Critique of Practical Religion - Division II - Practical Precepts


I.) Virtues (Of the Natural Tendencies of the Mean)


I.A.) Hierarchical –- Diminutive


I.B.) Reasonable –- Inconsequential


I.C.) Temperance –- Immoderacy


II.) Morality (Of the Inclination of Volition)


II.A.) Consequential –- Deontological


II.B.) Sacrificial –- Non-Sacrificial


II.C.) Normative –- Descriptive


III.) Apperception (Of the Modality of Intuition)


III.A.) Reflective –- Inattentive


III.B) Cognitive –- Volitional


III.C.) Realistic –- Idealistic


IV.) Axioms (Of the Canons of Presumptions)


VI.A.) Evidential –- Hypothetical


VI.B.) Directional –- Assumption


VI.C.) Prerequisite –- Conditional


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