Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 15)


Of the Contextual Description of the Wrath of God (The Last Troubles)


There is no doubt that the celestial last troubles of the divine world will restore the faiths of the confused believers who give up their stubbornness of accepting the celestial being, and cause harm to the malevolent diabolical fiends, which the last troubles are the anger of the divine being in the Purification of the Earth, as well as the final awakening of Humanity to repent their sins and cure their ailing aversions and appetites before the second coming of the celestial world and being. For is it not that the prophecy of Jesus Christ will foresee the coming of disasters upon Humanity and the word of God is true? For is it not that  the anger of God will come with the vengeance of righteousness? For is it not that the seven disasters are the last troubles that Humanity will see before the final conflict? Henceforth and in consequently, the last troubles of the Purification of the Earth will bring changes to the lives of the confused celestial congregation to convert them to the genuine honoring of the celestial being, and to harm the malevolent forces of diabolical fiends with the marks of pain unto their bodies, as well as righteous conflict that will suffocate the malevolent forces prior to the final conflict to extinguish their morale.


And, it is to be foreseen, that the seven angels of heaven will bring forth terrible natural and human disasters that will be the final judgment towards the celestial congregation and malevolent forces of diabolical fiends, which the judgment will include the righteousness of the celestial heaven from the divine creator, and the final judgment is the final calling of the unrighteous worldly people to accept that the divine creator as the righteous and single ruler of the universe. But, yet it is evermoreso, the vision of St. John the Divine portrays a peaceful celestial congregation (sea of glass) possessed with the power of the Holy Spirit (fire) that have remained steadfast with the patience of the trials of the heavenly father (Chapter 15 Verse 2), and the righteous celestial congregation that did not give into the economical clutches, and the worshiping of the conjured idol of the Man of Sin as they were standing near the presence of the Holy Spirit of the heavenly father. And, the praise and worship in heaven and in the Earth (harp) arrayed with the song of Moses and the Lamb praising the creator of the righteousness and the truth of heaven with the grace of the Holy Spirit that all the nations will come to honor and worship the righteous actions of the heavenly father, of which will be revealed to the heavenly congregation of the divine being (Chapter 15 Verse 3-4). But, it is the revelation of the righteousness of the heavenly father, to sing praises of the new covenant unto the celestial nations to worship and glorify his seven terrible disasters that will finalize the judgments of the celestial heaven, and to instruct the heavenly congregation of Earthly nation to glorify the celestial works of the heavens. And, the ignition of the savage beast within Humanity is to unify the international congregation in overcoming the world of darkness that will be imposed by the Anti-Christ, as well as remaining steadfast in the Great Tribulation of the coming of the terrible disasters and the announcement of the Wrath Of God.


But, yet it is so, that the announcement of God's New Covenant that will be opened upon the Earth to the heavenly congregation of the Jews and Gentiles so that the Oval Office in the United States of America will bring forth the righteousness of the heavenly father in the Great Wrath Of God, and the celestial judgments of natural and human origin that will be imposed upon Humanity and the darkness of the worldly people are the last warnings to the accepted moral and righteous behavior of the celestial world. And, it is to be, that the celestial agreements of the New Covenant, of which the mediation of Jesus Christ shall come to pass as the converging of the celestial world of the Jewish converging to the accepting of Jesus Christ as the Messiah will finally come and the whole congregation of the Jews and Gentiles will be united in the Great Tribulation as the deliverance of the heavenly salvation will come to all those who worship the heavenly father. But, the celestial protection of the heavenly congregation, will come from those of the Allies of the United Nations who police the international realm in search of genocidal regimes and nations in order to liberate the meekest of nations, as well as the natural power of the heavenly father to mark the wicked with terrible sores and boils for their wickedness for the following of the beast and dragon. And the heavenly moral agents of God, will make the decisions of righteousness judgments of the celestial being out of the Oval Office(temple) towards the evil forces of diabolical regimes as the temple(Oval Office) was filled with the presence and glory of the heavenly father, and the righteous moral imperatives of the celestial protection will come with extreme prejudice against the malevolence of the dark side of the inhuman race. But, yet it is evermoreso, that when the moral imperatives of benevolent justice comes from the Oval Office of the United States of America it will come with a moral justice that has never been viewed in the past centuries as the glory of the heavenly father will illuminate the international communities, and provide the necessary moral imperatives of the Wrath of God while restoring the new covenant with the celestial humans of each allied nation.