Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 16)


Of the Contextual Description of the Wrath of God (The Bowls of God's Anger)


And it is to be foreseen, that the great judgments of the heavenly father will come to those malevolent diabolical forces of inhuman doctrines, of which serve the deceitful purposes, or dark agendas of the malevolence of the inhuman, but yet it is as so, that the Wrath of God will come at the juncture of the Great Tribulation to serve the divine purposes of the heavenly world of eliminating the dark congregation from the international charters of the worldwide sects of religion in a natural and human manner, which some of the seven judgments of the human race will come from the temple (Oval Office) of God. But, it is nevertheless, a religious construction of the celestial nation of the heavenly father that will rise out of the ashes of the Wrath of God as the natural occurrences of plagues and the human propelled celestial judgments will bring forth a world of darkness to the diabolical world within Humanity, and the celestial judgments of the heavenly congregation and father will come with an enormous vengeance towards the diabolical world for the dark con of the human race. And is it to be, that the first angel of the first bowl of the Wrath of God will bring foul and painful sores to the congregation of the wicked who posses the mark of the beast and worshiped his idol as this natural occurrence of the mark of the beast will serve as an undesired sufferance for the darkness of the con of the human race. But, yet it is the religious deliverance of the celestial world that will bring forth the omnipotent necessary judgments of the celestial temple within the confines of Humanity in the second bowl of the Wrath of God as the celestial protection (Sea) of this bowl is a worldwide conflict (blood) in the international lands and seas, whereas, the second bowl is one of the leading conflicts towards the world battle of Armageddon. And, the second bowl of the celestial judgments of the worldwide conflict is the warning call to the international community to prepare for the battle of Armageddon as this bowl of judgment is the necessary warning for Humanity to posses faith in this time of Great Tribulation with the second bowl providing the necessary spiritual death to renew the faith of the celestial congregation in Humanity.


And, the third bowl of the celestial judgment coming out of the divine temple of God (Oval Office) is to bring forth the celestial doctrines and canons onto the doctrine of man as the spiritual war of the dark and celestial worlds will clash into a great battle or conflict (blood) in either, of the spiritual or physical realm, and the glory and judgment of the heavenly father will reign in the international celestial waters as the divine punishment of the Oval Office in the military and economical sanctions of the United States of America will bring the righteousness of the heavenly father to punish the wicked congregation of the Earth. But, yet nevertheless, the divine voice of the American people from the altar from the Oval Office (temple) exclaimed the righteousness of the heavenly Lord in the divine judgments that impose intense suffering to the congregation of the wicked (Chapter 16 Verse 7), and the wicked had shed blood against the celestial congregation and prophets (Chapter 16 Verse 6) throughout the past, present,  and future, of which the celestial congregation will use righteous moral imperatives to bring forth celestial vengeance upon the wicked congregation to purify the Earth. And, the fourth bowl of the celestial judgments, will bring a great drought upon the Earth that will bring for shortages of nutrition and water in Humanity as the bright star will scorch the Earth in the dwellings of the wicked and agnostic congregation, but yet evermoreso, the congregation refused to exchange their hearts for the purity and honor of the celestial father, and the effect congregation cursed the name of the Lord for the terrible disasters that has been imposed on them as the terrible disasters are the celestial judgments of their works toward the international realm of Humanity. But, yet inasmuch, the fifth bowl of the celestial judgments will cover the international seat of the Man of Sin in the United Nations as the rhetoric of the divine nations will outwit the powerful and sharp rhetoric of the Anti-Christ, and the wicked congregation of the dark nation gnawed their tongues since the dark of the rhetoric of the wicked congregation had been outwitted in the United Nations realm, as well as possessing the painful plagues of sores on their bodies for worshiping the mark and idol of the beast. And it is so, that they cursed at the divine being for all of their anguish brought on by the heavenly father, but the wicked congregation refused to repent from all of the evil things that they have done, and will suffer the anguish of the celestial judgment of the United States of America that will bring forth the final warning to Humanity to converge to the celestial world of the creator.


But, yet it is as evermoreso, the sixth bowl of the celestial judgment will pave the path towards the final conflict as the forces of benevolence will meet the malevolent armies in the final battle of Armageddon (Chapter 16 Verse 12), and the great river of the Euphrates will dry up so the crossing of the malevolent forces in the river will march to the final location for the war of wars in order for the attempt to extinct the heavenly father from the Earth as the water in the great river will dry up naturally from a great drought in the scorching heat in the future bowl of divine judgment. And, it is so, that the unclean demonic spirits of the false prophet, Anti-Christ, and Satan (Chapter 16 Verse 13) will rhetorically persuade the leaders of the unclean nations to assemble them for a final conflict with the celestial nations as the power of the black supernatural arts will bring forth false miracles to the international nations, of which  these false miracles will persuade the malevolent nations that the three dark figures of Humanity that represent the celestial world, which will enable the dark nations to follow their requests of worldwide conflict. But, yet it is as so, in the three visions of St. John the Divine, an episode of the chronological descriptions of the Book of Revelation provides a celestial instruction to the benevolent nations of Humanity to distinguish the difference of the Anti-Christ and Jesus Christ (Chapter 16 Verse 15) as this verse in question is out of order in the totality of the three visions (as dreams happen in episodes and not in chronological order) that will enable Humanity to follow the blind faith of the Word of God as the chosen prophet will return as a human being that has the markings of a sinner (thief). In one comparative hand, the Anti-Christ will be portrayed as sinless human being (although his sins are covered up) in the masquerade of the second coming of the Messiah as the expected nature of the chosen prophet fits a sinless human being, of which the refusal of the celestial congregation to accept a sinner will shine forth in their immaturity of reason in the moral approach of the authoritative ethical method, while on the retrospective hand, the Messiah will come as a former sinner to teach the true teachings of the bible of tolerance and acceptance, and the heavenly father has throughout centuries favored the righteous individual that adheres to the moral code of the Good News and repenting sinner who through self-honesty finds the grace and mercy of heaven. It is here that the second coming of the Messiah will come with the same origin as the first coming of Jesus Christ as it prophesied in the gospel of Paul (looking up at the sky when the solider said he will come through the method of human birth), but yet nevertheless, the desires of the human race to witness the supernatural world with miracles and celestial occurrences is the incomprehension of the supernatural world as believing in the celestial world must come through the means of “blind faith”, rather than, the witnessing of the celestial world through empirical methods.


And, it is this celestial introjection of this episodic verse (as all introjections and commands are from the celestial world and not St. John the Divine who is the narrator listening to the one like the Son of Man),  that the official second coming of the Messiah (coming through the same reputation of which the people he died with) will bring forth the distinguishing factors of the worlds of benevolence and malevolence and pave the way for the final conflict of Armageddon as the dark figures of the revelation will gather the malevolent nations for the attempt of the extinction of the celestial world (Chapter 16 Verse 16) and being in the predicted location of worldwide conflict as the prophesy has foretold the symbolic meaning of the place of conflict. But,  yet it is foretold, that the seventh bowl of the celestial judgment of the heavenly father from the Oval Office of the United States of America has finalized the Purification and Wrath of God, and the omnipresence of the spirit of the celestial congregation and the heavenly father could be heard in the glory of the celestial being of noises and thunder, as well as the manifesting presence and glory of the heavenly father in the temple of the United States of America, and the international nation(s) and congregation of the divine Humanity. And, it is to be, that a great earthquake is to rattle the foundation of the nations of the world, in which the great earthquake will be worst magnitude since the beginning of time, or the human race, and shake the city of Hong Kong, China (Babylon) to the magnitude of destruction, as well as destroying the economical markets of the merchants of the world (cities of the nations) in the great future earthquake of within the Ring of Fire. But, yet evermoreso, that the heavenly father has remembered the sins of Hong Kong in the international waters in order to fill and give the sinful city the “wine-press of his anger with wine” as the great earthquake will force the other islands near Babylon the Great to flee as the tsunamis from the great earthquake that will come to the islands and mountains of the surrounding cities around Hong Kong. And, it is to be foreseen, that the air campaign against the city of Babylon will come with the bombardment of bombs and missiles (giant hailstones) against the city of Hong Kong, China from the great bowl of judgment of from the allies of the celestial nation of Humanity, as well as the people of the city of Hong Kong cursing the celestial creator for the onslaught of an air campaign from the allies of the celestial nation(s) as the great and seventh judgment from the celestial congregation is the result of the embedded sins of this great city.