A.J. Salinas was born Adam Herrera and grew up in Austin, TX. He excelled at sports and was a good student during high school, and a devout Catholic who undertook religious education. He later married and had 3 children in his early adulthood. It became imperative in his young life to take care and love his children. Throughout his years he maintained full-time job while being a full-time student at a trade school and 2 community colleges where he earned the equlivalent of 2 Associate’s Degrees in Medical Assisting and Microbiology. His desired fields of study were Engineering and Pre-Med during his time being at a major university and community college. His numerous jobs included being a process control operator, medical assistant, warehouse manager, bartender and doorman.


The life-long search for religious and life answers began after the loss of his marriage, a sexual manipulation, and especially his maternal grandmother. Here the search began and his regenerated faith in religion was renewed and regained at Alcoholics Anonymous after the losses of family and friends. It is here where his mental illness and PTSD riddled his mind and heart where the faith and belief in God was seriously questioned about his purpose in life. He struggled with the symptoms and signs of Schizoaffective Disorder that left him constantly homeless, struggling to maintain a job and personal relationships, and questioning his sanity. Although he struggled with all these occurrences, he always strove for self-improvement by attending college, and reading self-help and religious books. He was once sleeping under a bridge and questioned the reason why the residents of his hometown would not offer to help when it was obvious that he was in great turmoil. Thus began his life-long quest to help others in future days to come, as he wanted to spread forth the enlightening religious experiences that he experienced during all these years.He did not preach or impose his will of religious faith on anyone, but as a former football captain of his high school team it led him to lead by example.


1998 marked the admission of his first official hospitalization where the diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD and the understanding of his mental illness and disorder finally destroyed the self-image of his former self. This only gave rebirth to another chapter of his soul, but ironically it was necessary to achieve the religious answers he was seeking, as well as shattering the essential destruction of all his past convictions, beliefs, and faith in religious and life matters. It took years of denial of his mental illness to overcome all of this, but in time, it all came to form in the continued quest to form a new-found life and faith. With the deep experiences of hospitalizations, the awareness and education of the needless personal suffering of the other patients, and the social stigma of mental illness, was sparked once again quest to help and educate others in mental illness (as the core of religion was at the heart of mental illness by the signs and symptoms of it).


Upon entrance of a hospitalization during his years of attending San Antonio Community College, the rebirth of faith and truth began as the first philosophy class was undertaken, which had provided an emotional release of all the pain and suffering of the past. It was a natural occurrence in his life-long search for wisdom and truth and personal and professional interests in the rhetoric and argument, although he never intends on being a public speaker until his mortal death. It was here where he finally learned the morality and ethics in the vast medical and life issues in the world, and it energized his desire to be a formal educator and writer (as the natural gift of writing and composing exploded for him at this point). However, upon being hospitalized, a psychiatrist gave him the advice of lying to a romantic interest about sexual manipulation and the effects of this behavior  afterwards did not sit well with his desire to be honest and truthful - not only in the improvement of his soul, but in the affairs of social, personal, and romantic relationships. The eventual realization of the field of Philosophy provided the amazement of questioning and identifications of the classifications of knowledge, but only left the studious person bewildered and lost in finding the life answers for faith and religious matters. His love for philosophy began to die after this hospitalization where he was formulating and composing 2 unofficial dissertations - as he was hoping to have a recommendation by the philosophy teachers to prompt his early entrance to a major university with the composing of them. Although he began the composing of the original concepts and systems, he altered them to fit religion instead of philosophy because the death of it expired in his desire and passion to seek answers to the mysteries of life and religion. The field of philosophy does not provide answers to the mysterious workings of God to the studious student.


He was the founder and CEO of Universal Philosophy, which was an online business and website with the goal of educating others until a religious calling directed his intellectual pursuits. Then he achieved Internet publishing on an international website. He eventually closed the business and website to pursue the ambitions of educating and helping others who were in dire straits - regardless of who they were in society and what charitable organization which was in need of help. With his new found hope of seeking answers in the wisdom of religion, the 2 dissertations were altered and composed in 2010 with the sole purpose of not only educating others in the religion and spiritual matters, but also for others to reach their full potential in the blessings of themselves, as well as the struggles of hope, faith, and love. There is not only in ourselves a life-long search for knowledge and wisdom in knowing religion, but also the search for humanity in all of us where salvation and redemption can be ascertained in ourselves.


The Critique of Pure Religion presents the practical accounts and theories of reality in the Book of Revelation, rather than the supernatural visions of centuries old doctrines of Christianity, while the essential and practical concepts of knowledge that all religious and non-religious followers unknowingly use on a daily basis can be utilized and practically used in the judgments of knowledge (not only in religious teachings and doctrines taught by religious and spiritual institutions, but in the concepts of knowledge and the judgments of practiced in everyday life matters as well). The Critique of Practical Religion, the short story, presents the practical accounts of the struggle and redemption of hope, faith, and love - within not only the person who seeks answers in life and religion, but also in the struggle of others' faith and heart in the setting of a transitional shelter, as well as the unification of all religious faiths and beliefs of believers and non-believers in the United States of America. It is taken from a real-life encounter from a transitional shelter and the majority of the accounts are real-life stories. And, in the other 2 essays of the Critique of Practical Religion, the practicality of the concepts and virtues of a practical religion is at the heart of the 2 divisions where he describes new and original systems of knowledge and cardinal virtues that any person can follow regardless if they are a believer or non-believer in spiritual and religious matters.


He now resides in San Antonio, TX, where he lives and is looking forward to finishing his degree in Religious Studies as the majority of the basic courses have already been taken. He is fully recovered from his chronic insomnia and plans to attend college to finish his third Associate’s Degree while transferring to a four-year degree program after completing his courses. His interests are being an avid coffee drinker, listening to good music, writing, poetry, poker, card games, volunteering at charities and helping on the streets when he can. He lives a healthy lifestyle and is looking forward to composing more novels and websites in the future. And continues to seek out the life-long search of religious answers in the mysterious trails of hope, faith, and love until his mortal death.

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