Critique of Practical Religion - Division I - Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Sarah comes across the make-shift kitchen with a fury of a charging bull in order to confront the grouch after hearing his confession. She has no time to mess or get into an argument with anyone over the senseless death of their beloved spiritual leader. She demands answers and will not have it any other way. She reaches the family member of the assailant in a rage of fury.


The senseless murderer is your brother?”a rage fills Sarah. “How could your family raise such a monster?”


I'm so sorry lady for your loss. My brother is the bad apple of our family.” a nervous demeanor dawns upon the grouch. “We tried for years to get him the help that he needs.”


Does your family promote evil upon the human race? It's all your fault for not changing him!” Sarah blares out loud. “How could you let an evil person into the world?”


I'm so sorry. We have always been ashamed of him since he was a little boy. He has always stuck out from the crowd.” with touch of anxiety the grouch responds to Sarah. “We put him in special schools and got him counseling. But, nothing seemed to work.”


Whatever! All of you did nothing to take him off the streets! And, his actions were a result of poor family intervention!” Sarah yells out loud. “The nerve of your family to put a cold-blooded murderer into Humanity!”


The cautious and surprised rest of the American volunteers drops everything and come over to the aide of the confrontation to ensure that no violence could come from it, as well as Black to protect all who are in the confrontation. But, nervousness and shock fill their minds and hearts as they are just as confused as the grouch and Sarah in finding a resolution to the inherent problem of a chance-encounter.


It's okay dear. There is a plan for all of us. And, we're sorry that you're taking it so hard.” a calm Hope reassures. “We're here to help sweetheart.”


We sure are Sarah. Here is a big hug.” a big and comforting embracing Benjamin comforts a sobbing fellow volunteer. “It will be alright. You'll see in time.”


The heart-wrenching and draining sobs come over Sarah as she falls to ground sitting up in a trans-fixed demeanor grasping for air, as the understanding of the unfortunate tragic life-event and the unnerving situation of the night has taken it's toll on the confused and hurt fellow spiritual comrade. She sits there on the ground grabbing and pulling out her hair trying to make sense of the all-pulverizing pain of the senseless lost.


The blaring cries overcome the transitional shelter where the echoes of it fills the transitional groups and finally to the transitional shelter's employees where they immediately come over to inquire about the reason for the blaring cries of agonizing pain and despair. A sense of urgency overcomes their beating-hearts.


Is everything okay? How is Sarah?” a comforting, and warm-embracing tone comes with Matt's inqury. “Is there anything we can do?”


If there is anything that can be done, then we will take it. We're just processing everything that has happened.” Muhammad responds. “We're trying to make sense out the senseless.”


Come here darling. Let's take it all in.” an embracing hug comes from Gracie. “Everything is going to be fine. It hurts we know.”


Each of the American volunteers and transitional employees line-up to embrace a sobbing Sarah with the anxiousness of embracing pain. But, all of the transitional clients shout out their appreciation of the American volunteer, as well as terms of endearment for Sarah after overhearing and learning of the situation of the confrontation. They know-all-too-well the pain of despair and unfortunate circumstances. It's hits home with them too.


Man, if it's your brother, then perhaps justice is in order for her? I don't advocate “snitching”, but if he is cold-blooded, then he might need a home where he can't do any more harm to anyone?” an inquisitive Black questions the grouch.


Man, I don't know what to do at moment.” a sense of sadness overcomes the grouch. “But, even though he's a bad apple, he's my brother.”


Pain and agony fill the transitional shelter as the knowing clients feel for her at the moment. They are used to being the faithless souls of society, as the shunning of society that leaves them at a loss of words throughout their daily rituals and dealings, but the transitional clients always keep hope alive for better days to come. It's no different from the pain of the righteous, than the pain of sinners.


She's taking it hard. Is there anything we can do?” Peter asks the group. “I feel for her, but I don't know what to do?”


I'm afraid all we can do is be here for her. The loss of a spiritual leader can leave a flock faithless and hopeless souls at times.” a confused nature comes over Belinda. “The understanding of a senseless act can leave anyone sad and confused most of the time.”


Sarah overhears the conversation of Peter and Belinda and becomes angrier with each word that takes place in theor conversation. She stands up with a shaking disposition and a rebuttal comes from the darkest-place of her soul. She responds.


All of you don't understand at the moment! He was my spiritual medium, fellow humanitarian, my friend, best friend, lover and boyfriend!” She shouts into the cool, brisk spring air. “None of you can understand the hurt that I'm going through!”


Sarah leaves all in a confused and shocking mentality of the awe-dropping news of their romantic relationship was unknown to mostly all. They're all at-loss-for-words at the moment of the unveiling of the privileged information as most react in a-jaw-dropping disposition. They can't believe the information that was shared by the pain of Sarah.


Are you serious? Both of you were an item?” a puzzled look comes over Benjamin. “How come both of you didn't tell us?”


We were waiting for the right time. When we got engaged, we were going to tell everyone.” Sarah begins to gently wipe away her tears while standing up. “I had a feeling that he was about to ask me. But, all that is gone now.”


Oh my God! We didn't know at all. I'm so very sorry.” Gracie reaffirms to her. “Now, we understand the reason you're taking is so hard.”


But, it was mentioned that most of us didn't know. Who knew?” Muhammad innocently questions Sarah.


Peter knew.” Sarah replies. “He was going to be the best man at the wedding as he has the making of a great disciple.”


Is that correct Peter?” a confused Benjamin asks Peter.


Yes. I knew. Our leader wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. He believed that I would make a great best man at the wedding.” a sense of affirmation comes from Peter. “I never knew a better man than our spiritual leader. He was a true friend.”


All are shocked from the information that has been revealed to them on this eventful night as nothing is out-of-reach in the transitional shelter, where anything could happen in-an-instance, as the revealing of something so sacred could be the focal point of the transitional shelter. But, in a place of dissolution, miracles can happen to the sacrament of the faithful souls that genuinely seek the spiritual workings of the kingdom of heaven as this special place for the mediation of souls, can be enchanting to the ones seeking enlightenment.


I'm so sorry for your loss. If there is anything we can do, then let us know.” Vinny hugs a rising Sarah. “We're all here for you.”


Take the rest of the night off from the weekly reverence Sarah. We can handle it.” a caring Benjamin mentions to Sarah. “It's time for reflection and healing.”


Thanks Benjamin. But, he would of wanted me to go on helping others.” She responds. “I cannot let his dreams and wishes fade into the swirling wind. I must do this.”


We all understand. We're glad that you're feeling better to carry on with his requests.” Gracie responds with a sense of proud feelings towards her.“No one knew him better than you.”


It's hard for me now. But, I can make it.” She replies. “Let's continue for Humanity.”


But, just then, the assailant's brother approaches the grieving Sarah and asks for forgiveness from a sincere heart. He is nervous with butterflies in his stomach and can't mustard up the courage to ask it from the grieving girlfriend. But, he tries with a sense of caressing gentleness in his voice.


I'm so sorry. May I give you hug to comfort the gut-wrenching pain that you're going through?” He kindly requests. “I'm sure we can both use it.”


She stands there still with a raging stance and remains motionless. She doesn't respond.


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