Critique of Practical Religion


The Critique of Practical Religion is a collection of 2 essays and short story that venture into the human faith and heart inside the realm of religion. The second division of the novel and website ventures into the practical methods and understanding of religion. This essay announces the decree for a practical religion. It is written in the format and method of philosophy in order to be read by religious scholars and congregation as the complication of the unique vocabulary and lexicon can be discouraging to the reader. Please do not be discouraged by the vocabulary of philosophy.


In the first division of the novel and website, it is a short story about the journey of American human faith and heart within the practical applications of religion. The setting records the human trials of serving dinner at a homeless shelter as the dinner is served by a unified congregation of American volunteers, as well as locally challenged recipents of the dinner that are designated as the unique purpose of the role of societal practicality. The short story challenges the logic and feelings of all who are at the serving of dinner. This venture of American values and morals are at the heart of the religion and the practical applications of it.


In the final divison of the novel and website, the second essay describes the applications of a practical religion that all of humanity can be used in the matters of faith whether or not the reader is an atheist, agnostic, New Age, or religious follower. It also describes the unique characteristics and attributes of a practical disposition of religion. This peering adventure of the transformation of religious temperament can be attained by all who wish to alter the course of their religion.


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