Critique of Practical Religion - Division I - Chapter 10

Chapter 10



And, the ever-growing fury of Black's friend stands at the corner ready to do battle with the mysterious gentleman, as the natural forces of nature has kept him from confronting him, with the reputation of the transitional shelter on-the-line. He patiently waits for the white-handed crosswalk indicator to change while eagerly awaiting the outcome of the projection of his fury. The light turns white. And, he begins to cross with the gusting wind at his back. The citizen/solider has reached the warm side of the street where he intends to meet the mysterious gentleman.


But, in-an-instance -, a shopping cart is approaching the mysterious gentleman carrying trash and grocery bags, while it's being pushed by a white-headed and bearded, mangy-haired old man. The warm gusting air calms back to the brisk, spring cool air. It's a subtle and caressing wind that kisses all of the transitional clients and volunteers. The partially-littered curb now is gathering all the trash together with the subtle wind with the mysterious gentleman unaware about the approaching cart-tugging, old man approaching.


Can you spare some change?” a confident old man asks the mysterious gentleman. “Care to help the unfortunate ones?”


The mysterious gentleman stands there with shock in his demeanor ready to fumble his black walking cane. He develops a big grin and turns around to greet the mysterious old man.


Sure, I can help you with some change. But, I will make you a deal?” He laughs out loud.”It's been a long time old man.”


It has been a very long time indeed. But, come on, a deal? I could never be bought.” a stern and firm look dawns upon the face of the old man. “I don't make deals with the workings of immorality.”


You could never be practical in all my years of remembering you. Unwilling to concede to a  superior philosophy of knowledge I see?” He responds.


I would never concede to the inferior philosophy of human beings.” a long-look of disgust settles on the face of the old man. “I don't think that an understanding of human beings is possible in your judgments of them.”


You created a bunch of hopeless fools believing in a grand plan of eternal life.” The mysterious gentleman adds.


I created them to follow a good and moral life in order to feel the eternal bliss of happiness.” an excitement comes upon the old man.


But, I bring them guilt-free pleasures and happiness in life while you bring them misery and suffering.” a confident response fills the conversation. “How can you create suffering and happiness at the same time?”


That's true. Your power lies in the mind with my power lying in the heart. The flock of your children hear you. But, our flock will hear us in the long-run. I created suffering for the cause of eternal life in their faith of me. It's duality of polar opposites (suffering and happiness) that teaches them a lesson in eternal life.”a sense of tranquility overcomes on the face of the old man. “It doesn't make sense to them at the moment of suffering, but in time my flock will understand it.”


How can one suffer in order to feel the joy of eternal life? How absurd is that?” He blares out loud. “The nerve of a self-described God.”


I think that you know it best since eternal life was yours until your disastrous move. The happiness of heaven brought great joy to you. Do you not deny it?” The old man adds. “But, has the suffering of falling-from-grace taught you the lesson of suffering yet? But, is it not that suffering after happiness causes a sense of hope in anyone? It is their moral conduct and belief that brings them out-of-the-shadow.


I don't think that so-called wisdom of your world works in Humanity today. Material things, money, and power rules the world as of today. The fruit of my works heightens my cause of out-thinking you.” a big and ugly grins sets on the face of the wicked one. “We still have the deal of gathering souls for the day of reckoning.”


That's true. Material things can be given or lost, but it can't be brought with anyone in the next life, as well as money and power that clout the human understanding. Human beings have a unique morality and belief in things that are not of this world. Hope and faith provide the necessity of the human heart in all of their works in the world today.” The old man urges to the mysterious gentleman. “Is it not that the atonement of forgiveness shines upon the human soul?”


I believe your wrong. A human being that acts in a guilt-free manner would not pray and ask for forgiveness from a higher power.” the mysterious gentleman adds. “No one without your approval can be given forgiven for all of their mistakes in life. There are unforgivable sins.”


And, that would true that human beings are requiring an approval from me. But, even the most disastrous of sins can be forgiven. I would forgive you if asked.” a calm, steady demeanor overcomes the old man. “Anything can be forgiven.”


You're not that perfect old man. How absurd that you could even bring it up. I perfectly fine where I am. I feel no shame in my decisions.” The mysterious gentleman reassures. “How can you even bring up the perfection that it takes?”


Oh, I can forgive you as I am that perfect. When I created the angels, saints, and human beings, I had a vision of your fallen soul in mind. I instilled the “bearer of light” inside your poor soul. And, it does quite good when human beings realize it's a product of the mind not the heart. I knew that without evil, human beings would not know the joy of happiness after suffering.” The old man adds. “It's an informal fallacy of “begging the question” that begs at the human understanding. But, I provide the necessities of forgiveness with hope and faith in their souls.”


There is nothing to be forgiven as I was justified in all of my actions by following an imperfect being. I did the right thing according to the nature of heaven even though it might of caused a war.” The mysterious gentleman responds. “A day of reckoning is coming to human beings soon. I would worry about how the falling of heaven falls on that day.”


All of a sudden, the young, clean-cut young gentleman comes out from the back of the mangy, old man. He swishes to the right side of him as fast as lion attacks his prey. He stands there with a look of fury on his face.


And, when they day of reckoning comes, I will be there facing the forces of evil. I will not run at all, but I will defeat it all with the swing of my sword.” The young man responds. “I wouldn't want to be on the other side with the fury of my wrath.”


Well, it's good to see the false prophet hasn't lost his vigor since he was banished from the world. I gave you up to your people. Have you not forgotten?” a hearty laugh overcomes the mysterious gentleman. “Your own people gave their souls for your dismissal.”


My flock of souls were deceived at the moment of my death. But, they can all be forgiven by the father. I bear no hatred towards them unlike the disgust I have towards you.” the young man responds in a shout. “And, may the mercy of heaven come when I banish you.”


The mercy of heaven? Now, I have heard it all. Perhaps, the forces of nature can protect you against my fury?" A questioning mysterious gentleman shouts. “You will need everyone that can protect you.”


We shall see soon. May you go now in peace.” the old man replies. “Leave these special people to themselves as your philosophy of them has fallen.”


Fallen? I don't think so as it time they will see all of your faults.” the mysterious inserts his wisdom accordingly to the exit of his presence. “Good luck in the future my former master. May I have mercy on your soul.”


We shall see.” The old man steps back away from the curb.


The mysterious gentleman enters this Cadillac Limo without the slightest of nervousness in his agonizing questions that have ripped a small tear in his confidence. He gets in and it heads east on the street towards the rising moonlight in the background.


Do you think that he will ever learn? The curiosity of the young teenage boy asks.


No, he will not. When I created him, I knew that his heart would grow dark.” The old mans adds. “I am afraid that he will never learn the meaning of his agonizing pain.”


I agree.” I brought something to eat. One hot dog with ketchup only.” The heart of the young teenage boy rings out loud.


My boy, you brought me my favorite. I love you so much. It's good to have a caring son like you.” a shade of joy and delight shines from the old man.


Your welcome father. I thought of your wisdom when getting it because in the end we will have “only one.”” He adds.


Let's go home my son.” The old man replies.


That's a lot of stuff you have father. Let, me help you.” the young teenager begins to push the cart.


The two begin to walk westwardly up the street into the night towards the sunset which is now settling on the transitional shelter. They disappear into the upcoming night.


But, the transitional shelter is preparing it's own finest hour.



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