Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 17)


Of the Contextual Description of the Wrath of God (Babylon)


And, then one of the angels of the terrible Wrath of God showed St. John the Divine the punishment that will be given to the city of mystery Babylon for the sinful nature of power and dominance over and with the international leaders of the ever-knowing malevolent and unknowing benevolent nations of the Earth used her manufacturing industry to produce sexual attire that promotes the aversion of the soul in a worldwide campaign of producing sexual appealing clothes and garments as the intoxication of the nations transcended normal parameters. But, yet it is as much, the mystery of Babylon has remained a secret throughout the centuries as this mystery malevolent city of the abomination of the Earth has provoked the malevolent and sinful nature of the human race by the production of the material things of precious metals and gems, and sexual appealing clothing and attire in an array of royal fashion of the desired prominence of the malevolent and benevolent international citizens of Humanity as this nation if question of this religious inquiry asserts that it is clothed in the royal garments of prominence (Chapter 17 Verse 4). And, it is so, that the names of self-indulgence covered the reputation of Hong Kong, China towards the heavenly creator in an apparent disregard for the qualities of benevolence in the teachings and canons of the Holy Bible, but it is nevertheless, the inhuman appetite for material power and wealth that is the root of the lustful desires of this great city in the realm of Humanity to forge into the lustful intoxication of world prominence. For on the certain contrary, the status-seeking nation of China has brought wealth to a multitude of the wealthiest citizens of Humanity, and this lustful desire of wealth brought the sins of the darkness of the human race without regard towards the teachings of Jesus Christ as the deity-driven religion of this nation in question disregards the common decency of human rights in a communist country that supports world economical dominance, whether, or not, if it cares for the souls of the human race by creating sex and economical slaves of the people of China. And, it is to be fore-spoken, that the hand of this lustful malevolent nation possess in the hands a golden cup of the sins towards the whole realm of Humanity (Chapter 17 Verse 4) as the manufacturing of the wealthiest of clothes and garments, gems and emeralds, and wood and ivory in order to fill the Earth with the sins of sexual appetites and greed amongst the international nations as the prominence of the worldly status-seeking human race has been the religious manifold of lustful desires that are of luxury origins and not of the basic requirement of the necessities of basic living and religious attire.


There is no doubt that the city of Hong Kong, China is the mysterious dwelling of the great Babylon in the Book of Revelation as the city in question adheres the religious description of the prophecy of St. John the Divine, and the depiction of the this great city is the center of all the international nations economical and manufacturing agreements, of which  would qualify this great city of Hong Kong of the great harlot who rules the international nations with lust, pride, and greed in the desire to be the leading superpower of the international realm. For is it not that this city in question possess mountains and body of waters around the grounds and limits of this great manufacturing city? For is it not that international marketing of the Chinese manufacturing appeals to the sexually-inclined creations of the international designers, and the manufacturing of these garments are created in the inexpensive halls of labor that provide a profit to the designers and companies of the international realm? For is it not that the national religion of this city in question the majority of the people do not follow the teachings and canons of Jesus Christ and heavenly father, of which, their religion is regarded to the many deities of their religion? Henceforth and in consequently, the depiction of the great harlot resides in description of Hong Kong as this great city in the centerpiece of the international communities in their mass manufacturing and processing plants of the material items of the Western and Eastern worlds, of which, provide the world with the lustful desires of the economical power and prominence of the international world that drives the leaders of the companies to seek the lowest production labor cost of a country riddled with labor struggles and slavery, as well as the production sexually-promoting merchandise that appeals to the sexual sin of lustful desires in the religious and international communities.


But, yet it is evermoreso, that the great harlot was intoxicated with the wrong beliefs of the spirit of the celestial congregation, chosen prophet, and heavenly father by those who were killed in the liberation of the celestial nations from the distinguishing and reaping of Babylon as the malevolent city of the Anti-Christ that will come to rule the international nations under an iron-clad regime, and the teachings of the divine congregation has proclaimed this great city in question of this religious inquiry to classify it as the great city of Babylon (Chapter 17 Verse 6). And, it is to be aforementioned, that the vision of the beast that the malevolent woman sits on  is the dark nation of the malevolent nations with the Anti-Christ appearing as the fore leader of the ten international malevolent nations, of which the unholy and unrighteous leader will rule in the future forthcoming of malevolence in the realm of Humanity, and it is seems to be, that the ten kingdoms of the dark world is the brunt of the international realm of the Man of Sin, as well as the five international rulers that have been destroyed in their worlds prior to the ten international leaders that are about to give power to the Anti-Christ in a hour-long secret meeting of the darkness of the international nations. But, yet it is nevertheless, the rise of the Anti-Christ that will amaze the darkest of international leaders in awe as the destruction of his character that will be destroyed in the United Nations have propelled him to rise again in the international world to propose that he cannot be destroyed and shines a projected light of the world, and the Man of Sin will be propelled from the darkness of the gates of Hades, of which the names not written in the Lamb's Book of Life will come under the complete control of the dark world of the international beast. And, it is to become, the ten international nations of the world that will rise to power to provide the international beast complete power to serve the best interests of those international realms that wish to engage into a war with the Lamb as the Anti-Christ's dominance of the international realm will be sustained for a short period of time to serve the interests of the ten international leaders that will to ignite and provoke an international conflict with the benevolent United Nations and the chosen prophet. But it is as yet, the benevolent United Nations will serve in the protection of Humanity by requesting the United Nations council to order the worldwide conflict against the ten malevolent international nations, and the assurance of the worldwide victory over the Anti-Christ and ten malevolent international leaders is the prophecy of the heavenly father that will prevail in the final battle in the clashes of the bi-polar nations, as well as the destruction of the great harlot that will come under fire and burned by the betrayal of the ten malevolent nations of the dark con of man.


And, the ten international malevolent nations of the dark world will choose to destroy and burn the great city of Hong Kong, China in the future worldwide conflict because of the unwilling requests by the malevolent international nations for the nation of China to join them in the conquest of the benevolent nations governing of the United Nations and Humanity, but yet it is as much, the unwillingness of the nation of China to engage into worldwide conflict as they wish to remain neutral in the conflict so that they may be the sole economical power in the world. And, it is the objective of the  international nation of China to become the sole economical superpower of the world within Humanity (as the construction of their nation is reflecting the world of the Western Powers) with the neutral position in the upcoming worldwide conflict as the interacting between the benevolent and malevolent nations to remain in power in the hope of a sinister plan to overtake the world in a single proposition. And, the ultimate objective of the international nation of China is to let the two worlds of the benevolence and malevolence destroy one another so that the nation of China will be the sole superpower in the world after the destruction of malevolence and Humanity as the strategic move of the sinister desire of the destruction of both sides will propel them into being the sole community of Humanity, but yet nevertheless, the plans and objective of this sinister nation will thwarted by the refusal of choose a side of the worldwide conflict. It seems to be that this sinister plan for worldwide dominance will come with providing false intelligence and intentions to both sides of the worldwide international nations, as well as the false political promises to both sides of the future global conflict in an effort to remain neutral, but it is yet, that their malevolent plans of world dominance will come at a price from the true malevolence of the dark international nations. And, the requests of the malevolent nations of the international world for Hong Kong, China to stop all the manufacturing and production of the international material items and import trading to the benevolent nations of Humanity (peoples, races, nations, and languages) will be ignored and contested by the nation of China that will inevitably spell their out-casting and doom by the malevolent nations of the dark world, and the refusal to comply with their desires will ignite the hatred of the malevolent nations that will seek to destroy the city of Hong Kong, China with the air campaign of missiles and bombs to burn the great city of Babylon with an enormous destruction for the refusal and disobedience of the malevolent international nations requests.