Critique of Practical Religion - Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters


Muhammad - A Mechanical Engineer who is employed by a local semiconductor manufacturer.


Benjamin - A Colleger Professor who teaches American History at a local college.


Sarah - A devout Methodist who is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.


Gracie - An Atheist who is employed as Executive Assistant for a local state department.


Hope - A Wiccan self-employed CEO of a striving Internet business.


James - A Baptist who is employed as a grocery manager for a state-wide grocery chain.


Belinda - A Mormon who is CPA for an international manufacturing company.


Peter - A Lutheran who is a college student at a major university.


Black - A vocationally-challenged leader at  the local homeless shelter.


Jamie - An intellectual leader who is in-between employment at the local shelter.


Murphy - A former Vietnam Veteran who struggles with the pain of war.


Alex - A quiet introvert who is struggling with past abuse.


Matt - The day manager of the homeless shelter.


Terrence - An employee of the homeless shelter.


Vinny - An employee of the homeless shelter.


Jessie - An employee of the homeless shelter.


Prologue (The Honor of Faith) & Chapter 1At the moment of 5pm on a Sunday night, the American Coalition of United Beliefs begins to arrive in order to set up their weekly dinner at the ARCH. It's a cool and brisk spring night where the ARCH daily lottery is held every night at 6pm for the fortunate ones who will attain a bed that night as serving dinner always begins b


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