Introduction to the First Division of the Critique of Pure Religion

In the first division of the Critique of Pure Religion, the structured text is slightly elaborate and complicated in the religious argument of the existence of God, as it is targeted towards the religious scholars and congregation seeking to understand it. Although the language is slightly complicated, it can be understood literally by anyone. It strives to bring forth enlightenment in the process of coming to an epiphany of the religious belief in God as the many processes of the human mind comes under question.


The religious objective of the first division is to illuminate the pure and practical reason of a small account of the creator of the heavens as faith-based doctrines and canons is a life-long process of developing a belief in the teachings of God, rather than the embarking of a long-structured argument that will confuse the seeker of truth in religious studies. But, in the next two divisions of the Critique of Pure Religion, it is structued in simple and practical language that anyone can read, so do not be discouraged by the first division.

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