Critique of Practical Religion - Division I - Chapter 13

Chapter 13



Can I? It's the only thing I can do to help your pain and suffering.” The grouch replies. “We both need it I think.”


Sarah stands there in a confused daze unable to cope with her dying heart inside at the moment, where comfort is not bringing any healing at the moment, as the pain and suffering is too unbearable for the moment. She turns around and begins to serve the weekly reverence with the others to heal her pain and suffering as for the moment is the only thing she can do.


One or Two? Mustard or ketchup? Muhammad asks.


One. With Ketchup only.” One transitional client responds.


But, the transitional shelters employees have seen all the commotion settle down so they begin to walk back into the shelter with a sense of satisfaction in their hearts. They're used to the mentality and character of the transitional clients so they see that everything has settled. It's time to call it a day for the day shift as the upcoming night is their calling card for relief from a long day of daily occurrences at the transitional shelter. All of them realize that the transitional leaders have everything under control, and disappear into the transitional shelter waiting for another day when their intervention is required. It won't be too long for it to occur.


Benjamin. We have run out of hot dogs. What do we do?” Muhammad blares out loud. “Is it time to pack up and go?”


Yes. Let's wrap it up everybody.” a calm command comes from Benjamin. “There's nothing we can do. We have helped everyone we can.”


He looks at the transitional clients line and stands on a stool to deliver and break the unfortunate news to all of the transitional clients with a deep disappointment in his tone and voice. He looks at the crowd and blares out the disappointment to all of the transitional crowd.


Hey all, We have run out of food. We would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight. We're sorry that we couldn't help everyone. But, it's the way for the moment. Join us next week for our weekly dinner.” Benjamin continues to shout over the crowd. “May God bless all of you. Be safe and have a good week!”


Let's pack it up everyone.” Muhammad responds.


The American volunteers begin to pack up the aluminum pans, tables, and punch jug for the upcoming week of the revered dinner to serve it again. But, all of the transitional clients are grateful for the dependable dinner for the moment. Their attitudes and character shows in their actions. They begin to help the American volunteers pack up.


Can I help you carry the table?” Black requests. “Let us help all of you. It's the least we can do.”


Sure, if you want too.” a kind and surprised Hope responds. “It's quite heavy Black.”


We can handle it.” a sense of affirmation overcomes Black who turns to his friends. “Come on man, help us.”


At that moment, all of Black's entourage hears his pleas for assistance, and come over to help the American volunteers and Black, loading the tables and punch jugs into their van, as it's not unusual occurrence if one pays attention to the willingness and character of some transitional clients. They being to neatly organize everything in the back of the van so it will easier to unload when they reach their destination.


Thanks all of you for your help. We appreciate it all.” Benjamin responds as he turns to Black. “And, Black if you ever need any instruction or help in theory, then please give me a call. I found that your friends and yourself are truly gifted with practical wisdom. I would love to hear more. Good Luck.”


The American volunteers all load up into the van waving goodbye to all of the transitional clients wishing the gentleness of inherent blessings for all. They all strap up their seat-belts and turn on the engine. And, pull away from the curb. Just then, a shout clouts the passengers and driver of the van.


Wait!” Sarah shouts.


She jumps up from the passenger seat and opens the door running to the transitional shelter. She approaches the grouch who is still hiding in shame and embarrassment from the transitional clients, with a sense-of-pure-love in her heart. She stands there with a gentle stance and voice in front of the grouch.


I forgive all of your family and you. I know that all of you did everything that you could. I was wrong not to embrace you and I'm so sorry.” Sarah gently reassures the grouch from a loving place in her heart. “Can you forgive me please? I need a hug.”


The eyes light up on the grouch as both of the pain and suffering will not be overcomed easily, but the healing of the emotional scars will begin in this instance.


Sure, I forgive you. I understand the pain you must be going through.” a smile comes over the grouch. “I'm so sorry for your loss.”


They embrace with deep bellows of cries while giving each other the much needed affectionate healing, and hoping that it will take away, or expel the pain for the moment. It's is a long, tight squeeze that last for a minute with each of them wishing nothing, but the best for each other. And, after a full minute, they step back and mention to each other the parting of the weekly reverence.


You take care of yourself Sarah. Will we see you next week?” the grouch kindly asks her. “I hope to see you here.”


I sure will no matter what. Please take care of yourself and be careful.” she responds while touching his shoulder with a firm grip. “God bless you.”


Sarah turns around, and runs back to the van with a sense-of-purpose within her pain and suffering. She gets in and straps her seat-belt with a sense-of-satisfaction in her eyes as she looks to the group with a big smile for her immediate healing. But, Benjamin has an immediate healing of his own as looks to the group in the van.


How about having an ice cream cone at Sandy's? I'll buy.” Benjamin consoles the group with innocent tone in his voice. “It will help us tonight.”


All of them reply in a satisfaction tone.




But, this special night all will be helped in some way or another, as the dinner has done more than feed the hunger of a special class of people according to the purpose of society, even though things will return to normal after the American volunteers pull away from the curb. The attitudes and characters of the transitional clients remain intact as their hope for a better day to come is instilled in their hearts. All of the weekly reverence, hope for a better circumstance where everyone is hoping for an absolution, resolution, or solution in their trials of everyday life. Greatness comes in increments with the best and worst in all of us.


And, no matter what comes to us whether if it brief or long-lasting, it shapes us to forge into the journey of the American Faith where standing united in a pluralistic society of individuals is at the heart of the discovery. In America, the united human morality and heart loves second-chances and redemption in all of us, no matter what society class or club that we bear in our lives. Everyone has a sense-of-purpose in the lives of America, whether, it's at the heart of a pure mind, heart, and soul.


What is faith? Some say that it's a matter of human imagination, or heart where it is put on trial to shape our lives, while others say, it has no relevance to the human experience of a heartfelt convictions or beliefs to an atheist, agnostic, and deities nature. Yet it is a real thing. But, although, we can all posses a conviction or belief in something greater than us, we all have a foreseen or blind faith in the beliefs in each other or self that cannot be denied to help others in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves no matter what we believe.


The American Faith is an unwavering heartfelt conviction of the human realm that overcomes the adversity of our own trials in it's own time as a schism can be only brief as it meant to be whether it's by choice of free-will or fatalism. The faith of America lies in all us waiting to empower all who wish to choose benevolence and freedom of expressing our own convictions and freedom to believe in the human heart and soul.


All of the transitional volunteers, employees, and clients live it everyday where faith is a difficult to bear on the soul. Miracles are-far-in-between here in America nowadays, but miracles comes to the empowerment of convictions and beliefs who forge ahead in the discovery in American citizens and their own hearts. These people live with the American Faith everyday with hope and faith in their souls who wish that the circumstances will turn out better as each day progresses. Sometimes, not only hope and faith is required, but love for the righteous and sinners can forge into a greatness of the human understanding and soul. Sometimes, a little love no matter how brief or long-lasting it is, can empower the human heart into the discovery of others and more importantly ourselves.


And, as the American volunteers turn on the South First Bridge to embrace themselves in a Flash Gordon character, Sarah notices something in the middle-of-the-bridge as she looks to her right. And, mentions to the whole group of her witnessing as the sun is slowly going down.


There is that man that I noticed at the dinner who was standing at the back of the line.” Sarah with a surprise look on her face mentions to the group. “What's he doing?”


There stands Alex at the middle-of-the-bridge waiting for the sun to go down as he is standing there in an unknown gaze upon the upcoming night. Two swans are swimming in the river at the moment. It is a place, where he, in a distraught mood he tried to commit suicide in a failed attempt by jumping in the lake.


It's sentimental place to him where the sacrifice of giving up his family, friends, and the sweetheart of his heart by protecting their lives from the snarls of his enemies has landed him in long-lasting test of his own faith. He whispers.


Lord, help me. My faith is almost gone. Help me father as my soul cries for you and your son. Protect us all from the snarls from the wicked. I'm ashamed for my past mistakes. Deliver me from the harm from others. Protect my family and friends from this incredible struggle.” a gentle notion comes from the voice of Alex. “I'm not worthy to receive you, but only say the words, and I will be healed.”


He stands there with a hopeless gaze, although, he is witnessing the beauty of nature. It's his only comfort from the long-trail of his heart. He stands there looking into the face of the upcoming new moon. He looks up to the consultation of heaven. The gentle cool, spring breeze slightly gusts.


You move like I want to.” a gentle voice comes from his back side.


He stands there with the hairs of his neck raising up.


The sun goes down and the moon begins to shine.


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