatural world? For is it not that the chapters of the Old and New testament predict his emergence within the world scope of human affairs? For is it not that the Anti-Christ is a dark figure of the human race that will seek to conquer the world and is a real figure of reality that will come to pass? Henceforth and in consequently, the chief antagonist will seek to annihilate the human race from existence by the means of onslaught of religious manipulation, artificial rhetoric and worldwide conflict and war, as well as the attempt of religious conversion of the celestial congregation through the means of religious false and manipulative teachings and miracles that will attempt to converge the purity of the celestial congregation into the Man of Sin's false congregation.


And, it is to mention, that the diabolical master of deception will posses the power of black magic and divination from the dark side of the dark world with the name of Satan etched on his forehead (Chapter 13 Verse 1), and the descriptive allocation of the diabolical fiend is of the deceptive prowler of the demeanor copulated with the roaring power of a great and passionate rhetoric that possess the power of suggestion and persuasion that will be one of the great traits and qualities that enable him to rise to power in the international world. But, it is so, that the diabolical fiend will possess the religious teachings and doctrines of the Satanic Bible, of which secretly these philosophies will disguise themselves as the true understanding of Jesus Christ, and the celestial congregation will fall victim to the covert teachings and doctrines as the longing to experience the empirical observation of the chosen prophet performing miracles will be the weakness of the human race that will ruler the celestial congregation to fall victim to the power of the Anti-Christ. It is in this realization of the weakness of the human race, that the true congregation of the celestial world will overcome the malevolent seduction of the mindful appetites created by the artificial intelligence of the malevolent beast, and these faithful witnesses of the true celestial world will have tamed the appetites of the self-awakenings, so that the foundation of the true celestial congregation may come to the fruition of the governing the international celestial world. And, it is moreverso, that the beast of the malevolent world will succeed in manipulating the worldly people in honoring his seat as one of the self-projected savior of the celestial world. And, it is to be seen, that the Man of Sin will suffer a devastating character dissection by the celestial world in his character in the realm of the worldwide celestial stage that will wound his character (Chapter 13 Verse 2), but yet nevertheless, the healing powers of regeneration will be reprieved as invincible, which are attributed to the healing power of the celestial world, in which  the manipulation of the celestial congregation will occur as the mass following of a deception. But, yet, inasmuch, the power of the deceptive beast will come with the followers questioning the international community in who can stand against the power of the Man of Sin (Chapter 13 Verse 4), and it is in this moment the malevolent congregation will be brought into light as the faithful witnesses of the true followers of the celestial world that will remain steadfast in their heartfelt convictions.


But, it is unnatural right given to the Man of Sin by his diabolical master, to exclaim and express the boasting of a proud rhetoric towards the celestial being in an attempt to undermine the power of the divine creator for a period of forty-two months (Chapter 13 Verse 5) that has been permitted by the worlds of malevolence and benevolence, so the international celestial community will be able to freely choose the sincerity of the presentation of the deception within the diabolical fiend's rhetoric. And, it is to exclaim, that in the power of a passionate rhetoric of the beast, it will persecute all of the celestial congregation's religious teachings, doctrines, and locations of mass gathering as the worldwide religious conflict against the celestial congregation will continue for a period that will be under the Great Tribulation of the human race, as well as the persecution of the two witnesses in the international community of Humanity, and the religious persecution of the celestial congregation within the temples and churches of the celestial world. In one perspective hand, the worldwide persecution of the celestial congregation by the beast will be the religious destruction of the religious teachings and doctrines of the celestial world in this period of the Great Tribulation, while on the other retrospective hand, the period of the celestial persecution of the divine congregation will breathe the life into the international community of the human race, and emerge into the pure celestial congregation of the New Heaven. And, yet it is so, that the power of religious deception and manipulation upon the celestial congregation will occur in every culture, ethnicity, worldly people, and nations (Chapter 13 Verse 7) so the power of malevolent deception can distinguish the authentic congregation from the deceptive worldly people, and the patience of the true celestial congregation must prevail in the trial of the Great Tribulation copulated with the pure power of true faith (Chapter 13 Verse 10). But, yet evermoreso, the celestial congregation that is written in the Lamb's book of life will not be effected by the manipulation of the deceptive congregation as the steadfast instructions of the maxims of the celestial world suggests that anyone who is a prisoner shall fight the deceptive congregation and liberate the oppression of the Lamb and God, as well as engage in liberating rhetoric (sword) that will bring forth the liberation of the celestial world from the forty-two months of the tyrannical rule of the Anti-Christ.


There is no doubt that the supporting malevolence of the Anti-Christ will posses the supporting cast of malevolent fiends, which aide to the international deception of the celestial congregation, and the rising of the false prophet(religious leader) in the religious order of the international congregation will be the fore leader of the supporting cast that can exercise the equal power of the malevolence of the world of Satan that will manipulate the religious teachings and doctrines of the celestial world. For is it not that the religious teachings of false prophet will attempt to manipulate the true teachings of the Holy Bible to the congregation of the celestial world? For is it not a prophecy of the Lamb (one deceptive and one genuine) written in the Book of Revelation of the arrival of a false prophet? For is it not that the highest position of a religious order or sect is the position of a pastor and priest? Therefore and in introspective tenses, the position of international power will rest on the false prophet who will use the teachings and doctrines of Satanism, and utilize them to disguise the dark teachings and doctrines as the true meanings and teachings of Jesus Christ, and the manipulation of the teachings will manipulate the celestial congregation in the mass deception of the international community to worship the teachings and doctrines of Satan, rather than, worshiping the true, divine creator that is the center of the world worshiping.


And, it is to foresee, that the false prophet will rise out of the worldly people (Earth) of the celestial congregation to transcend in the false teachings and doctrines of the Satanic Bible disguised as the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and the power of the false prophet will ignite the religious following of congregational followers as the false miracles of a con man will empirically manipulate their empirical and rational judgment. But, yet nevertheless, the false prophet will posses a strong, passionate rhetoric that will emotionally charge the deception of the mass followers, and in inherent turn, the false teacher will cause many congregational members to worship the deception of Jesus Christ from the Anti-Christ, but the jeering of the mass gathering of deceived followers will come at the sacrifices of genocidal reign of the congregational followers who were not deceived by the teachings and false miracles of the deceptive prophet as the diabolical teacher will possess the unnatural right to command the deceived mass congregation to extinguish the congregational lives of the true congregational followers by extinguishing their social involvement of church functions and governing (Chapter 13 Verse 15). And, the deception of the false Elijah will request the manipulated congregation to design an idol that is the cornerstone of the worshiping of the Man of Sin, of which the idol will posses a new covenant and commandments of the dark world to be agreement of the worldly people and congregation, and is the honoring of the sacred religion of the false doctrine of the worldly human race and Dragon, but yet it is evermoreso, a prelude to the mass-forced attrition that the two dark beast will corner the mass congregation of the world. But, the mass appropriation of the international community, will be forced to accept the power of the Anti-Christ  as the diabolical fiend will corner the economical market with a computer program that will bear his name because the international communities will not be able to perform economical trading or purchasing without converging to the economical trap that the Man of Sin has forced upon the world community. But, it is inasmuch, the crippling of the international communities that will cause turmoil to the totality of Humanity is a strategic move to monopolize the international market in order to obtain material and capital wealth in an attempt to project his international status with the mark of the beast on the right hand of the mouse in the virtual world, and the worshiping of the economical status of the worldly people there will be mass hysteria in the international economy's as the forced attrition of the computer program will cause worldwide conflict in the upcoming days leading to Armageddon.