Introduction to the Second Division of the Critique of Pure Religion

In the second division of the Critique of Pure Religion, the short story is written in simple and practical text as a religious argument that proposes the correct interpretation of the Book of Revelation contatined in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. The contents and theological evidence of the second division propels many correct interpretations of all the figurative, literal, and symbolic metaphors and symbols of the descriptions of the Book of Revelation presented by St. John the Divine. It provides many religious landmarkers for factual descriptions of the prophecy of the End of Days. We assert that this religioius thesis is a practical account of the Book of Revelation and that all accounts should be perceived as a practical method in the waking life.


The many religious assertions of the second division include the description of current President Barack Obama as the chosen one in the Moses-like position, his promotion of the United States of America being the chosen nation of the creator, the four government departments that are the backbone of the United States of America, the many governmental departments of the chosen nation that are the support of the nation of God, the description of all the latter chapters that the figurative and symbolic metaphors of it assert that the description of the Final World War will take place and not the global descriptions of natural destructions (thereby calming the mass fear of global natural destruction), and the descriptions of the malevolent forces of the Final World War - and will provide an illumination of factual evidence that is to be suggested into the religious realm of arugment.  


Furthermore, the research that is used to construct the evidence of this theory was researched with public and online encyclopedias (factual information) as the information of these methods are more reliable than private theories. And, we must remember that St. John the Divine was writing the series of dreams that he had while on the island so most of the symbols in this division must be understood in the terms of dreams (as the misunderstanding was the confusion), rather than in waking life.


We hope that the vast interpretations of the Book of Revelation throughout the centuries that has confused the many religious scholars and congregations will be settled with all of the factual theological evidence provided so the celestial congregation will gain a greater understanding of the Book of Revelation. Also, we shall hope the moral sense of duty to search for the truth of the celestial teachings and world will be the driving force to investigate all of the explosive and groundbreaking predictions and assertions of this religious thesis.