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The Critiques is a universal and collective system of a pure and practical religious consciousness.  Taken from three novels, several essays and short stories, it is designed to do the following:

  • Describe the existence of God
  • Explain the correct and practical  interpretation of the Book of Revelations
  • List practical methods and applications of logical thoughts
  • Offer practical religious systems of judgments and concepts

It sets the foundation for a pure and practical religious consciousness by compiling all three novels onto one website. It is important to note, that this is a religious system of enhancing the philosophies and understanding of the established religions of the world, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other deity religion, as well as New Age, Agnostic, and Atheist faiths too.  While the texts and languages of the Critiques tend to use the vocabulary and dialect of Philosophy and Religion, they can be understood by anyone.


This website is intended to educate and resolve the long-standing religious debate among scholars, students and congregations regarding non-religious or religious studies. It is independent; free from any affiliations of religious orders and sects. The website holds the values and teachings of the Holy Bible. While it is said that these teachings should be followed from “credible religious institutions,” any non-religious follower can learn this practical system free from any such organization. We are not a ministry, nor should we be thought of as a religious order.

Who We Are

Our goal is to advance the insights of a religious thesis. In doing so, we hope that the international realm may have a greater understanding of the world of religion, its concepts and theologies. The material on this website is from a published former philosophical author who now studies in the realm of religious theology.

What We Do

We study religious arguments for the advancement and understanding of Religion and Humanity throughout worldwide communities. We also provide  deep-seated and thought-provoking religious information.

How Accurate Are These Religious Theories?

With a lack of access to sacred religious texts, we admit that there are a few passages of questionable evidence in the Second Division of our thesis. Some of the predictions in this division are also controversial. While no religious theory is an absolute body of evidence, we profess that we have the greatest arrival of possible theoretical evidence in this realm. We support the many assertions of these theories to raise the greatest possibilities for the enlightened mind. With a calculation of all of the evidence provided, we are certain that our theories are accurate.


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