Critique of Practical Religion - Division II - Introduction


In the second division of the Critique of Practical Religion, we shall find the adventure of the short essay that ventures into the practical argument of religion, which we process through the journey of the practical side of religion, rather than the ideological avenues of a canon of religion. The religious aspects of the first division promote the practical wisdom and judgment of religion, whether it may be a doctrine of atheism, agnosticism, New Age, or monotheism. But, in the argumentative venture of describing the synthesis of a practical religion, the reader may find that the philosophy of a practical religion may curtail the ideological aspects of any religion.


Yet, we shall find in the second division of the Critique of Practical Religion the practical points of a religion in any doctrine and/or canon of religion that will benefit the student or teacher. And, this argument that heightens the practical side of religion will not only the benefit the student and/or teacher in their religious studies, but benefit humanity as a whole as the following of a practical religion eases the overwhelming doctrines of religion.


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