Introduction to Division I of the Critique of Practical Religion

The American Faith (The Honor of Faith)

In the first division of the novel and website, we present to you a short story about the journey of American human faith and heart within the practical applications of religion. The setting records the human trials of serving dinner at a homeless shelter as the dinner is served by a unified congregation of American volunteers, as well as locally-challenged recipents of the dinner that are designated as the unique purpose of the role of societal practicality. The short story challenges the logic and feelings of all who are at the serving of dinner. This venture of American values and morals are at the heart of the religion and the practical applications of it.


This short story contains many interesting twists and turns, some factucal places and people, accounts of the daily struggles of homelessness, personal pain and suffering, and religious faith, and unity between different religions by the volunteers and transitional clients own accounts, a conversation about what the definition of faith is, a love story, and a conversation between the Devil and God. And, the meaning of the short story to all signifies the achieveable unification of all faiths not only in the United States of America, but also in the values and morals internationally in the nations that posses the same religions as the American volunteers, and transitional employees and clients.



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