Critique of Practical Religion - Division II - Categories of the Practical Understanding


I.) Quality (Of the Separation of the Whole)


I.A.) Analytical –- Synthetical


I.B.) Essential –- Non-Essential


I.C.) Partitive –- Quantitative


I.D.) Particular –- Traditional

II.) Quantity (Of the Synthesis of Reciprocity)


II.A.) Necessity –- Auxiliary


II.B.) Figurative –- Metaphorical


II.C.) Intuitive –- Counter-intuitive


III.) Possession (Of the Synchronization of Containment)


III.A.) Polarity –- Antinomy


III.B.) Prexact –- Indefinite


III.C.) Provincial –- Inessential


IV.) Location (Of the Antimony of Space and Time)


IV.A.) Possibility –- Impossibility


IV.B.) Potentiality –- Actuality


IV.C.) Phenomenal –- Nounmenal


V.) Action (Of the Pluralistic Totality of Intuition)


V.A.) Conceptual –- Non-Conceptual


V.B.) Formulation –- Accumulation


V.C.) Empirical –- Formal


V.D.) Initiative –- Pusillanimity


VI.) Passion (Of the Dissertation of Cognition)


VI.A.) Regulation –- Deregulation


VI.B.) Emotive –- Apathetical


VI.C.) Internalization –- Externalization


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