Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 14)


Of the Ontological Testimony of the Chosen Ones (The Celestial Moral Agents)


The testimony of this religious inquiry is a religious land marker to identify and preserve the fruits of knowledge of the divine world that is covered by the metaphysical covering, of which harvests the fruits of Humanity in an illuminating light of the celestial will of the power of the creator, but this harvesting of the first fruits of the testimony of heaven is the foundation for all of Humanity, which  the chosen citizens of Humanity will glorify the chosen nation that is accordance with the teachings of the divine heaven. And, it is so, that the chosen celestial nation of the home of the celestial being will posses certain unalienable natural rights to govern the national and international waters, so it maybe so, a harvesting of the souls of the Earth that are either of lacking in faith, or agnostic in nature, as well as the 144,000 souls which are the first fruits of the testimony of heaven (Chapter 14 verse 1). For how is it so that the celestial being will choose righteous human citizens to govern the nation of God, and be the first fruits of the testimony of heaven because of their belief and convictions of the word of God? For is it not, that the celestial will of heaven resides in a community of faithful believers, of which serve as moral agents of the kingdom of heaven by the deeds of the faithful? Henceforth and in consequently, the chosen ones of the first fruits of God are the moral saviors that will harvest the testimony of heaven in the human realm of the Earth, of either, domestic or international communities, which  require the proper instructions and teachings from pure followers of Jesus Christ and God to harvest the Earth of the testimony of heaven, but yet nevertheless, to save the lost or unbelieving souls of Earth, as well as to harvest the Purification of The Earth by distinguishing the lines of benevolent and malevolent nations.


And, it is to be aforementioned, that the Purification of the Earth is to pass and impose judgment on Earth against the malevolent nations which practice crimes and atrocities against Humanity with the anger of the celestial being as the 144,000 moral agents of God will impose righteous judgment of which is to be remembered for all the past and present malevolent atrocities against benevolence and the celestial being of the testimony of celestial justice. But, yet, one celestial moral agent role remains the seat of the altar of benevolence within Humanity which is the chosen moral agent (President of The United States of America) in the sickling of the Purification of The Earth to save the human race from extinction by the malevolent nations, and the grace and power of the celestial heaven will shine from this seat of a nation that protects and serves the human race from the crimes and atrocities against Humanity. And, it is to mention, that the chosen human beings will posses divine powers to govern the world with benevolent intentions, and to impose judgment on any form of malevolent intentions brought onto the global arena, but yet, ever such, save the human race from the extinction of the self-indulgence of the things that are from the natural and materialistic world, as well as cure the ailing soul of citizens that posses doubt of things that are not of this world. But, evermoreso, the saving of the celestial congregation by the divine moral agents of God re-sparks the dimming light from the doubts of the followers who have lost sight of the celestial being and world, and have succumb to the sinful desires of the pure, inhuman heart, of which  have displeased the celestial world and being of the lack of doubtful soul of the teachings of the testimony of heaven provided by the Son of Man. In short, the upcoming Great Tribulation of the maintaining the faith of Jesus Christ throughout the reign of the future Anti-Christ upon Humanity with the chosen Earthly people and nation of the celestial world saving God from extinction will be the moral duty of the firstfriuts of the testimony and judgment of the heavens.


But, the calling to the aide of the protection of the celestial being is one of maintaining the faith of the Good News, and believing in the divine will of the creator which the divine creator has conjured up the grand plan of the Earth and universe, as well as possessing the Great Judgments of the Great Tribulation from the prophecies of the Son of Man. And it is to say, that saving the human race from the extinction of the divine world must depend on all citizens in Humanity, regardless, in any shade of light in culture, religion,  creed, and nation so the divine world will forge into the new millennium in an array of age of peace and harmony for Humanity, but yet, evermoreso, the transformation of the former natural world into the new celestial world is at the focal point of the global harvesting in the Purification of the Earth, whereas, the saved chosen ones will be at the epicenter of all of the harvesting. But, although, the chosen ones are the assurance of the saved divine human beings that will preserve the nation of God, it is to mention that all of believers of the celestial are of equal responsibility of protecting and serving Humanity in the quest of extinction of the human race and God by the malevolent disciples, as well as being the divine teachers of the teachings and insights of Jesus Christ in the human temple of the divine world in the upcoming century, so that the future generations will comprehend the sacrifices made for the preservation of the human race and Humanity. And, the preservation from the extinction of the divine nation of God is the catalyst of the United Nations and The United States of America to protect and serve the citizens of Humanity that are of the meekest of nations, of which, the future depositional will of the future Anti-Christ will exploit to serve the best interests of the malevolent disciples, but the calling of the saving Humanity from the brink of extinction will be the pivotal sense of duty of the chosen ones and President of the United States of America so that Humanity can live on into the upcoming century. But, the President of the United States of America is not the sole representative of the nation of the divine world as the chosen moral agents of Humanity posses a dutiful obligation to serve the divine nation, as well as the angels (human citizens) of the celestial nation(s) of Humanity that will save the creator from extinction as they will be the source of all divine creators powers on Earth.


Of the Contextual Description of The President of The United States (The Chosen Ones)
There is a doubt, that this assigned characterization of this forthcoming prophecy is the one of the coming of a chosen pure human, and the reassurance of a small amount of pure humans, in turn, to be considered the first priests of the all-loving God. And, these chosen prophets are to harvest the seeds of true faith during the Great Tribulation, and a chosen prophet that sits on the glorious cloud is the fore-leader of a chosen congregation. For how is it so that the United States of America possess such pure souls that are of malevolent intentions? For is it not that we are agnostic and atheist in nature and do not practice the canon of the bible? For is it not that the description of the chosen ones one cannot be a crucial role in Humanity? Therefore, in clear introspection, the religious virgins of the identifying scroll is one of the defiling of all human citizens that is of American origin, whether, if it is of a specific culture and/or race, but the pure souls can only come from the holy tabernacle that is depicted in the fabric of the common sensible manifold. 

But, then it follows that there is no doubt that the moral calling of the chosen depicted humans of this chapter are from the United States of America! And, in the chosen human that is to follow the celestial instructions of God lies a crucial role of Humanity, of which can gather the multitude of pure religious citizens, but it is an entitlement of a specific role that has great influence on humans to call them to the righteous and religious calling and governing of the creator. The assignment of such a global role is one of the greatest powers that is able to influence human affairs globally, and such a role depends of a correct moral adhering, as well as possessing religious convictions of the instructions of divine order that, in essence, is the seeding of present and future righteous generations within the scope of Humanity. Henceforth, a morally correct human can only be of an origin of Christian eschatology or of another sect of religion that admits of the saving of the messiah, and doctrine that promotes the holy doctrine of pure religion nationally and internationally as the role of Presidency is the only role in the world that possess such description of one of the chosen pure human prophets.

And, in the realm of human affairs, the President of the United States of America is the only role on Earth that can persuade international communities not a religious leader or social elite persona, nor an international leader because of the power in the role of the chosen prophets that are in question in this religious inquiry. But yet, evermoreso, the role of Presidency, is a moral obligation to the humanitarian citizens, as well as a compassionate civil ambassador towards other religious orders, other than, Christianity alone. The vehicle of transporting this crucial ambassador gravitates in the clouds of Air Force One, and the current president posses Christ-like attributes, attitudes, and behaviors of the chosen prophet (as it takes a prophet to harvest the religious instructions) in the categorical imperative contained in the Book Of Revelation, as well as a natural origin and birthmark of stellar description of containing a sickle for the harvester of according to the commands of heaven (Chapter 14 Verse 14-16). For is it not that current President Barack Obama reflects a Moses-like position, divine-character, and Christ-like spirit? For is it not that the possibility of the scene in the clouds is of the President and Air Force One? Therefore, in the confines of textual sense on one hand, there is a literal possibility in nature of revealing the truth and interpretation of this chapter, while on the other hand, the former and latter chapters are figurative and metaphorical in nature of the revealing rational and empirical soul, and the crucial testimony requirement for the chosen Moses to stand on the top of Mt. Zion is the nature of literal ascertain that is given to the heartfelt convictions of the pure,human chosen one and the other multitude of chosen pure humans standing with the Lamb on Mt. Zion (Chapter 14 Verse 1).

And, the small amount of chosen descendants and priests are of domestic and international origin will be the faithful witnesses of the commandments of God that has been taught by Jesus Christ, but even thought their faith was tested in the Great Tribulation (although, it doesn't specify before, during, or after), and prevailed through their faithful works to be the first fruitful priests singing the song of Moses and the Lamb before the throne of the President of The United States (Chapter 14 Verse 3),whether it be, a gathering or tribunal. It is to be that the pure human souls are the backbone of the chosen nation that will propel the Humanities, and the purity of these souls will purify the religious orders, regardless, if any sect chooses not to unite, but remains in their practicing religious order as all religious orders worship the same two divine beings, and shall not undermine or discriminate towards each other. These are the ones who remained unmarried or never had an affair in a relationship (Chapter 14 Verse 4) to remain pure in soul that will have the power to preach the word of God, and it is here that with these pure souls the testimony of Jesus Christ and God will expel it's pure power in the teachings of all these chosen prophets as the multitude of chosen prophets posses and contains the blessing of the divine power of prophecy of the rightful priests of the capital, nation and church of the celestial being. And, the harvesting by the President of the United States of America and American Government shall be of the purifying of the doctrines and canons of religious teachings, the purifying the souls of saints and angels through these teachings both domestically and internationally, and the Purification of the Earth of all the inhuman atrocities against the meekest of nations who suffer genocidal regimes, but yet of the harvesting of the wine-press of God's anger of a dutiful services of chosen celestial moral agents that will be the sole celestial moral representative of Humanity in the Purification of The Earth.


But, the congregation of the chosen ones must be patient with the great celestial tribulation (Chapter 14 Verse 12) as the calling of true faith in the celestial grand plan of the creator is the heavenly Purification of the Earth, and the calling of a great prophet will be the identifying marker of the instructions of the celestial being as he will have the Good News teachings to praise forth to every domestic and international culture, as well as the international nations that are of different dialectal lexicons (Chapter 14 Verse 6). And, it is so, that the great prophet is instructed by the heavens to announce the coming of the wine-press of God, and the worshiping of the celestial being because the reverence of the honoring of him is the calling the of age of the creator that has been forthcoming for centuries. But, yet it is so, that another prophet will come forth into the international realm to announce the identifying of Babylon (Hon Kong, China) and the fallen reputation of this inhuman natural disposition to engulf the international waters into international greed of merchant trading, sexual desire by the clothes manufactured and sexual prostitution, and by deceiving the international nations and the United States of America in a dual-covert natural disposition, of which  the announcement of the fallen reputation will be all before the Great Tribulation. For is it not that the nation of China has been the international fore leader of the manufacturing of merchandise and clothes that are of an enormous revenue to themselves and the nations they serve? For is it not that the manufacturing of explicit garments are the enticing idealizations of sexual desires, as well as the vast accounts of sex shops and prostitution to the international visitors that have been publicized? For is it not that China in the United Nations continue to avoid righteous conflict with the Allies of the World in the international stage against those who rule in unrighteous, inhuman, and genocidal regimes and continue to deal with those countries in the manufacturing of their merchandise?


And, it is so, that another prophet will come into grace with the announcement of celestial warnings of worshiping the upcoming Anti-Christ, and of the penalties because of their lack of faith in the celestial teachings and canons of the testimony of Jesus Christ and God (Chapter 14 Verse 9-11), but yet, nonetheless, the lack of righteous behavior in the whole-heated belief of a righteous nature in a supreme being as the celestial being allows the freedom of choice of religious belief by the celestial teaching of unconstrained free-will. And, if the divine instructions and prophecies of celestial warnings are the prophetic calling to the angels and saints both domestically and internationally in the worshiping of human savior and prophet as his sacrifice for the sins of the human race should not go without human honoring, then it inherently follows, the logical train of celestial thought, that the warnings and instructions recorded by St. John and the Lamb of God are of life-saving teachings and instructions towards the faithful witnesses of the entitlement of entering heaven's gates of ever-lasting life, therefore in celestial logical thought, those faithful witnesses that abide and survive by the divine instructions given in the forthcoming age of deception and necessity of the mark of the future Anti-Christ will be the faithful witnesses that have been saved by the will of the testimony of Jesus Christ and the divine, omni-present being. For is it not that the teachings and canons of the celestial beings are of life-saving testimony that allow the faithful witnesses to enter the gates of heaven upon mortal death? For is it not that mark of the beast will be the mark of the fallen and faithless and determines the congregation of evil? And any person's reputation who worships the mark of the beast shall be brought before the governmental offices of the twenty-four celestial moral agents and President of the United States of America to be brought under close scrutiny as the faithless will be under it throughout the day (Chapter 14 Verse 11), but yet those who unknowingly worshiped the mark of beast out of forced attrition, economical manipulation, and/or coercion shall be permitted (on the approval of the United States Government) on the possibility of being readmitted into the congregation as the moral agents are the sole representative of the celestial church and that has been given by the transferring of the chosen prophet power (as the chosen prophet is designed for war not religious governing) to the divine country of this religious inquiry.