Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 19)


Of the Contextual Description of the Fall of Babylon (The Return of Jesus Christ)


And, it is to be glorified, that the singing of praise by the human race of the destruction of the great sinful city of Babylon (Hong Kong) towards the heavenly father will come with the gleeful chanting of “Hallelujah!” in the whole realm of the Earth and Humanity (Chapter 19 Verse 2) as the great foreseen destruction of the city has released the terrible stranglehold that the city incurred on the people of the international communities of the salvation and deliverance of and by the heavenly father of completing his wrath on the great city of Hong Kong. But, yet it is to be seen, that the death of the great city of Hong Kong will be the vengeance of all the celestial people and servants of the testimony of heaven that were sacrificed for the rule of the nation that caused the sinful nature of the human race as the gleeful singing of the praise of the heavenly creator will be the jubilant cheering of righteous justice and vengeance, and the rising of the smoke of the great city of Hong Kong will rise in the air to signify the death of the sinful international city, of which the destruction of the great city will be the eternal shame of the malevolence of the human race. And, in the destruction of the sinful human city of Babylon (as the malevolent will destroy it), the twenty-four governmental leaders (Chapter 19 Verse 4) will worship the heavenly creator who sits on the President's Seat of the United States of America, of which the American celestial congregation will sing and honor the gleeful cheering of the heavenly father that in his divine works of judging the human race is a just undertaking of the celestial will, but yet is evermoreso, that the celestial congregation will mourn and honor the loss of the innocent and pure human lives by the attack of the dark army of malevolence as the major offensive of Armageddon will serve the just cause and campaign of the international benevolent forces of the righteous army. But, it is nevertheless, the jubilant cheering of the heavenly father's rule on Earth (since the prophecy came to fruition) that will serve as the international motivation for all of the celestial congregation in the whole realm of Humanity, as well as the international celebration of the long-awaiting of the conjoining of the church and the savior (Chapter 19 Verse 7) that the whole realm of Humanity will rejoice in the international arrival of the chosen prophet from the deliverance out of the Great Tribulation that reckoned Humanity with human atrocities against it from the dark army and chosen sinner of malevolence. And, in the second coming and marriage of the chosen prophet, the arrival of the heavenly prophet will be the jubilant arrival of the creator's governing through the chosen prophet that he has assigned with the task of uniting Humanity as the blessings of the celestial congregation who are invited to marriage supper of the chosen prophet (Chapter 19 Verse 9) will be the true blessings and words of the Holy Trinity and heavenly father, and a celestial messenger of the divine father will come forth to deliver the message of the marriage supper to the realm of the human race and celestial congregation who is a servant of the Lord.


But, it is to be evermoreso, that the vision of the second coming of the chosen prophet as an international warrior in the benevolent army of righteousness is the foreseeing of the chosen prophet along with the chosen armies of benevolence that the chosen prophet will judge the works of the malevolence of the human race to impose international conflict in the defending of the celestial nations and congregations of the international communities, as well as reuniting the celestial judgment according to the works of the celestial international communities and nations for their good deeds and fortitude throughout the centuries in the just causes against the malevolence of the human race. And, it is to aforementioned, that the benevolent armies that are with the chosen prophet are just and chosen by the celestial community and father, of which will be on the front lines of the final conflict of the human race as the passion of the holy spirit rages in the chosen prophet's eyes (Chapter 19 Verse 12) with the many names of his title stamped throughout the countries and centuries in the whole realm of Humanity, but the foreseen prophecy of the chosen prophet suggests that the name his true identity (Chapter 19 Verse 12) will not be not known the whole realm of the human race and international nations before the timely arrival of his celestial presence as the suggestion of hidden identity will protect the chosen prophet from attacks from the dark forces of malevolence during the time of the Great Tribulation, and the secrecy of the true identity is an act of protection of the life by the chosen prophet. But, yet in the forthcoming of the chosen prophet, he will stand on the front lines of the final conflict dressed in the fine, white linen of the celestial world with the color of blood on his vesture, and the sole representative of leading the celestial congregation and army, of which his presence and character is of the celestial father (Chapter 19 Verse 13) that rules the Earth and universe. And, it is the foreseen righteousness of the benevolence armies of heaven that will follow the chosen prophet into battle with the international divine military commanders and soldiers on the front lines with the chosen prophet, and the roaring of the sharp two-edged celestial rhetoric of the chosen prophet will command the benevolent armies, as well as the celestial judgment of the dark leaders and armies of the malevolence of the human race to provide the celestial sentencing of their dark governing and works towards the human race .But, yet the celestial instructions of the righteous judgment of the destruction of the dark con of the human race will come out of the chosen savior’s rhetoric as he will blare to the judgment of heaven with a raging anger of the wine-press (Chapter 19 Verse 15) of the celestial father towards the malevolent congregation and nations, and yet the chosen prophet will posses an entitlement of the celestial world of possessing the name of the chosen one on his garments and upper leg of the keywords that identifies him as the celestial prophet (Chapter 19 Verse 16).


And, yet in the upcoming day of the Armageddon, the creatures were told to gather in the greatest worldwide conflict since the beginning of time as the bodies of the malevolent armies will fill the land of the battle site of the defeated army of the Anti-Christ with the malevolent personnel serving food for the creatures of the Earth in a day of great celestial judgment in the defeat of kings, generals, soldiers and personnel of the dark army of malevolence. But, it is evermoreso, that the malevolent armies following the Anti-Christ have gather together in the battle site of the valley of Israel to prepare and do battle against the benevolent armies of heaven and the chosen prophet in a final battle for the protection of the human race and the attempted extinction of the heavenly father, and in the worldwide battle for the global dominance of the human race it will be the Anti-Christ and his false prophet that will be the fore-leaders in the world of gathering the malevolent dark armies for the final conflict of Armageddon. And, it is the foreseen divine conclusion, that the malevolent leaders of the dark armies fought not only for the survival of the dark attempt of the extinction of the celestial being, but yet for their impeding foreseen destruction and capture by the forces of the benevolent armies of heaven as their survival is more of the necessity of the governing the malevolent armies, of which the death of the two malevolent diabolical fiends will be at the heart of their ruling of the dark armies for that purpose, other than, originally planned for the destruction of the celestial world in the realm of the human race. But, yet the death of the false prophet and beast that rules the malevolent forces  is the mere end of the malevolence of the human race throughout a period of a century, as well as the impending doom of the fall and capture of the Dragon that has been unleashed since the beginning of the human race as the total destruction of the malevolent armies will be the calling of worldwide peace and harmony that the human race has never known. And, it is the destruction of the dark army and commanders that will ensure the preservation of the human race from the clutches of the malevolent nations, and the command of the chosen congregation and chosen prophet will provide those bodies of the malevolent armies and soldiers that will pile up on the chosen battlefield so that the death of malevolence shall come to pass in the realm of the human race as the extinction of the malevolence that has ruled the world throughout the centuries and cause the many sins and deaths of the celestial congregation from the beginning of time shall be finally vindicated in the realm of the human race and Humanity.