Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 7)


Of the Purification of The Earth


Of the Contextual Description of the The Purification of the Earth (144,000 people of Israel)


The divine vision of St. John the Divine that has brought before a candid world the announcement of the chosen people of the bloodline of generations of descendents from Israel, of which, are the first fruits of the Word of God that will preach the divine teachings to the global realm of Humanity, as well as being the representatives of celestial moral agents which aide the chosen people and nation in the prevention of the attempt of the extinction of the divine being. And is to be mentioned, in the prophecy of the chosen ones, the depiction of the four angels holding back the winds of the Earth are guardians of the natural forces that will bring forth the great judgment of the divine being (Chapter 7 Verse 1) in the inherent prophecy, but yet the location that is depicted, brings forth another powerful angel with divine instructions to mark the bloodline of the generations of the people of Israel. It seems to be that the description of the fixed location of the powerful angel coming out of the East with the seal of God is in the Western Hemisphere (as the dividing line of the continents is in the Atlantic Ocean of the East and West Hemisphere as an understood you while the prime meridian begins in London) as the location of the homeland of the creator is clearly depicted in this verse of geographical significance (Chapter 7 Verse 2), of which supports the prior teleological evidence of the location of New Jerusalem (Washington D.C.). But, yet nevertheless, the divine instructions of the powerful angel is not to harm the lands, seas, and trees of the Earth until the seal of the chosen people of Israel have been distinguished amongst the congregation of the global realm (Chapter 7 Verse 3), and the seal of the twelve tribes of Israel which numbered the quantity of 144,000 chosen people of the followers of the divine being. And, the number of the chosen first fruits of the living God are protected from the atrocities of Humanity by the diabolical agents, as well as protection from the living God who has established them as the bearers of peace and love within the global congregation without any of the trials of Humanity yet to come in the future of the prophecies.


And, it is to mention, there will be a great crowd at the celestial celebration, which  no one could measure the global divine congregation of the celestial being, and the celestial congregation will consist of citizens from every nation, tribe ,culture, and dialect (American citizens) that will stand before the President of the United States of America dressed in white garments and holding palm branches in the celebration of the assignment of heaven on Earth. And it is to say, that the great divine congregation will glorify the celestial being with shouting of the being saved within the great celebration of the assignment of heaven of Earth, as well as holding the palm branches as a symbol of the salvation of the living God. But, the governmental moral agents and four governmental protective branches of the United States of America were surrounding the President's chair with the great crowd of angels that have come out of the Great Tribulation surrounding the President of the United States of America, and the new chanting of the saved and chosen congregation will echo into the four winds of the Earth with the echoing of the worshipping of the divine beings day and night as the purified with the blood of the Lamb (sacrifice for sins) have saved them all. And, the Lamb will guide them to the waters of pure righteous living by the instructions and teachings of Jesus Christ and divine world as the chosen congregation will never be harmed in any fashion by the creator who dwells amongst them in the upcoming days of the celebration out of the Great Tribulation, but the dual role of the President's chair (acting as moral agent of God and representation of God) will be the omnipresence of the creator that will dwell among them wiping the chosen celestial congregation eyes. And, it is the shepherding to righteous living that will teach that the human race does not live on bread alone, and does not need to be thirsty for the purity of life, and will not be harmed by the heat of the sun (the power and death of sin) as the providing of the transcendence of the clarity of pure life will be put forth into the celestial minds and hearts of the chosen congregation of the celestial world.