List of the Categories of the Religious Precepts


In this section of Divison II of the Critique of Pure Religion, the following is a table of religious precepts that are common in religion, and to the student(s) and teacher(s) of  Religious Studies it is another religious subject that logic understands in conceptual analysis. It is here where the canons of religion bases it conceptual construction of religious disposition. But, yet the the following table is interchangeable with any religion or religious doctrine as the teachings of any religion canon touches of the conceptual subject of religious law.


And, the religious doctrine and/or canon of a religion is the product of philosophical or practical understanding of the qualities and/or attributes of the religious follower of teacher that should be undertaken. But, it is also indicator of the conceptual construction of percepts of religious doctrines and canons, which govern the religious dispositions of a religious follower and/or teacher to ascertain religious enligtenment.


1.) Virtues


1.A.) Intristic --- Extrinsic ( Of the Substance of Values  )


1.B.) Obedience --- Rebellion ( Of the Natural Temperament of the Soul )


1.C.) Idealistic --- Pragmatic ( Of the Disposition of the Mental Causation )


2.) Axioms


2.A.) Moral --- Amoral ( Of the Indifference of Natural Disposition )


2.B.) Imperative --- Inessential ( Of the Antimony of Necessity )


2.C.) Canonical --- Uncanonical ( Of the Freedom of Religious Liberty )


2.D.) Sanctioned --- Disallowed ( Of the Constaint of the Dichotomy )


3.) Sacraments


3.A.) Reverence --- Contempt ( Of the Reciprocity of the Intellect )


3.B.) Covenant --- Contest ( Of the Inquisitions of the Essentially )


3.C.) Sanctification --- Desecration ( Of the Purity of the Soul )


4.) Salvation


4.A.) Deliverance --- Rejection ( Of the Acquisition of Atonement )


4.B.) Righteousness --- Violation ( Of the Course of Moral Temperance )


4.C.) Reformation --- Conformation ( Of the Natural Tendencies of Volition )