Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 9)


Of the Contextual Description of the Purification of the Earth (The Last Trumpets)


Of the Descriptive Tenses of the Fifth Trumpet (The First Terrible Disaster)


There is a doubt that the fifth trumpet is of an unknown source, of either malevolence, or benevolence in the past and present depictions of the Book Of Revelation, and the worldwide confusion in the congregation of the divine world has led to some absurd predictions and/or theories about this chapter that is the arrival of the malevolent forces on the worldwide conflict that will bring out terrible consequences through sadistic torment to those who are not of the congregation of the divine creator. For is it not that facts of this trumpet remain unclear to the congregation of the church? For is it not that the forces that are depicted in this trumpet will cause torment to those who have not the seal of God but are released to cause the torment from a celestial angel? For is it not that the king of the bottomless pit is the nickname of Satan, but the Angel of Death will open and release the door to the bottomless pit? But, yet evermore so, this trumpet of the Purification of the Earth will come in an interdependent harmony of benevolence and malevolence forces as the celestial instructions given to the locusts of this trumpet has specific instructions not to harm those with the celestial seal and not take the life of those who either have them or not, and the instructions provided to the sadomasochistic behavior of the malevolent army (locusts) has been provided to them by celestial instructions.


And, the star the fell to the Earth was in the contextual description of an apostle or saint of God falling to the Earth with divine instructions from the divine creator, of which the saintly star (Christian Dream Symbol) possess access (key in Christian Dream Symbol) to the demonic kingdom, of which, the term “fall” is in a present tense of the verse that describes the angel that has fallen from the sky, (Chapter 9 Verse 1) not the star (Lucifer) that had fallen in the past. For how is it so that the one who opens the bottomless pit be the description of Satan as the description of the diabolical one is at the very end of the verse? For does it not represents two characters(Saint of God and King) in the verses of the fifth trumpet? For is it not that a star in the Christian Dream Symbol represents a Saint or Apostle of God? And, in one introspective hand, the present tensed star is of the celestial world that is depicted as a fixed object of the sky that has been given a key (access to a kingdom) to the bottomless pit, while on the other retrospective hand, the angel who fell from the in past tense and no longer is a fixed object of the celestial world is currently in the bottomless pit (Chapter 9 Verse 11) and let loose by the star (Angel of Death) with the key.


But, yet nevertheless, the description of the interdependent relationship of forces is of trivial contemplation by the congregation of the celestial being who wish to understand the specific role of the locusts (army of darkness) that will torment the people of the world who believe in worldly things and behaviors as the specific role, or purpose of this trumpet role will remain unclear, and this arrival malevolence of the diabolical forces of evil will serve as warning to those who do not repent their deeds, or works. And, yet, the smoke from the bottomless pit was opened up by the Angel of Death, the enormous sins and torment of the bottomless pit rose up to the sky to portray the agony and torture of the dark world if the people of the world do not repent their malevolent works, deeds, and desires, but yet inasmuch, the demonic army of the darkness of Satan will provide a firsthand experience of the daily enormous agony of the bottomless pit towards the people of the world who engulf themselves in worldly pleasures of dark works and deeds. And, the celestial congregation and nation (Plant in Christian Dream Symbol) of the divine being will not be harmed from the celestial instructions given to the Angel of Death, of which the understanding of the torment and agony of the bottomless pit have curtailed their works and deeds to worship the divine creator, but the people who are of not of the celestial nation(s) will experience firsthand accounts of pain and suffering of the price of the pleasures of the dark heart and soul. But, the desire of the firsthand accounts of pain and suffering from the dark hands of malevolence will cause the sinners to look for outlets of relieving the pain and agony from the accounts of sadism (Chapter 9 Verses 5-6), and will not find any source of relief, other than, the repenting of their dark deeds and works that the Angel of Death (star that fell when the trumpet has been blown not already fallen) has unleashed the malevolent army that will use sadism to torture the sinners of the people of the world. And, the fleeing of the desired death to copulate the inflicted agony that will be upon them, will flee from the desires of the people of the world, as the five months agony will take its toll on the souls of these unfortunate souls that will not repent their desires and sins to the divine creator, and the souls that repent will be saved from the malevolence of the dark army by the divine creator as it is desires to wish that sinners repent their ways to worship the teachings of the divine world, and it's creator.


Of the Descriptive Tenses of the Sixth Trumpet (The Second Terrible Disaster)


There is no doubt that the announcement of the sixth trumpet will bring forth a terrible disaster in the form of a worldwide genocidal campaign of conflict against Humanity, and the genocidal reign of such a campaign will reduce a third of Humanity under a reign of despotism with the terrible disasters affecting the malevolence and benevolence of the human race in the upcoming impeding End of Days. For is it not that the self-autonomous freedom of the human race is free to express their natural, self-evident right towards the pursuit of happiness? For is it not that communism, fascism, or despotism denies these natural, self-evident rights? For is it not that a benevolent nation of freedom is the correct description of the angelic nature and desires of the divine creator? Henceforth and in consequently, the nation in question in the passage of the sixth trumpet (Chapter 9 Verse 17) is of the regime of communism in the realm of Humanity, which the malevolence of the worldwide conflict will undertake the genocidal campaign from the iron breastplates (of the symbolism of a nation) of the multicolored malevolent soldiers and leaders from the reign of the Anti-Christ as he will have affiliations with this country of malevolence.


And, in one introspective hand, all benevolent armies or coalitions are of a democratic government and nations, which the freedom of the self-autonomous human race can express the freedom of speech, religion, and pursuit of happiness, while on the other respective hand, all malevolent armies or allegiances are of communism, fascism, or despotism, which the freedoms of the human race is controlled and/or suppressed and the freedoms of the people of these governments cannot express their natural, self-evident rights of self-autonomous pursuits. It seems to be that the army and nation in question of the color of the description of the nation (iron breastplates of fiery red, dark blue, and sulfur yellow), of which is Romania that is of a communist origin and practices, in turn, can attach the description of a malevolent nation and army, although, the celestial instructions provided by the divine being brings forth confusion and skepticism of the true meaning of the divine instructions provide by the Holy One. But, yet nevertheless, the confusion of the instructions given by the celestial being in regards to the four angels bound at the Euphrates, is one of mystery since the celestial instructions aims towards a description of celestial beings with a grand plan for the benefit of Humanity by releasing a timely freedom of four angels that have been bound for a perfect time of the harvest of Humanity. And, it is so, that condition of restraint of the four fallen angles is the necessary timing of the divine creator to unleash the true calling of the malevolent nations of diabolical disposition that, of which was captured to protect Humanity from the diabolical anarchy of malevolence, as well as possessing a damaging effect to the general well-being of the human race in the extermination of innocent human lives by the practice of purifying the Earth through the means of false teachings and doctrines of evil origination. However, more verso, it is apparent that the celestial instructions given to the sixth angel to release the fallen angels of the malevolent kingdom of the darkness of the human race as they are to expire a third of the human race (in the upcoming war not of natural disasters), of which contradicts the true meaning of the benevolence of the human race that almost never (only in the state of protection) undertakes the termination of human life through any means, or rationalization of proposing such an action of human atrocity.


It seems to be mentioned in the course of the celestial instructions of the four angels are to be released to inflict torment and destruction towards the dark and malevolent armies of the forces of evil, that the nation in question can only be from the origins of the heavens which can only cause confusion to all regarding the true meanings of their description in Humanity of this terrible disaster. For is it not that any dark and malevolent armies or forces do not follow or  adhere to the principles and teachings of the angels and heaven? For is it not that the country in question (Romania) uitlizes and implements a Republic governement and nation that could describe benevolence, although dark shades or light of their description or natural dispositions and temperments contradict normal and angelic empirical evidence? For is it not that celestial instructions can only be given to a celestial and righteous goverment and nation where the citizens of it will adhere to the principles and teachings of the Holy Bible, as welll as the celestial understanding of the human race where all citizens and nations will spread forth the Good News for the benefit of Humanity? And, although it is unclear and the confusion of the true meaning of this nation is a question of benvolence and malevolence, the fateful destiny of Romania is designated to the people and nation of this country where it is to overcome the consfusions  and concerens of the world that their people and nation is one of benevolence and righteousness to follow, torment, and destroy the dark and malvoent armies and forces of the future world leader.


And, it is to be aforementioned, that the dark army of malevolence of 200 million will come into the worldwide conflict through the avenue of genocidal dispositions of false teachings and doctrines that will eventually lead to the extermination of the human race based on these false teachings of the Anti-Christ and false prophet upon the international religious orders. But, yet nevertheless, the false teachings of the deceptive congregation will encourage the religious orders to evolve into violence and world conquest of their religion with the conquest signify the extermination of innocent congregation of believers, and non-believers of the faith of Jesus Christ and God, and the irrational religious insanity of the deceptive religious teachings will cause the death of a third of the Earth through religious extermination, violence and conflicts of imposing religious following and worship of the dark chambers of the fallen world. And, it is so, that the symbolism of fire, smoke, and sulfur (Chapter 9 Verse17) represents symbolic of false teachings of persecution through evil speaking (fire), the deceptive and false tongue of the rhetoric (smoke), and the onslaught of missiles and bombs (sulfur) in the upcoming worldwide conflict, of which the enormous dark army will use to persecute the innocent and faithful believers of the celestial congregation of the divine being who seek to listen to the testimony of heaven, rather than, of the dark philosophies of the malevolent world. Thus it maybe so, these terrible disasters will bring forth the torment of the dark world, as those who are spared in the genocidal reign and philosophies of this army of malevolence will have not repent their sins, or engulf their worshiping into a false deities and entities (Chapter 9 Verse 20-21), as they have been spared through the wrath of the Man of Sin, but yet it is so, that the repenting of the sins by the generation of self is a foreign display of honoring a divine being, and the salvation of this self-seeking truth is the simple gesture towards the salvation of their soul. But, the salvation of the soul provided by the Messiah and divine being is not only the salvation of the soul in a literal sense, as it is the pathway to the supernatural kingdom of the divine heaven that is of endless and bountiful happiness, of which will eternally shine throughout the saved soul that is freed from the endless chain of death (sin) through the admittance of humble self-honesty of the self-seeking temperament of Earthly pleasures.






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