Critique of Practical Religion - Division I - Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Meanwhile at the weekly reverence, the long, bowed transitional clients line begins to grow while the remaining of the transitional clients are growing impatient because of the time-constriction of serving before the lottery begins, enough where are all of the concerned in getting placed in the transitional shelter, will start to act up in a heated fear. Black notices all of the commotion so he commences the protection and guidance of the transitional clients towards the American volunteers, with the safety of them deep in the heart of all the daily rituals of the transitional clients.


Hey man, everyone get into a straight line before coming up to get something to eat. Come on fools! Do you want to eat?” a strong voice of Black overcomes the transitional clients.”We ain't got time for all this drama!”


And, after realizing the help needed to get his point across, he instructs the rest of his entourage to join him in the dealings of the transitional crowd. His nerves have hit a boiling point.


Man, come on. Are you all deaf?” a friend of Black's questions the crowd. “I think not!”


Aww, come on man. They don't give a damn about us except when it's right to them.” one client reveals.


I ain't got time to deal with it. Listen, or I will handle you.” Black's friend confirms.


I was a little worried that something would happen. My nerves were a little jumpy.” Gracie reaffirms.


I wouldn't worry so much as Black has it all under control.” A sense of affirmation comes over the face of Benjamin. “Look, he is taking care of it all.”


Benjamin points.


I want all of you to position yourselves all along the line. Keep them in a straight line. We don't have time for the crying of babies.” Black instructs.


One or two? Ketchup or mustard?” Muhammad asks the next in line.


One with ketchup only.” the transitional client requests.


Thank you Black for keeping things under control.” a reassuring Hope reveals.


I wish our leader could of seen the miracles of tonight.” Sarah confides.


He would of loved it. But, I think he would of not wanted it any other way.” a caressing tone comes over Benjamin. “I think that he can see all that is going on.”


And, as the transitional shelter begins to take form in a Utopian disposition, it all commences on the attitudes of the transitional clients, where all are becoming giddy from the weekly reverence, as they begin to lift the spirits of each other. But, surprises are often a common theme at transitional shelters, and tonight is no exclusion to the rule of the transitional shelter. Yet, all are now beginning to find their special place in the world, as the beckoning of the American volunteers is warming their hearts where they become feverishly warm by the nurturing of them.


We're sorry for all of the commotion earlier. Please forgive us. Something unexplainable came over us.” One client confides to the group. “Is there anything that we can do to help?”


No, not at the present moment. But, keep hope alive in your hearts.” a caring Sarah responds.


But, at the front door, the transitional shelters employees breath a sign of relief in reference to the enormous good behavior of the transitional clients, as they begin to distribute the remaining donated bottle water for them to hydrate themselves throughout the night. They bring out the bottle water from the transitional shelter.


Hey, Matt. Can I have one of the bottle water?” one transitional client requests. “I'm sure thirsty tonight.”


Sure, how many do you want?” Matt responds.


I'll take two. Thanks man.” the happy transitional client jumps. “It is sure good to have good people like all of you here.”


How many do you want?” Jessie inquires to another transitional client. “It's still a little warm.”


I'll take only one. The one with the red cap.” the transitional client requests.


I can't have anyone on the steps of the patio so please respect the rules of our transitional shelter. I know all of are tired, but please show a little courtesy.” Matt blares out loud. “I hate to do it to all of you, but I have to do my job.”


Or the will of God.” Vinny whispers.


Well, it seems that everything is under control at the moment so is it alright to go home Matt?” Terrence requests. “I have to pick up the news on my Cowboys.”


I think we got it from here. Reason has run it's course.” Matt responds. “Thanks Terrence for staying.”


Amen!” Murphy shouts from the corner.


But, at that moment, two detectives from the Austin Police Department appear carrying fliers in their hands, as the usual detective work and policing is in order for their cause, or case, but this night there is a sense of urgency in their walk. They begin to inquire about a case to the transitional shelter employees with a stern and firm look in their eyes.


Have you seen this man?(while pointing out the wanted fugitive's flier). He might of visited this transitional shelter.” the first detective requests the answer from all of the employees.” He is wanted for a capital crime.”


No, I don't think we have seen this person in the transitional shelter. Have any of you seen him?”


No, I haven't all.” responds Vinny


No.” Jessie replies.


Well, please keep him in mind as he might be visiting the transitional shelter while on the run.” The second detective reaffirms. “Do you mind if we ask the transitional clients if they have “run across” him?”


No, we don't mind.” Matt states.


The two Austin Police Department detectives begin to case the transitional shelter while passing out the wanted man fliers to all of the transitional clients, while remaining attentive to the reactions of them as they walk the whole transitional clients line in the weekly reverence. They hit the beginning of the transitional clients line in a frenzy looking for clues to the capital case that has brought them to American citizens of the city.


Have you seen this guy? He is wanted for a connection in a capital crime.” The first detective requests while handing out the flier to the first client. “If see him or have information on him, please give a call.”


No, I haven't.” the client responds.


Have you seen this guy? He is wanted for his involvement in a capital crime.” the second detective asks the next transitional client. “Please give us all if you have any information.”


No, man.” the next client responds.


They continue to request information on their case by working the transitional client's line at the weekly reverence until they reach everyone at the in the sidewalk who are eating, and continue to inquire about the capital case, repeating their questions and attentiveness of the transitional clients as they go throughout the sidewalk. And, come upon the American volunteers serving dinner.


Have you seen this guy? He is wanted for his involvement in a capital crime.” the second detective states. “If you seen him here tonight, then give us a call.”


The American volunteers all look at the wanted flier and to their surprise, the case is about their spiritual leader who was killed in a senseless killing. They begin to cry as the information is too much to process at the moment. The Austin Police Department detectives console the feelings of the them as they realize who the unfortunate victim is.


We're sorry for your loss. Words cannot express the pain all of you must be going through right now. But, we're doing our best to bring justice to him.” The first detective responds. “If you see this man or have any information on him, then we're not too far from justice. My condolences go out to all of you.”


The Austin Police Department's detectives continue to walk among the transitional clients during their weekly reverence asking the repeated inquires about the wanted man for the capital crime hoping that it somehow triggers a response out-of-someone.


Have you seen this man sir? He is wanted for his involvement in a capital crime.” the second detective asks the grouch who is eating his dinner. “If you have seen him, then give us a call.”


No, I haven't.” in a calm demeanor the grouch responds.


The detectives walk among the line of eating clients until they get to the corner of the patio where they see more transitional clients down the street so they calmly walk the street to the end-of-the-block where the crowd of transitional clients. But, things can change-in-an-instance.


I can't believe it! The wanted man is my brother!” The grouch cries out loud. “God help me!”


Sarah overhears his pleas for guidance and charges towards him in a fury.


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