Critique of Pure Religion (Chapter 11)


Of the Contextual Description of the Purification of The Earth (The Martyrdom of the Two Witnesses)


The upcoming great trial of the human race in the worldwide attempt to extinct the celestial world will come with the grace and heaven sent prophets of the celestial being, of which  the altar of the nations of the celestial being and worldly nations will be under the prophesying of a specific time throughout the worldwide conflict by the religious purposes of two prophets of Moses (President Barack Obama) and Elijah (Jesus Christ) that will be in the city of New Jerusalem for three years and a half preaching and criticizing the worldwide social, economical, and governing affairs of Humanity (Chapter 11 Verse 2-3). And, it is to be  foreseen in the coming celestial time, that the two witnesses of the celestial world will show their frustrations, sadness, and concern over the worldwide issues of the doctrines of the human race, throughout the reign of the Anti-Christ in the international realm of Humanity, and the priestly communion with the human race and celestial being comes the power of the divine being guiding and overwhelming the international community, to bring forth divine righteousness of the moral imperatives of heaven. But, yet inasmuch, the testimony of the two divine moral agents will cause great distress in the malevolence of the diabolical nations of the international community that are not of God's congregation (Chapter 11 Verse 2), of which the second trouble of celestial agony will converge into their false doctrines of the celestial world, and cause great pain and suffering to the world of demonic worldwide governing in the world issues that the Anti-Christ is attempting to solve and rule in a state of despotism. And, as the two witnesses of the peace of the knowledge and life of Humanity (Chapter 11 Verse 4) commences on the criticism of the governing affairs of the human race as they will come with power of the Holy Spirit of the divine creator (Chapter 11 Verse 4) guiding their righteous governing in the benefit of saving Humanity from its own self-seeking temperament of worldly things in the pathway towards the self-destruction of the human race in the stance of righteousness of the divine creator, which is the last stand towards the salvation of the human race. But, yet nevertheless, the salvation of the human race is to seek its own willing repentance of the divine doctrine of Jesus Christ in regarding the natural disposition of the human race seeking to exalt itself, rather than of, the exalting of the divine creator of the worshiping and glorifying of his divine creations of the Earth, which the international community of Humanity is a reflection of the extension of the celestial world that must be illuminated to serve the celestial being with the status of moral agents working towards the revelation of the divine creator.


There is no doubt that two witnesses of the human race are two prominent moral agents of Humanity with the power of the Holy Spirit embracing their roles in Humanity, as the two witnesses are the spokesman of the celestial world that must be in the forefront of the international community to serve the creator in the salvation of the human race from the seat of self-destruction, as well as possessing the dual role of representing the celestial congregation of Humanity. For is it not that the two most powerful roles in Humanity is the seat of the President of the United States of America and the chosen prophet that is to come? For is it not that these two protagonists in the Book Of Revelation are the two lamp stands and olive trees that represent peace and life of the creator? For is it not that the name of Elijah and Moses represents two prophets that are depicted in the three sects of religion (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), and are the representative of the peace of the celestial world of which all three believe in a second coming of the one prophet? Henceforth and in consequently, the role of the moral agent status of the President of the United States of America is a Moses-like position that advises and governs Humanity, and it is one of the roles of the chosen witnesses, while the other role of chosen prophet is the second coming of the preaching of peace that is vital role of a religious diplomat for the celestial congregation, and the two moral agent roles strive forward towards the social and foreign affairs to issue peace in the regions that are of genocidal methods with the protection of the oppressed nations of these regimes under close scrutiny.


And, it is to say, that the two celestial witnesses preach the teachings and doctrines of the divine world to the human race with a feverish celestial rhetoric (fire) in the opposition of those rhetoric that seek destroy the world through false teachings and doctrines of the human race, as the power of the Holy Spirit will engulf the opposition (Chapter 11 Verse 5) in the rhetoric to destroy the manipulation and false pretenses of the arguments on the international scope of Humanity. And, the enormous celestial power and powerlessness of the two chosen ones' rhetoric will empower the celestial world to the rising sun of the glorification of the celestial being, while on the other hand, overpower the diabolical rhetoric of the malevolent intentions to dispel the false teachings, and doctrines of the diabolical world, and promote their proposed infallible doctrines of the teachings of the darkness to the human race. But, the powerlessness of the religious and celestial world will trample and overpower their teachings and doctrines towards the Man of Sin and his followers for a period of three-and-half years with the troubles of the righteousness toward malevolence throughout the international community is to protect the innocent and meek nations through the use of justified rhetoric and conflict (Chapter 11 Verse 6). And, after the years of celestial justice of the rhetoric and protection, the Man of Sin will rise to the international organizations and realm to religiously destroy the prophecies of the two witnesses of the celestial world (Chapter 11 Verse 7) in an international rhetoric and conflict in the United Nations Organizations after the troubles of the two witnesses have been brought upon the followers and disciples of malevolence in a city that resembles the ancient cities of Sodom and Egypt. But, the religious persecution and destruction of the two witnesses will result in their argumentative death, as the rhetoric of the Anti-Christ will overtake the majority of the international nations, of which will stalemate the diplomatic measures of the two witnesses attempts to profoundly liberate the city of Jerusalem.


And, is to fore mention, that the international community of all cultures, races, and nations throughout Humanity will witness the destruction of the two chosen prophets in the beginning of the worldwide conflict and destruction of the celestial rhetoric after the two celestial witnesses have exasperated the messages of the divine creator (Chapter 11 Verse 8), as the people of the world will rejoice in the destruction of the two witnesses because of all the diplomatic measures and tariffs that was imposed upon the international countries, which provided economical hardships to those countries who practiced malevolence. But, yet evermore so, it is the rejoicing and gift sharing of the victory of the Anti-Christ in the takeover of the governing of Humanity in the courtroom of the United Nations it will be the cheering of the people of the world who are not believers in the celestial matters, or celestial teachings as the agnostic, atheists, and Satanists will prevail in the governing of Humanity. And, there will be no more cheering or revering from the celestial world in the takeover of Humanity's courtroom, as concern will engulf the celestial congregation of the human governing of the human race that will seek to regain the entitlement of the governing of the world. But, yet nevertheless, after a period of three-and-half days, the celestial being that provided the power of the celestial world and will breathe life into the power of and to the two witnesses will once again in the governing of the world through the methods of the rhetoric and conflict after the enormous earthquake rattles the Earth, and the swift humanitarian aid to the country that is rocked by the earthquake will project the true governing power of the Earth, as the Anti-Christ will project no sympathy or empathy for the rattled country of the natural disaster (Chapter 11 Verse 11-13). And, is to be, that the resurrection of the celestial prophets in the governing powers will provide and strike fear in the realm of malevolence and worldly people because the celestial prophets were apparently defeated and visibly shaken by the overwhelming takeover of the United Nations, as their confidence was shaken, but it was transparent after the regaining of the governing powers of the United Nations that the power of celestial world and being possessed with  their passionate disposition of demeanor and rhetoric.


Of the Descriptive Testimony of the Seventh Trumpet (The Uncovering of the Battle Lines)


And, it is apparent that as the seventh trumpet is sounded as a calling of the celestial leaders and congregation in comparison of the malevolent congregation and nations, in and of which, the governing of the United Nations will separate the League of United  Nations with the power to governing will belong to the celestial prophet and being, so that the governing departments of the United States of America will support the governing of the celestial leaders and nations in the League of United Nations. But, the governing powerlessness of the celestial leaders, and congregation will bring forth strict governing to the League of United Nations in response of worshiping the moral directives of the celestial world (Chapter 11 Verse 17), and the governing of the worldwide conflict and moral imperatives that will protect and aide the celestial chair of Humanity. It is seems to be here that the battle lines of benevolence and malevolence will be drawn outright, as the great judgment of the celestial being will be with the moral imperatives and actions of the benevolent and united congregation, of which, possesses the great wrath of the celestial being in the flair of the rhetoric of the two witnesses of Humanity. And, yet the demise of the malevolent rule in the League of United Nations comes with the gratefulness of the celestial being to the celestial congregation of the world with the swift aide to Humanity in the times of natural disasters and genocidal despotism as the celestial congregation was to be vindicated from the past and present martyrs, as well as judging the spiritually and religious desolation of the worldly people of the Earth of which the religious devotion to the celestial being will be honored (Chapter 11 Verse 18). But, it is so, that the destruction of the malevolent nations within Humanity will be the moral imperatives of the celestial congregation through the means of governing and conflict will serve as a purpose of the saving the Earth from the attempted extinction of the celestial being with extreme hostility and prejudice toward those who desire to destroy the world of the creator.


And, it is to be cherished, that the resurgence and reappearance of the celestial being shall be once more transparent to the celestial congregation and world of the foreseen deliverance and salvation of the holy trinity upon Humanity, and the moral imperatives of the commandments of the deliver shall be honored with the grace of a turtledove's flight in the moral assertions and imperatives of the Old and New Covenant. It is the renewed moral adhering of the celestial laws of the divine being, as the resurgence of Humanity will be forthright in the moral directives of the commandments of the agreement of the Ten Commandments so the religious order of Humanity will be restored to its original composition, as well as the moral directives of the testimony of the New Covenant created by the chosen prophet in the past first coming of the Lord. In one introspective hand, the Old Covenant delivers the celestial congregation of the celestial being and assigns the natural rights of the Earth to the congregation of Israel, while on the other retrospective hand, the New Covenant forgives the sins of the human race, which delivers the congregation of the Israelites and Gentiles and restores the natural disposition of the human race from the time of Adam and Eve. But, the restoration of the human race to its original composition will be surrounded with the monotones of the presence of the celestial being in the noises of the celestial world (thunders and noises) with the flashes of rhetorical illumination (Chapter 11 Verse 19) copulated with an earthquake in the epicenter of the Earth, as well as the Soldiers of Christ (great hailstorm) asserting the moral laws in a great battle of the Purification of the Earth. And, it is to mention, that second trouble of the agony of the celestial moral imperatives towards the destruction of the malevolence of the human race will come with the strict governing of the world's affairs as the two witnesses will profoundly administer their power of the celestial rhetoric upon the international community to create the justice and righteousness of the divine world to which the agony of trouble will cause grief in the malevolence of the human race.